Biogas Energy

The gas or energy obtained as a result of the breakdown of organic matter is called biogas. As the name implies, bio is related to living beings and gas is the state of matter which is emitted on decomposition.

So, when you look for biogas meaning, note that you are aware that this is a form of energy that can be obtained naturally. Similar to other resources such as air, water, etc., biogas is also a significant source of energy.

All you have to do is trap this energy for utilisation in the desired areas. Therefore, students while studying this chapter need to be cautious about multiple aspects of biogas. Starting from how it is obtained to its advantages and disadvantages, along with its application in real life - everything is explained in detail below.

Biomass and Bioenergy

Biogas or bioenergy is obtained from biomass which consists of decaying animal waste, crop residues, household solid waste, food waste, agricultural waste, and other similar by-products. The gas emitted on the decomposition of such matter is what is meant by biogas. 

Look at the diagram below for your reference.

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The image above shows the complete step by step process of the formation of biogas.

This obtained biogas contain gases like methane, carbon dioxide, small amounts of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. Besides, it also contains tiny portions of heavy metals, alkaline earth metals, and even alkali metals.  

What are the Advantages of Biogas?

Although biogas seems to be useful in all dimensions, it might be hard to believe there are both advantages and disadvantages of biogas. Here is a list of both the features for your understanding.

Advantages offered by Biogas are as Follows -

  • It is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to pollution.

  • A renewable source of energy since waste production is constant.

  • Reduces land fillings significantly by decomposing them.

  • A cost-effective option of getting access to a significant amount of energy.

  • Establishment of a biogas plant leads to employment of innumerable people.

The Disadvantages of Biogas are Listed as Follows -

  • Traces of impurities remain even after multiple layers of purification.

  • Cannot be utilised or tapped for large scale production.

  • Presence of methane and oxygen make it hazardous and prone to explosion and inflammation.

Therefore, the above list of advantages and disadvantages of biogas plants or biogas as a source of energy provides a detailed explanation why this is an important topic. While students must know about both the advantages and disadvantages of biogas plants, they should also have a clear idea of its origin. 

Biogas and Biogas Plant

The biogas plants are more like a miniature version of massive power generating plants that we generally see. There is a round-shaped dome-like structure which has an inlet to let in the organic wastes. These wastes are the primary sources of energy for a biogas plant, as already mentioned in biogas meaning. 

Refer to the picture below, which shows a real-life biogas plant.

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The plant shown in this above picture is a comparatively smaller unit than conventional power plants. This is one of the major limitations of biogas plants which has restricted its universal use as a major contributor to energy creation. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Biogas Energy?

Ans. Biogas energy is the energy obtained from decomposition of crop residue, agricultural waste, animal waste, solid waste and a lot of other organic matter.  

2. What are the Advantages of Biogas?

Ans. The advantages of biogas are that it is eco-friendly, does not cause pollution, and it is one of the cheaper ways of harnessing energy.

3. Are there any Disadvantages of Biogas Energy?

Ans. The disadvantages of biogas energy are that it contains impurities and the presence of methane makes it inflammable under specific circumstances.