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NSEA 2023-24 - Previous Year Question Paper

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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NSEA Previous Year Papers With Solutions Free Download

NSEA stands for National Standard Examination in Astronomy and it is the first amongst the five stages the students will have to clear and qualify to be able to participate in the international olympiad for astronomy and astrophysics or IOAA. It is conducted and jointly administered by The Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE) and the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). The exam is aimed at senior secondary level students who are highly enthusiastic about astronomy and are looking for an opportunity to share their interests and passion in the field. The exam seeks to test the students based on their knowledge in subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy. 

The National Standard Examination in Chemistry or the NSEC is the first of the many stages for students to participate in a recognised international olympiad and the winners will be able to represent the country in an international forum. Only those students who secure the required cut off marks in NSEA are considered eligible for the next level. Students clearing the further stages will be eligible for the training and orientation programs and out of the entire country, 6 students will be selected to represent the country at an international level competition. NSEA being a prestigious exam by itself which tries to recognise and bring forth passionate students in Science will also help students in building their overall skillset including their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills in the course of the preparation for the exam. Furthermore, they will be provided with many perks such as certificates, medals, scholarships etc. The exam also aims to present students with valuable experiences and exposure which will prove useful in their academic and personal life. 

NSEA Previous Year Papers With Solutions Free Download

The NSEA previous year question papers are available for free download on Vedantu. These question papers are curated and solved by our subject-matter experts to help students with their exam preparation. Solving the NSEA previous year question papers will help students to get a clear insight into the question paper format, types of questions asked difficulty level, and marking scheme of NSEA 2023. 

Apply for NSEA

The National Standard Examination is the first stage of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics, is open to all students fulfilling the criteria mentioned by IAPT. Students can easily enrol for the exam either through the official website of IAPT or via offline methods. The students are to look for the announcement of the start date of the registration which mostly comes around September. The website also publishes a list of exam centres across the country. Candidates wishing to apply may find a centre that is nearest to their location and students can get their application form from there. The form needs to be filled in with appropriate details and submitted back at the same centre with a nominal amount of Rs 150 as the application fee. A receipt will be received by the students and the process of enrollment is completed. Alternatively, students can apply via the website of IAPT and get their enrollment processes completed. For more information on NSEA, visit Vedantu.

Calculators are not completely prohibited or confined from being utilized in tests like NSEA or the National Standard Examination in Astronomy. However, a bunch of specific standards had been advanced by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education concerning their usage during the exam. The calculators that the candidates bring inside the exam centres ought to be conventional ones with next to no features like special graph mode or integration mode. Another condition is that the calculators cannot be the sort that has an inbuilt special condition solver capacity or framework mode. To make things simpler for the applicants wishing to bring adding machines to the test, the authority site of IAPT has distributed and transferred separate records concerning the calculators that the competitors are allowed to use for the test and those that are not permitted to be utilized.

Students who are passionate and enthusiastic with regards to the subject Astronomy and who are looking to participate in the National Standard Examination in Astronomy or the NSEA are needed to be outfitted with an appropriate strategy as a prerequisite for the preparation since tests like NSEA are quite different from the typical school exams and they require adequate practice and dedication. One of the chief requirements is to have the study materials and resources as per relevance. These materials include sample question papers, previous years' question papers and so forth. Vedantu is an online platform that commits itself to help students in preparing them for such exams with these study materials. students can effortlessly download previous years' question papers alongside their answer key from the Vedantu Website and application. Students may likewise download the example papers for NSEA from the website of IAPT. These can be additionally downloaded for any future reference and they will surely help students to find out about the exam pattern and structure, the marking scheme followed etc.

Application fee for NSEA

Competitors are expected to pay a nominal charge of 150 rupees to fill the application form for the National Standard Examination in Astronomy. The NSEA application fee is to be paid at the exam centre picked by the candidate to enlist for the test. A certain amount of the registration fee is obtained by the IAPT and the rest is kept by the school as their upkeep charges. The application fee is 5 USD for the students who engage in the OCI ( overseas citizens of India) category and for the students dwelling in India, the expense is RS. 150. It is to be noted with the importance that the application fee is to be paid just one time for all of the stages the candidates get chosen for in the whole of the olympiad program.

FAQs on NSEA 2023-24 - Previous Year Question Paper

1. Are Calculators Allowed in NSEA?

Ans: Yes, calculators are allowed in the National Standard Examination in Astronomy. However, the calculators that students wish to carry along, must be in adherence with the below norms specified by the IAPT. 

  • There should not be any graphing mode in the calculators.

  • The display of the calculator should not have any special features such as the matrix mode, that is, it should not have more than 3 rows for any function.

  • The calculators must not be equipped with any equation solver functions like the integration keys.

  • The values of any physical constant should not be saved in the in-built memory of calculators. 

2. Can I Get the NSEA Previous Year Question Papers Online?

Ans: Yes, you can get the NSEA previous year question papers online on Vedantu. Our in-house team of experts at Vedantu has curated and solved the NSEA previous year question papers. These solved previous years’ question papers of NSEA can be downloaded from Vedantu for free. Therefore, you can solve and practice them at your convenient time and at your own pace.

3. Can I Get Better Scores by Practising the Nsea Previous Year Question Papers?

Ans: Yes. The NSEA previous year question papers are very helpful for exam preparation. By solving these question papers, you can get a clear idea of the types of questions asked in NSEA and the general marks weightage. Vedantu experts have solved the previous year question papers in a detailed, step-wise manner that helps students to understand the effective methods of problem-solving. Hence, scoring in the National Standard Examination in Astronomy becomes easier by referring to and practising these question papers.