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Junior Olympiad Booklet For Class 8 Science

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Junior Science Olympiad

The Junior science olympiads for classes 5 to 8 are conducted by various bodies like SOF, Silverzone Olympiad, and Unified council. All of them are considered as one of the prestigious competitions in science at the school level around the world. Also, the name of the exams is NSO,  IOS, NSTSE (National Level Talent Search Examination), etc.  

To complement your preparation strategy Vedantu has come up with a unique idea, where we provide you with a booklet of secrets on how to ace junior science olympiads. It carries a question bank with time-bound exercises and important questions that test your skills.

As the exams are conducted at the national/ international level, students get exposure at a small age. It boosts their confidence level and improves their academic score both in Olympiads and school examinations as well. These exams prepare the child for future NTSE, JEE, NEET, etc competitive exams.

Follow the link to download Vedantu’s class 8 Junior Science Olympiad booklet in PDF format.