INBO 2020 Exam Date

INBO Exam Date 2020 - 21

What is INBO? 

The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) has been conducted since 1968 and is a competition for students at the secondary and higher secondary school levels. The IBO boosts the level of Biology education in the participating countries. The Biology Olympiad program follows 5 stages. Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO 2020) the second stage examination of IBO is conducted for those students who clear the stage I of the National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB). It is organized by HBCSE at about 15 centers in the country. It is conducted at the end of November. Students selected from Stage I examination (NSEB) are eligible to appear for stage II INBO.

Due to the COVID pandemic, it is expected that the INBO Olympiad Exam Date 2020  will be announced very soon. We will provide the INBO Olympiad Exam Date 2020 after it is released officially by the HBCSE.

Selection Procedure For Biology Stage II (INBO 2020)

  • A total of 250 students will be selected from each group for stage II of INBO. Hence, a total of 500 students will be selected.

  • All the clauses which applied separately for each group. Clauses are given in the official pdf.

  • The question paper of NSEB 2019 and INBO 2020 will be almost the same..

  • The students batch will be divided into two groups i.e. Group- A & B.

  • For each group, there will be separately a Merit Index (MI) and Minimum Admissible Score (MAS) will be calculated.

Steps for the Enrollment In INBO Exam

We are providing here some of the steps from which candidates are able to enroll themselves. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the official site of HBCSE.

  • Click on the Olympiad option.

  • Click on the link for the upcoming events.

  • Enter the NSE center code, roll number, Date of birth, to enroll in INO.

  • The applicants have to choose the examination center at the time of registration.

INBO Syllabus

The syllabus for INBO is the same as NSEB. However, no detailed syllabus is given for INBO. The questions asked in National Olympiads are usually of high difficulty level, comparable to International Olympiads.

The top 35 students in the merit list are selected on the basis of performance in INBO, for Stage III Orientation Cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in biology.

There is no other criterion or provision for selection to OCSC apart from the stated above.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Prepare for INBO 2020?

Some of the important tips are listed below along with subject wise preparation tips listed below:

  • Students should complete the entire syllabus without skipping any topic before the Indian National Biology Olympiad Exam date 2020 is finalised.

  • Make a study schedule and keep a sufficient time slot for each topic. Focus on each topic with equal seriousness so that you get good overall marks.

  • Make short notes or flashcards of important topics. This makes the revision easier and faster.

  • Seek expert guidance wherever required.

2. What Are the Different Stages of the Biology Olympiad Program?

The following are the 5 stages of Biology Olympiad program they are as  follows :

Stage 1: National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB)

Stage 2: Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) 

Stage 3: Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC)

Stage 4: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT) 

Stage 5: Participation in International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

3. What Is the Benefit of Solving Sample Papers for INBO?

There are several benefits to solving INBO sample papers. A few benefits of INBO sample papers 2020 are given below:

  • Students can get an idea about the paper pattern and difficulty level of the INBO.

  • These sample papers that cover almost all the important topics. Hence, solving the last year's sample papers makes you aware of all the possible questions and helps you fetch good scores.

  • With the practice of INBO sample papers, students will be able to identify their weak areas and work on the same.

  • Students can also learn time management while solving the question papers with the help of INBO sample papers 2020.

  • The INBO sample papers 2020 are available free to download.

  • Students will be perfectly prepared for the exams before Indian National Biology Olympiad Exam date 2020.

4. What are the Eligibility Criteria for INBO

We are mentioning here the eligibility criteria for the biology Olympiad of INBO. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • All Indian students who are born between 1st July 2001 and June 30, 2006, both days inclusive and in addition, are in Class XII or lower are eligible to appear for INBO 2020 – 2021 examination. Those students who are Class XII pass out are not eligible to enroll for INBO.

  • He must be residing and studying in the Indian school system since November 30, 2018, or earlier.

  • Must not have planning to commence studies in universities or equivalent institution by June 1, 2021

  • Must not have passed class XII  board examination or equivalent earlier than November 30, 2020

  • Must not appear in NSEJS 2020.

  • Candidates must be eligible to hold an Indian passport. As per the High Court order of Madras, the OCI candidates will not be eligible for the selection to the Indian team in the International Olympiads. But such candidates are eligible for selection to all the prior stages up to and including OCSC (stage III) providing that they fulfill all the other eligibility criteria.