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Tripura NEET UG Online Counselling 2023

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Check this Tripura NEET UG Counselling 2023 Information to Make Better Decisions

NEET UG 2023 is knocking on the door, and medical aspirants from Tripura look forward to it. Based on the schedule, it will be held on 7th May 2023 state-wide. Once the exam is over, the counselling dates will be released. Tripura NEET online counselling is a long-drawn process where candidates should know what to do beforehand.

In this article, we will find out what a medical aspirant should follow to register and participate in the counselling stages. All the information is available in the official domain of the counselling conducting authority of the state.

NEET UG 2023 Tripura Counselling Process

NEET UG Counselling in Tripura is conducted by the Directorate of Medical Education (DME). This state body releases the counselling dates once NEET is over every year. This year also, it will conduct the counselling stages. A significant period will be dedicated as the window to register on its official website and create a counselling account.

During this period, students willing to participate in the NEET UG Counselling process will register and provide suitable options for medical colleges in the state. The lists of chosen candidates will be published based on the availability of seats in the medical colleges, filled preferences, merit, reservation, etc.

After the first counselling process, the 2nd counselling of NEET in Tripura will be conducted. The vacant seats in the participating government and private medical colleges will be assimilated, and another counselling session will be conducted. If the authority finds the requirement for another round, it will conduct another round until all the seats in the medical colleges are filled accordingly.

Important Dates of Tripura NEET UG Counselling

NEET UG 2023 has been scheduled to be conducted on the 7th of May, 2023, across the designated centres in Tripura. The exam is conducted online, and the merit lists will be released similarly. Once the exam ends, the DME will release the counselling dates and open the portal.

Hence, the counselling dates and registration window will be public after the NEET exam. Check the official DME website or Vedantu’s notifications to keep yourself updated. The dates of the NEET UG 2023 counselling stages in Tripura have not been fixed yet.

Application for NEET UG 2023 Tripura Counselling

Aspiring candidates who want to study in the top government and private medical colleges must register online on the official DME website. After the merit list of NEET UG 2023 is published, they will get their respective all-India ranks. Based on their ranks, they will fill out the application online for Tripura NEET UG Counselling 2023. Here is how what you need to do for registration.


The registration process for counselling is identified as the application. You will not have to do anything extra. Candidates will visit the official domain and register online. Once the registration is done by properly filling in the latest information, candidates will print the registration form and fix their recent passport-size photos. This printed copy will then be taken to the verification platform physically.

Filling Choices of Medical Colleges

A candidate must prepare a list of medical colleges to study an MBBS or BDS course in 2023. This list will comprise the colleges he can apply to according to his merit level. It is done online after the registration is done.

Based on the choices filled and ranks, students are allotted the colleges they can seek admission to. In this way, multiple stages of Tripura NEET UG Counselling are done. Once you choose a college based on the available choices online, you will be called to a specified document verification centre in the state for admission.

Documents for Tripura NEET UG 2023 Counselling

A medical aspirant needs a list of documents for verification and admission.

  • Class 10 passing certificate

  • Class 10 admit card as age proof

  • Class 12 passing certificate

  • Class 12 mark sheet

  • Aadhar Card

  • NEET UG 2023 admit card and result

  • 5-6 passport-size photos

  • Reservation certificate (if any)

Tripura MBBS 2023 Counselling Made Easier

All the information related to 1st and 2nd counselling of NEET in Tripura is available online on the official website. All you have to do is to make a list of college names you find suitable. Check your NEET rank and find out where you can seek admission. Apply for the digital counselling stage properly and avoid confusion.

FAQs on Tripura NEET UG Online Counselling 2023

1. Where can I get the medical college names for Tripura NEET UG Counselling?

Visit the official website of DME and find out the names of the colleges participating in this process. Find out the government and private medical college names easily.

2. Why should I prepare a list of suitable medical colleges in Tripura?

Once the NEET exam is over, you will need this college list to add options online during registering for counselling. Your options will be given priority while preparing a counselling list. You can choose and seek admission based on the available options and your list.

3. Will BDS counselling be conducted in the same way?

Yes. The Tripura NEET online counselling for BDS courses will be conducted similarly. Aspirants will follow the process as directed by the official portal and follow the steps. The options will get locked after a certain time. Till then, a student can make changes till the window is open.