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NEET Repeater 2023 - Aakrosh 1 Year Course

NEET 2023 Courses Offered by Vedantu| Fee Structure, Features and Benefits

Last updated date: 28th Mar 2023
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NEET examination is one of the most challenging examinations, every year tens of thousands of students appear for the NEET examination. But the harsh reality of this extreme competition is that only a fraction of students gets to clear the NEET examination. More than often students require a second chance. If you are such a student, give yourself another opportunity with Vedantu’s special repeater batch “Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters” for NEET 2023.

Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters is a one-year programme that covers the entire NEET syllabus and provides top-notch study materials, and test series to help students crack the NEET examinations. The course is modulated by expert teachers and master teachers, what makes it even more enticing is that it offers live interactive classes.

Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters

Vedantu has a one-year dropper batch for NEET 2023 examinations named Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters. The course is designed by expert teachers with expertise from leading institutes in India. The course will cover all three subjects as well as provide the All India mock test series and practice questions to help students in clearing the NEET 2023 examination.

Course Plans and Fee Structure of Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters

Mentioned below are the complete details of different course plans provided by Vedantu along with their fee structure. There are three courses for Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters, they are as follows.

  • AI LIVE course of NEET, the total fee of this course is ₹14,850 for 1 year

  • Live PRO LITE course of NEET the total fee of this course is ₹49,005 for 1 year

  • Live PRO classic course of NEET the total fee of this course is ₹59,895 for 1 year

Although we have provided the different course plans under Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for droppers or repeaters, it is important to note that different features are included for different course plans. The detailed features offered in the course are discussed later in the article. mentioned below are the common features available for all three-course plans.

  • LIVE in-class doubt solving

  • LIVE in-class quizzes and leaderboard

  • Assignments and class notes

  • Study material (PDFs)

Course Highlights: Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters

The features of Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters are given below.



LIVE in-class doubt solving


LIVE in-class quizzes and leaderboard


Vedantu improvement promise


Assignments and Class-notes


All India test series


Study material


Post Doubt Solving Classes


Live classes by Master Teachers


Access to Recorded Lectures


Classes in Both English and Hindi+ English mixed mode

Course Description: Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters

Mentioned below is the course description of Aakrosh's 1-Yr NEET preparation.




Course Commencement

22 Aug 2022


Course Completion for NEET

15 days before the NEET commencement



Passed 12 board exams



Through online medium 


Duration for NEET

1 year


No. of Class

Unlimited access to recorded classes

Sucess Rate of Vedans in NEET

As we have already seen the course description, features and different course plans let us look at the success rate of Vedantu in NEET 2022 examination.

  • 1000+ Students Qualified in NEET 2022

  • 7 Vedantu NEET toppers have secured ranks within AIR's top 1000.

  • 39 students have scored more than 600 marks

Also read: Success Story for Vedantu NEET Toppers 2022 to get detailed information on the success rate of Vedantu

10 reasons Why Is Vedantu’s 1 Year Course the Best for NEET Droppers?

We have seen the resources that students who choose to enrol in Vedantu's 1-year courses can use. Some of you may be still unsure of the advantages of taking crash courses over independent study. But before going into why a person should enrol in the courses, it is important to realise that neither long-term nor crash courses will guarantee a student a spot in the NEET unless they are diligently and consistently prepared.

With this being said, let's examine why Vedantu's course is one of the best options for droppers.

  1. It aids in the establishment of time management habits.

  2. In a matter of a few weeks, the entire curriculum for all three topics is covered.

  3. A test series is included with the crash courses. One of the most crucial components of passing exams is correctly answering the questions, therefore their significance cannot be overstated.

  4. Regarding every inquiry, the tutors provide comprehensive answers to all of the doubts.

  5. The program mentors assist students with preparatory advice and techniques in addition to helping them with academic issues.

  6. Additionally, assessments are given following each lesson to aid students in quickly recalling the entire course.

  7. An online master class is accessible to enrollment at any time and from any location. Students can learn and participate in sessions from the convenience of their homes.

  8. Students can reduce the amount of time they spend travelling between locations.

  9. A student is allowed to attend many lectures with various lecturers if they find it difficult to understand a particular topic.

  10. A student can readily retrieve the lectures that were recorded if they miss a class.

We hope to have helped you with your queries, choose the Aakrosh 1-Yr NEET for Repeaters and be exam ready with Vedantu.

FAQs on NEET Repeater 2023 - Aakrosh 1 Year Course

1. Benefits of Long Term Coaching for NEET from Vedantu?

Ans: Benefits of Long term Coaching for NEET from Vedantu are as follows:

  • Higher NEET scores increase one's chances of getting into prestigious medical colleges

  • An advantage over fresh candidates is provided by better understanding of exam patterns and the ability to deal with the pressure on exam day.

  • You don’t have the pressure of keeping up with school attendance or the strain of the 12th Class exams, and can focus purely on NEET.

  • Repeaters have excelled in the NEET examination in past years and with right mentoring you can crack the exam too.

2. Best Long Term Online Coaching for NEET Preparation?

Ans: The right choice to enrol for online coaching for NEET is Vedantu. Thorough teaching approach will be provided with basic study material that focuses both problem-solving concepts and methods. The NEET syllabus will be comprehensively covered, with a stronger importance put on answering multiple-choice questions. Students will get Unit-Wise Tests and Cumulative Tests to monitor their performance on a regular basis.

3. Why Should You Register for the NEET Repeaters Course?

Ans: Here are reasons why one should choose repeaters Courses for NEET 2022:

  • Basic Concept Understanding and Study Material.

  • Frequent tests to monitor the progress.

  • Outstanding Results with the Best Faculty.

  • Improves your ranking, score, and probability of being selected.

4. Who Can Take the NEET Repeater Course?

Ans:  Students with following prerequisites can enrol for NEET Repeaters Course.

  • Attempted NEET but was ineligible.

  • NEET qualified but wasn't accepted into the college of your choice.

  • Unexpected rank because of less score.

  • Did not even attempt NEET once, but now want to get ready for it

5. Is repeating NEET preparation the right option even after 2 attempts?

Ans: A student can definitely earn top rankings in the NEET exams if they are focused and dedicated. The number of times you've taken the exam has no impact on your NEET scores. Therefore, if one wants to perform well on the NEET, they must entirely concentrate on their preparations.

6. What Does Vedantu Repeater Courses Contain?

Ans: Vedantu Repeater Courses for NEET Contain the following features:

  • NEET Full course

  • 1000+ chapter specific short courses

  • Classes by top Master Teachers

  • Live Doubt solving by Class Teacher

  • Live Quizzes & Leaderboard

  • Test series with solutions

7. Why is the NEET Repeaters Course important for NEET Droppers?

Ans: Everyone has the opportunity to succeed and prove themselves again. Many droppers who failed to make it through NEET on their first attempt went on to succeed. If you follow the right path with the right mentors, the next NEET dropper story can be yours as well!

8. Is repeating NEET a good idea?

Ans: It is advisable to repeat a year for NEET as it will allow you to enhance your rank and gain admission to a good Medical College with the course of your choice. So, it is definitely a good idea to repeat for NEET to pursue your dream.

9. How many hours should a NEET dropper study?

Ans: The number of hours a student should spend studying is impossible to determine because it entirely depends on the individual student and how long it takes them to thoroughly understand the material. But experts suggest studying at least 7-8 hours.