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MCQ on Biomass Energy For NEET 2023

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Vedantu’s Biomass Energy MCQs Free PDF

NEET is the exam that secures you a seat in one of the medical colleges of India. Getting a seat in medical college not only secures your future but also earns respect for you in the society. Usually students start their preparation for cracking NEET from their mid school level. However, to get a seat in medical college through NEET is a tough job. One has to be completely dedicated  to the preparation of NEET. Conceptual reading in a consistent way and practicing sample papers and last years’ question papers within the allotted time frame is a way to bring confidence among the candidates. 

MCQs on each topic of every subject need to be practiced to get an idea about the pattern of questions from that particular topic and also how to answer them in a specified time. Biomass energy is one of the essential topics in NEET paper. It holds a good weightage of about 10-12% of all the topics that are included in Class 12 biology. Hence, special subject experts advise thorough attention to this topic with rigorous practice of MCQs.

Biomass Energy

Biomass as the name suggests consists of plant or animal material that can be used as a mass to generate heat or electricity. Biomass is basically used as a fuel for heat and electricity generation hence is often referred to as biofuel also.

MCQ on biomass energy which can appear in the NEET 2023 paper will be discussed in this article; prior to that, let’s get a brief introduction on Biomass energy.

The energy produced from the organic material coming from plants and animals is called biomass energy. It is a renewable source of energy and contains the sun’s energy in the storage form as plants absorb it during photosynthesis. The same energy is transferred to animals when they consume plants as food for survival. Biomass energy is chemical energy which is released as heat when biomass is burnt. Many times, biomass is converted to biogas or liquid biofuels (diesel or ethanol). Some of the examples of biomass which are used for obtaining biomass energy include wood, agricultural crops, waste plants and wood waste, animal manure, human sewage, etc. 

What is NEET 2023?

NEET is the abbreviation used for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and it is an entrance examination in India for all the students who aim for studying MBBS (undergraduate medical courses) and BDS (dental courses). Based on the score and performance, they can get admission in any of the Government or private medical colleges and dental colleges in India. NEET is a successor from AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) examination. It was held across India for the first time in the year 2013. The NEET 2023 exam structure and pattern shall be the same as usual where a correct response will give 4 marks to the candidate and for negative marking, 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer. However, no mark is deducted if the candidate has not attempted any question. The total time duration for the NEET examination is 3 hours.

NEET 2019 Paper Analysis for Biology

  • Over the years, students have been observing that Biology is relatively much easier from other subjects like Physics and Chemistry.

  • The NEET Biology paper will consist of a total of 90 questions: 45 questions from each section, Zoology and Botany. There will be 4 marks for every correct answer and negative one for every wrong answer.

  • It was observed in the NEET Examination that the Class 12 syllabus usually had more weightage in the paper. 

  • Most of the questions are asked from the NCERT curriculum.

  • It is advised to students to go through each topic of biology thoroughly to attempt all questions in the NEET paper. Having the basics clear for Biology will help you attain above average marks and succeed in the examination.

  • A good speed and accuracy will help you fetch great numbers and it comes naturally to you with practice and frequent revisions. 

  • Here, we are talking about MCQ on biomass energy and with our analysis, we have highlighted some of the samples for this topic in the following section.


Samples for Multiple Choice Questions for NEET 

Let’s check out some of the MCQ on Biomass Energy that appear usually in the NEET paper. The meaning of the questions may remain the same with change in the sentence formation.

FAQs on MCQ on Biomass Energy For NEET 2023

What are the types of biomass?

Biomass or fuel generated from a bio matter can be of different types based on the origin or source of the matter. They are of the following types:

  • Agricultural residue: Residue that is obtained from different wastes generated in the agricultural field. It may be even the leaves, stems, shells, peels, pulps, straw, stalks and any other waste from the plant

  • Animal waste: Wastes obtained from animals in the form of excreta or any other form can be used as a fuel

  • Industrial waste: Certain processed wastes obtained from industry can also be used as fuels

  • Sewage and solid wastes: Excreta of animals or other sewage collected from sewage canals can be used for the same purpose.

What is the purpose of MCQs in competitive exams like NEET?

MCQs are the best way to judge the knowledge and understanding of the students in a particular topic. This is the most popular and widely accepted way of judging the actual concept and knowledge of the candidate. Continuous research is conducted to find the best way of assessing a budding doctor. MCQs not only assess the academic skill but all other skills and attitudes needed in medicine including that of time management. MCQs are the most preferred way of assessment because they give importance to other factors like cost and safety of the exam as well. NEET 2022 will have as a whole 200 MCQs of which 180 has to be answered. This option to choose questions has been recently included in the NEET paper. However the syllabus for NEET 2022 stays the same.

What are the guidelines to make a good MCQ?

To prepare a good assessment method for major exams, MCQs have been the most accepted one. However to prepare quality MCQs the paper setter has to follow certain guidelines like 

  • Proper usage of wrong choices in the multiple answers

  • MCQs to be prepared in a format of a question with correct grammar so that the question itself is not confusing

  • Questions should be such that the candidates need to recall some principle, rulesor theories to solve them

  • The answers should all be of the same length so as not to give any hints in the answer.

  • Only one correct option should be given so as not to create any debatable answer.

What are the best strategies to get maximum MCQs correct?

The candidates can get the  best of the MCQs if they follow some important tips as given below:

  • Always first go through the instructions carefully

  • The easy and sure questions should be answered first

  • Just after reading the question, answer it in your mind without seeing the options which are often given to confuse you.

  • Once you are sure about the answer, read the other options. Maybe there is a better option you are missing.

  • In certain MCQ there is an option “All the above”. In those types of questions if you find more than one correct option directly go to the answer “All the above” instead of wasting time on the third answer.

  • Use the process of elimination to narrow down to the most applicable answer.

  • Always try to avoid answering those MCQs which are based on your guess if there are negative marks for  wrong answers.

What is the role of Vedantu in preparing candidates for answering MCQs in NEET?

Vedantu plays a significant role in preparing a candidate for NEEt exam. They not only prepare them academically by providing study materials but they also help the candidates to improve their problem solving skills by preparing a set of MCQs by expert subject teachers. Vedantu provides samples of MCQs in each and every topic of the three major subjects included in NEET syllabus. The students can gain enough confidence by solving and practicing those MCQs while maintaining the time period. The sample MCQs prepared by Vedantu experts can make the students aware of the pattern of the questions and the timing to answer such questions.