Important Topics for NEET Biology

NEET Biology: Effective Preparation

NEET is one of the most important competitive examinations in India. Each year, lakhs of students sit for this exam to make their career dreams come true. Biology turns out to be the most crucial subject in this examination, especially for those looking to pursue a career in medicine. Therefore, you should know about expected NEET biology questions to help focus your preparations.

Read on to understand whether you must focus more on NEET UG biology reproduction or biomolecules, and similar other topics to score more in this section of the NEET paper.

Division of Marks and Questions in Biology

As you may already know, NEET papers are divided into 180 questions, out of which 90 questions are from Biology. Therefore, it represents 50% of the paper, making it the most vital subject for you to prepare. Due to the theoretical nature of these questions, it is easier to score marks in biology than in physics and chemistry.

Important Topics for NEET Biology – Zoology

One look at the NEET biology questions from previous years’ papers shows that the following topics are crucial when it comes to the zoology section.

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Evolution

  • Animal Diversity

  • Human Health and Diseases

  • Human Reproduction

  • Cockroach

  • Animal Tissue

  • Human Physiology

In this section, focus more on NEET UG biology human physiology topic. This is not only an essential part of this examination, but also a significant topic to learn if you dream of becoming a doctor.   

Important Topics for NEET Biology – Botany

You must avoid neglecting the botany portions in biology. Doing so may harm your overall scores in the competitive examination. Therefore, here are some botany topics that you should focus on.

  • Plant Physiology

  • Division and Cell Biology

  • Ecology

  • Plant Anatomy

  • Bio-molecule

  • Biology in Human Welfare

  • Plant Diversity

  • Plant Reproduction and Morphology

  • Biotechnology and Genetics

Here is a chapter-wise breakdown of the weightage in NEET biology paper.

Biology Chapter Weightage



Diversity of Living Organism


Plant Physiology


Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants 


Human Physiology


Cell: Function and Structure


Evolution and Genetics




Environment and Ecology


Human Welfare and Biology


Biotechnology and its Applications



Question Types in NEET Biology

Around 40-42 questions come from class 11 syllabus, while the rest 48-50 questions are from the class XII syllabus. Questions are divided into three primary types, which include the following – 

  • From Previous Years’ Question Papers: you can expect around 8-10 questions to be directly lifted from the NEET question papers belonging to preceding years. Modifications are minimal, and these questions are often repeated as is. Solving question papers from previous years can help you solve these.

  • Based on NCERT: If you have thoroughly read through the NCERT books, solving around 70 questions in this biology paper becomes extremely simple. This is because most of these questions are based on the theory of class 11 and class 12 NCERT books.

  • Altered Questions: Around 10 questions in the paper will be quite tricky, which will require you to apply advanced theoretical knowledge to solve them. If you can solve these questions as well, chances are you will score exceptionally well in the whole paper.   

Tips for Preparation

To tackle NEET biology questions successfully, you should formulate a plan. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure the desired outcome. 

  • Syllabus – Proper assessment of the syllabus is essential for success in the NEET biology sections. Refer to the important topics mentioned above to guide you through your preparations. 

  • Conceptual Knowledge – Learn all biology terminologies related to NEET UG biology cell structure and function, along with all other topics. Also, make sure that you go through every vital detail of each concept. 

  • Taking Notes – The key to revising any topic is going through detailed notes on it. Therefore, to ensure proper preparation, practice making notes while going through a particular chapter. Later, when you revise, you can simply go through these notes, instead of reading the chapter once again.

  • Descriptive Information – When you are learning about new concepts, try to collect as much information about the topic as possible. Rather than forming a vague idea, this practice will help you form an in-depth idea about each chapter. Further, with clear understanding, you will also be able to get your point across using examples.

  • Managing Time – Each day has 24 hours only, during which you need to study and engage in other activities. Therefore, you may encounter a time shortage if you prepare haphazardly. Thankfully, setting up a schedule or routine can help in this regard. Make sure you devote enough time to prepare for each subject.

Furthermore, also practice solving question papers within stipulated time. This will ensure you develop a fast pace which is vital to complete the whole NEET question paper.

Additionally, diagrams and flowcharts are a crucial part of NEET biology preparation. Ensure you practice them so that you clearly understand the structure, shape and functionality of cells, organisms and more. 

Final Words

While solving NEET biology questions from previous years’ papers is essential, ensure that you spare enough time to rest as well. Maintain a healthy diet, including plenty of vegetables, fruits and dairy products. These products will keep you fit, both physically and mentally.

Moreover, after learning NEET UG biology structural organisation in animals and plants, your brain will need some rest as well. Therefore, ensure that you get sufficient sleep every day. This generally ranges between 7 and 8 hours. Periodic recreation can also serve as rest for your brain, helping it process more information when you return to your studies.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Combined Weightage of Marks from Class XI and Class XII Syllabus in NEET Biology?

Ans. NEET biology is generally divided into class XI and class XII sections. Class XI section weightage is 54%, while the class XII weightage is around 46%. Therefore, you need to focus equally on the syllabus of both these classes.

2. How Many Questions Does the NEET Biology Section Hold?

Ans. NEET biology section holds 90 questions. The entire paper holds 180 questions. Therefore, biology accounts for exactly 50% of the entire paper.

3. Which Three Biology Chapters Carry the Maximum Weightage in NEET?

Ans. Human physiology, evolution & genetics, and diversity of living organisms are the most important chapters for your NEET biology section.