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AIIMS 2017 Physics Question Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 24th May 2024
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Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017

We, at Vedantu, have provided solutions to the Physics question paper of AIIMS by keeping in mind - to provide you with detailed solutions to all the questions. All our study materials and question answers for AIIMS are available for free and it is easily downloadable in PDF format. We also have Last year's question paper of AIIMS from 2015 to 2019. The PDF is free and will help you to prepare well for your exam.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

How to crack AIIMS Exam

  1. The basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology needs to be understood in depth by the AIIMS aspirants.

  2. At the starting of the preparation, subjects must familiarise themselves with the syllabus.

  3. Choosing the right study materials and learning tools is important.

  4. Join a coaching institute if necessary, students can also prepare for the exam on their own.

  5. Though the AIIMS entrance exam syllabus largely includes biology-based topics, it is still important to have a working understanding of Mathematics. The Physics and Chemistry section involves mathematical calculations.

  6. Efficient time management is critically important during the exam and preparatory stage of the exams. 

  7. Attempting multiple test series and mock tests in a time-bound manner while preparing for the exams is the key to excelling. It improves the accuracy and memory of the students.

  8. Taking a free AIIMS MBBS Mock Test helps improve your time management skills and helps you with your preparation level.

FAQs on AIIMS 2017 Physics Question Paper with Solutions

1. What is the purpose of the AIIMS exam?

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a group of renowned and prestigious medical institutions located all over the country. It is a governmental institute under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Every year lakhs of students attempt the entrance exam to study MBBS and BDS program in AIIMS. Since 2021, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) has taken over the AIIMS exam for conducting admission into MBBS and BDS programs in the 9 AIIMS institutes located in the country.

2. Who makes the Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017 for Vedantu?

The Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017 for Vedantu is created by a panel of experts and experienced teachers in the field of medicine. The Vedantu Question paper and solution are well structured and concise. Students are recommended to solve multiple previous year question papers, sample papers and test series to get enough practice and revision. AIIMS examination being a highly competitive and coveted examination, students must prepare for the exam diligently to score a high rank.

3. What is considered as an appropriate age to start preparing for the AIIMS Examination?

AIIMS examination and preparation is one of the most crucial phases of a students medical career. AIIMS Exam is the exam that opens the avenue to the prestigious AIIMS and several other institutes. To pursue a successful career in the field of medicine, acing the AIIMS exam is what you should aim for. Generally, 2 years (Class 11 and 12) are considered enough to prepare for the AIIMS. However, many students start AIIMS preparation as early as in Class 8 and Class 9. Also, some students even prepare for AIIMS only for 1 year. It depends on your level of dedication and hard work.

4. How to download the Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017 from the Vedantu Website?

Vedantu provides the Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017 on the website for free of cost. The paper is available to download in PDF format on Vedantu's official website which can be accessed by clicking here. You can open this link and click on the “Download PDF” tab to get offline access to the Question Paper with solutions for Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017. Students can also find sample papers and other learning tools and study materials that can help them during their preparation for the examination. The Question papers are considered a key aspect to gain insights into the difficulty level of the examination.

5. What are the advantages of solving Vedantu the Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017?

The Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017 for Vedantu is created by a panel of experts and experienced teachers in the field of engineering. Solving the Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2017 enables the students to get practice and to understand the difficulty level of the examination. Correct preparation strategy entails attempting the AIIMS exam Online Mock Tests to give you the feel of attempting the real examination. Solving Previous years’ question papers and sample papers can add a lot of boost to your preparation.