AIIMS Important Dates and Updates: MBBS 2020

NEET UG Exam replaces AIIMS 2020 Entrance

Here is some big news for students who are in the lookout for AIIMS important dates. Stop searching for AIIMS UG 2020 Exam Date on the internet. AIIMS entrance exam has been scrapped. From 2020-21 academic year onwards, NEET UG exam will decide the admission fate of the AIIMs MBBS aspirants, stated Ministry of Health And Family Welfare in a notice. So, instead of looking for AIIMS registration 2020 last date, start searching for NEET UG exam registration details. In respect to this notification, here we, at Vedantu, present to you AIIMS Important Dates. 

AIIMS Update - the NMC Act

The parliament and later the president passed the National Medical Commission Bill 2019 in August last year. This NMC is supposed to replace the Medical Council of India. This has been done to overhaul the entire healthcare system and medical education in India. The reason cited was that MCI is too much regulated by the doctors; other stake-holders such as social workers, public health experts, and financial experts related to the medical field have little to say in its matters. Nevertheless, this turn of events is surely going to affect the AIIMS admission process for obvious reasons. From AIIMS UG 2020 Exam Date to AIIMS result 2020 date - everything will now see a sea-change.

AIIMS 2020 Important Dates 

Now that the NMC act has been passed, AIIMS will not be organising a separate entrance test for admission in UG course. The NEET exam will be the basis for admission in AIIMS. Till 2019, AIIMS and JIPMER had its own entrance exam. However, in October last year, Union Health Minister announced that there will be a unified entrance test -NEET - for admission in AIIMS and JIPMER. Therefore, AIIMS registration 2020 last date and AIIMS result 2020 date are all going to be the same as those of NEET.

NEET As AIIMS Entrance Test - Pros And Cons

  • There will be a unified entrance exam. Hence, there will be less monetary stress on the students. Their time will also be saved significantly.

  • The medical college preference list for students will now be longer.

  • AIIMS had a seemingly elite tag with its name. Therefore, its exam was way tougher than NEET. With NEET being the basis of AIIMS admission from now onwards, the elitism of AIIMS might be diluted to a certain extent.

  • Conversely, if NTA or NMC makes NEET tougher to match the difficulty level of AIIMS entrance exams, it would affect the students too.

  • Earlier, if you fail to perform well in your NEET exam, you would still look forward to the AIIMS exam date for a second chance. From 2020 onwards, this will not be the case. If you fail to perform satisfactorily, you will not have any other entrance exam to look forward to that year.

  • The competition will increase since all the students are going to fight hard for this single entrance exam.

AIIMS 2020 Exam Date Is the Same as NEET 2020 Date

As already said, NEET 2020 will act as the AIIMS entrance test. So, AIIMS paper 2020 date will be the NEET exam date. The registration date for NEET cum AIIMS test started on 2nd December 2019. AIIMS registration 2020 the last date is 6th January 2020. Do not wait for AIIMS last date to apply; 2020 is going to witness a lot of rush this year because of the changes. Hence, the server will be extremely busy. Complete your registration way earlier.

AIIMS Exam Date 

After the registration, the window closes on AIIMS 2020 registration last date of 6th January, the admit card will be issued on 27th March. You can download your admit card from the official NTA NEET website. Finally, AIIMS exam date 2020 is fixed on 3rd May 2020. AIIMS 2020 exam date and NEET 2020 exam date are actually the same.

AIIMS Result Date 2020 

AIIMS result date 2020 is 4th June 2020. This is actually the result date for the NEET exam. Since AIIMS admission will be based on NEET result, the NEET result date will be considered as AIIMS entrance test result date.

A Quick Glance at Some Important AIIMS Exam Info:  

  • AIIMS admission test is scrapped.

  • NEET exam will be the basis for AIIMS admission.

  • NMC has also proposed that the final year of MBBS or BDS course will see an exam called NEXT which will be the basis for NEET and AIIMS post-graduation course.

  • AIIMS payment date 2020 or registration date was from 2nd December 2019 to 6th January 2020.

  • After AIIMS final registration 2020 last date, admit card can be downloaded from 27th March 2020.

  • AIIMS MBBS exam date is 4th June 2020.

  • AIIMS exam date 2020 UG and NEET UG exam date are the same.

AIIMS 2020 Syllabus

NEET UG 2020 syllabus will be the syllabus for AIIMS 2020 entrance test syllabus. 

Physics - Class XI and XII Physics chapters will be the focus in NEET or AIIMS 2020.

Class XI 

  • The chapter on gravitation should be read with due diligence.

  • You must know well about deforming force, elasticity, plasticity, and Hooke’s law.

  • The chapter on Thermodynamics, Oscillation, and waves should be read with due care.Read everything about measurement length, mass and time. Learn about dimensions and the International System of Units.

  • You should have a clear idea about the chapter on the motion of the objects and the laws associated with it.

  • The chapter on Work, Energy, and Power should be memorised clearly.

  • You must have a great understanding of Angular motion, torque, motions of particles, and rigid bodies.

  • Then the chapter on Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory is also important.

Class XII 

  • Electrostatics is an important chapter. 4 questions were asked from this chapter in NEET 2019.

  • Current electricity is also an important chapter.

  • Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism - 5 questions came from this chapter.

  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents - is an important chapter.

  • Electromagnetic Waves.

  • Ray Optics - 4 questions came from this chapter.

  • Atoms and Nuclei - This is important since no question from this chapter came last year.

  • Electronic Devices - This is also an important chapter since this chapter was ignored in the last exam.


Class XI 

  • Basic Biology terms, nomenclature, organisms should be read about in detail.

  • Structural Organization in Animals and Plants - This is an important chapter.

  • You should know everything about the structure of cells and their functions.

  • Plant and human physiology should also be learnt with due diligence.

Class XII 

  • The chapter on reproduction is highly important.

  • The chapter on gene structure, DNA and evolution should not be missed.

  • The moralist and ethics-related chapter - on the usage of Biology for human welfare should be read with care.

  • Environmental biology and studies on ecological research should be read by you with great care.


All the chapters of Chemistry are important. 14 questions from Inorganic Chemistry, 19 from physical chemistry and 12 from organic chemistry came in last year’s question.

Marks Break-up

There will be 45 questions from Physics and Chemistry and 90 questions from Biology. Each question will carry 4 marks. Therefore the maximum marks in Physics and Chemistry will be 180 each. The maximum mark in Biology will be 360. The total number of questions will be 180. The total marks will be 720.

So, to recap - 

  • AIIMS 2020 exam will probably follow NCERT syllabus and hence you should read your textbooks thoroughly.

  • PCB subjects will be included in the AIIMS entrance examination.

  • Full marks for the AIIMS entrance test is 720

  • The total number of questions to be asked in the AIIMS entrance test is 180.

  • There will be 45 questions from physics and chemistry each.

  • There will be 90 questions from Biology.

Some Tips for AIIMS Exam 

  • Do not get lost in your dreams of becoming a doctor or studying in an elite college. Focus on the upcoming NEET exam.

  • Stop using Facebook and other social media. Focus is the keyword.

  • Do not listen to what people with negative outlook say.

  • Utilize your time well.

  • Sleep, Wake up, eat, with NCERT books beside you.

  • Do not get stressed. A little yoga or physical exercise will go a long way.

  • Do not study without understanding the chapter. Try to understand what you are reading.

  • Divide the chapters into two groups - the chapters that you are strong in, the chapters that you are not so strong in.

  • Study the way you feel the most comfortable. Do not follow advice from the internet blindly, they are not giving the exam - you are.

AIIMS UG 2020 exam date is not very far. You have around 5 months more to prepare. If you use this time really well, you can easily crack the entrance test. On the AIIMS result 2020 date, you will be able to say confidently, “Yes, I did it.” Just give your best these five months. Hard work never betrays.

All students are taken aback by the announcement of the AIIMS exam being scrapped. They are thinking NEET will get tougher from 2020. Leverage their fear. Calm your nerves. After all, this is just an exam! The questions will not be from out of your syllabus. Just remember, you have only two things to do these 5 months - pass the NEET exam and pass the NEET exam! Nothing else. Prove the naysayers wrong, prove those who doubt your capabilities. Do not compete with the proverbial Sharmaji’s son - just compete with yourself. And, you will do it!