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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 27 - Byarth Kee Shanka

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Class 6 Hindi Durva NCERT Solutions for Chapter 27 Byarth Kee Shanka

The process of learning can be tough. Sometimes, the children tend to get bored when it comes to literature, making it difficult to grasp every single thing taught in the class. That is when NCERT Solutions come in handy. NCERT is regarded as the bible of all textbooks. How fruitful can a book be without complete understanding? This is why Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions come to your rescue! NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi provides you with detailed solutions and elaborate explanations. NCERT Solutions for 6 Hindi is a one-stop solution to all your study-related problems, just a click away!


NCERT Solutions For Class 6


Class 6 Hindi - Durva

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Chapter 27 - Byarth Kee Shanka

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

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Access NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 27 – व्यर्थ की शंका

1. नीचे दिए गए कथन किसके हैं?

1. तू तो मेरा राजा बेटा है।

उत्तर: पुरुष।

2. सुनो…. मैं पानी लेने जा रही हूं।

उत्तर: स्त्री।

3.अपनी बहन का ध्यान रखना।

उत्तर: स्त्री।

4.मां मुझ पर बहुत प्रसन्न हो गई।

उत्तर: नेवला।

5. हाय ! हाय! यह मैंने क्या कर दिया।

उत्तर: स्त्री।

6. कोई भी काम सोच समझ कर ही करना चाहिए।

उत्तर: पुरुष।

2. निम्नलिखित प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए:

1. स्त्री के मन में नेवले के बारे में क्या संदेह था?

उत्तर: स्त्री के मन में इस बात की शंका थी कि कहीं उसके पीछे से नेवला उसके बच्चे को मार ना डाले।

2. पति ने पत्नी को नेवले के बारे में क्या समझाया?

उत्तर: पति ने पत्नी से कहा,” भला नेवला हमारे बच्चे से क्यों जलेगा, ये दोनों ही हमारी संतान है।“ 

3. जब सांप को बच्चे के पालने की ओर आते देखा तो नेवले ने क्या किया?

उत्तर: जब सांप को बच्चे के पालने की ओर आते देखा तो नेवले ने उसे मार दिया।

4. स्त्री फूड-फुटकर क्यों रोने लगी?

उत्तर: स्त्री की गलत फहमी की वजह से उसे लगा कि नेवले ने उसके बच्चे को मार डाला और यह सोच कर स्त्री ने नेवले को बर्तन फेंक कर मारा और नेवला मर गया। इसी वजह से स्त्री फूट-फूट कर रोने लगे।

5.दंपत्ति, नेवले को जीवन भर क्यों नहीं भूल पाए?

उत्तर: दंपत्ति, नेवले की निष्ठा और कर्तव्य की वजह से उसे जीवन भर भूल नहीं पाए।

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 27 Byarth Kee Shanka

Downloading NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 27 PDF is really easy for students. You can now download NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 27 PDF from the website or app. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 27 carries simplified solutions and easier explanations by subject experts to all the in-text and exercise questions of Chapter 27. If you have upcoming weekly tests or final exams on head, you can rely on NCERT Solutions and face the exams with confidence. Download NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 27 PDF now!

NCERT Solutions For Hindi Durva Chapters Class 6

Durva- Vyarth Kee Shanka Class 6 Hindi NCERT Solutions

Vyarth kee Shanka is Chapter 27 of Durva Hindi Class 6. The story revolves around a childless couple, who had a mongoose, whom they treated as their son. After a few years, they finally have a daughter. Unlike the husband, the wife starts doubting the intentions of the mongoose. Know what happens next. 

To read the complete text, download NCERT Class 6 Hindi Chapter 27. NCERT Class 6 Hindi Chapter 27 is drafted in a very simple language that makes the text easier for the students to understand, hence improving the efficiency of learning.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 HINDI Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi is integral in creating a solid foundation for students. The questions enlisted here are important for class tests as well as final assessments. Repetitive study and analysis using NCERT Solutions Hindi Class 6 Durva Chapter 27 help you have a clear understanding of the subject and in return score outstanding marks in exams.  You can depend on our solutions as these are prepared by experts who have correlated previous years' question papers to give the best solutions:

  • Multiple Choice Questions – 1 mark

  • Fill in the blanks/Very Short answers – 1 mark

  • Short answers – 3 marks

  • Long answers (Word Problems) – 5 marks

Why are NCERT Solutions for Class 6 HINDI Chapter 27 Important?

  • The grasping power of every child is different in class due to which coping up with the teacher’s pace can be tough. You can always go for NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi to excel. 

  • NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Durva contains detailed solutions to all the questions enlisted in the NCERT Book.

  • The solutions are curated by the subject experts; hence you can rely on NCERT Solutions  Class 6 Hindi Durva for your preparations.

  • NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Durva has been written in a simple language which is easy for students to understand.

  • NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Durva makes your last minute exam preparations much easier.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 27 - Byarth Kee Shanka

1. What important lessons do you learn from the chapter ‘Vyarth Kee Shanka’?

The chapter Vyarth Kee Shanka teaches us the moral values that one must inculcate in their lives. That is, we should think before we act. The wife killed the pet mongoose with no fault of his, without thinking about the consequences it may have. At last, she had to regret her decision and even lost her pet. The chapter also teaches us that we should never blindly suspect anyone or without any valid reasons as it eventually leads to our downfall.

2. Why was the wife suspicious about the mongoose?

The couple lived in a village. They were childless and had a pet mongoose who they treated as their son. Years later, they were finally blessed with a baby girl. The wife out of nowhere started feeling as if the mongoose was jealous of their daughter, hence started mistreating the mongoose. She was so blindly suspicious of the little creature that she misunderstood him and thought that he killed their daughter even though he saved her and finally ended up killing him.

3. Why did the wife think that the mongoose was jealous of her daughter?

The wife had thought that the mongoose was jealous of her daughter. He would most of the time sit quietly by the corner, which made the wife suspicious towards him. She failed to understand that the mongoose was sad as he felt that the wife had no affection left for him. The wife would suspiciously tell the mongoose to stay away from her daughter as she believed that the mongoose would harm her out of jealousy. She would also complain about the mongoose to her husband, who would explain to her that the mongoose has no bad intentions.

4. How did the mongoose save the girl?

The mongoose was left alone with the girl. He was given the responsibility to take care of his sister and protect her from any harm that may come her way. As soon as the father left, the mongoose noticed that a snake was slowly making its way towards the cradle where the girl child was fast asleep. Noticing the danger, the mongoose was quick to take action. He caught the snake and after a fierce battle was successful in killing and getting rid of the danger. In this way, the mongoose was triumphant in saving the girl.

5. How did the mongoose believe the mother would react after noticing how he saved the girl?

The mongoose was overjoyed after saving the girl. He had fought with courage and was able to kill the snake, saving the girl from harm. He was expectant that the mother would be proud of him and would laud praises over him. After the birth of the daughter, the mother had grown negligent of the mongoose, which had made him lonely. He wanted to experience the love and affection again that was bestowed on him earlier. And in this expectation, he waited for the mother to come back.

6. What was the wife’s reaction?

The wife was shocked to see the blood on the face of the mongoose. She immediately concluded that the mongoose had caused harm to the girl. In anger, she threw her pot of water on the mongoose which resulted in his death. But as soon as she went inside the house, she saw the dead snake lying next to the cradle, she was quick to realize that the mongoose had actually saved the life of her daughter. After realizing her mistake, she felt really regretful for what she did to the mongoose.

7. Are NCERT Solutions available for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 27?

Yes, the NCERT solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 27 can be easily availed from the website of Vedantu. These solutions help the student in attaining a better hold of the concepts and helps in the polishing of their existing understanding of the chapter. Practising the exercises will prepare the student to answer all the questions that might be asked related to this chapter in the question paper. The language used is extremely simple to comprehend that will aid in the reading of the concepts. The NCERT Solutions are available at free of cost on the Vedantu website and on the Vedantu app.