NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 3 Do Varadaan

Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha NCERT Solutions for Chapter 3 Do Varadaan

Bal Ram Katha is the Hindi textbook for Class 6 and has some very interesting stories in it. Class 6 Hindi Chapter 3 Do Varadaan, translating to “Two Promises” is the story of the passing on of the throne by King Dashrat to Ram, but the objection comes from Bharat who did not know about this as he was away. While this is the basic storyline, there is a lot more to read between the lines in the story Do Varadaan. CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 3 solutions are what provides you with the intricate parts of the story, while also helping you prepare well for your Hindi examination. Download Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Chapter 3 Hindi free PDF.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant Chapter 3 Do Varadaan PDF will be updated soon on this page.

Bal Ram Katha Class 6 Chapter 3 - Free PDF Download

It is always better to have revised multiple times than to be underprepared for an exam. While studying, a student might sometimes feel muddled and anxious about how to go about it, especially when the examinations come closer. Here, we have provided NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 3 Do Varadaan. These solutions are completely free and downloadable so that students can make full use of them while preparing for the Hindi examination. Class 6 Hindi Chapter 3 Do Varadaan is an easy chapter to score once you’ve understood it well. These solutions are here to help you do just that. An additional benefit is that the downloadable free access gives a plethora of students the possibility of being well-prepared before they take their Hindi examination.

Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Ch 3 NCERT Solutions Explanation

Bal Ram Katha Class 6 Chapter 3 Do Varadaan begins with Dashrat wishing to give up his throne to the man who was next in line as he was growing older by the day. His immediate choice was Ram and Ram agreed, even while his brothers Bharat and Shatrughan were away at the time. The rest of the story is based upon a conversation between Manthra and Kaikey about how crowning Ram, the king would be unfair to Bharat and something should be done. Amidst the conversation, they remember that Kind Dashrat had given the queen two promises, or “Do Varadaan.” The first one was to ask for a Rajpath, and the second was to send Ram into exile for 14 years. This is the story of Bal Ram Katha Class 6 Chapter 3 Do Varadaan.

Ch 3 Bal Ram Katha Class 6 Weightage

The questions that students will get from Class 6 Hindi chapter Do Varadaan are simple reference-to-context questions in short as well as long formats. There will be an excerpt from the story in the question paper, and the questions will be based on this excerpt. The short answers are of 2 marks, and the longer answers consist of 3 marks. The questions are based on the basic understanding of the chapter, and also on knowledge about the author of the story and a few basics about his or her other works. Thus, all-round preparation is required on the part of the student to pass the Class 6 Hindi examination with flying colours.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 3 Benefits

A story is just a story until we read it such that we are preparing to write an exam based on it. Interpreting a story in terms of how we will be required to answer questions about it in an exam can be a task which causes anxiousness in a student. However, you need not worry because CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 3 solutions are here to help you with easing some of that tension and anxiety. The following are some of the benefits of the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 3 Do Varadaan:

  • All the exercises at the back of the chapter are explained with ease in the solutions. It is most often these questions are rephrased in an examination, thus this is a major benefit.

  • It provides the answers to whatever study material the student might need, all in one place.

  • The solutions provide comprehensive answers which students can use rather than breaking their heads searching for them in Bal Ram Katha Class 6 Chapter 3.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How did Kaikey get King Dashrath to Agree Upon What She and Manthra had Discussed?

Ans. In Bal Ram Katha Class Chapter 3 Do Varadaan, Manthra and Kaikey have a discussion about what will happen to Bharat if Ram is granted the throne by King Dashrat. They believed that Bharat would be treated very badly, and when trying to figure out what to do about this situation, the two came up with a plan. Kaikey was to use the two boons or promises that her husband, the King, had granted her. She went to the Kopbhavan so that her husband would see her sad over there, and thus would finally grant her the two boons - a Rajpath for Bharat and Ram being put in exile for 14 years.

Q2. What Kind of Questions can be Asked for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 3 Do Varadaan in an Exam?

Ans. The questions asked for a Hindi exam about Class 6 Hindi Chapter 3 Do Varadaan are usually reference-to-context questions, where an excerpt of the story is given and the questions are based around them. These questions are either short answer questions consisting of 2 marks or long answer questions for 3 marks. Students must note that questions can also be posted about the author and other works by the same author. Thus, students need to be thorough with not only the story but also with the author of the story.

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