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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 - Don’T Tell

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 Poem - Don’t Tell Free PDF Download

In Class 3 English Chapter 9, 'Don't Tell,' embark on a captivating journey of secrets and surprises. Join the characters as they navigate through a tale filled with mystery and excitement. Discover the joy of keeping and uncovering secrets while enjoying the simple language and engaging story in this delightful chapter. The Don’t Tell poem has been illustrated in the book with beautiful images so that students can connect with it even better. To make the concept clear, you can use Class 3 English Chapter 9 Solution as a reference. This solution has been prepared by the top experts at Vedantu in such a way that students can understand the poem, clarify their doubts and prepare the best answers to the exercise questions. Download NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 9 poem Don’t Tell PDF file from the website to any device so that you can use it to study at your convenience.


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Chapter 9 Poem - Don’t Tell


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Don’t Tell: English Class 3 Chapter 9 Poem Summary

The poem is written by a poet to manifest his emotions in such a way that the reader can connect to it. It is like drawing a picture with rhyming words that students will understand and can correlate with the inner meaning of the poem with their lives. The 9th chapter of NCERT Class 3  English is a perfect example of such poems.

This is a beautiful poem written for kids who admire to do a lot of big things in their lives. They see how the adults do it and wait for the day to grow up enough to do the same. The poet has understood the pure feeling inside the minds of kids. There is a hint of regret that they are small and also a ray of hope showing that they are waiting to grow up.

As per English Class 3 Chapter 9 Poem, the kids watch a lot of things done by the adults. They admire how the adults do it and also aspire to do the same someday. It is the adults who stop them to do such things due to various reasons. They do not understand the underlying reasons but respect the decision the adults have taken. The kids understand that they are not big enough to pursue such things and make their lives better.

The second segment of the poem explains how the children are patiently waiting to grow up and become an adult to do those admirable things. They dream of becoming a person who can do all such good things in life and show everyone their capabilities. The beautiful interpretation of a kid’s pure thoughts is quite fascinating to study. This poem is also an encouragement for the kids studying it. They dream of proving their capabilities to the world around them someday. To understand the context of the poem, use NCERT Solution for Class 3 English Chapter 9 poem prepared by the experts of Vedantu.

The 3rd paragraph describes how a kid eagerly wanted to show everyone what he is capable of. He is confident that he can do all those things he is forbidden to do. All he wants is a chance to give it a try and successfully complete the jobs. This pure aspiration to become a part of the adults’ world is very inspiring. The fourth paragraph tells us how the kid is expressing how enthusiastic he is. He is describing that even though he is small in size and age, he is giant inside. He has excellent potential to do all such things he is not allowed to do. He aspires that one day, the world will know what he is capable of. This poem is ideal for kids to learn and understand their capabilities in real life.

By using NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 9, it will become easier to understand what a child thinks when he is forbidden to do things adults do every day.

Why Use NCERT Solution for Ch 9 Class 3 English Poem?

Students of Class 3 will be able to understand the real context of the poem. They will understand what the poet wants to explain them in this Ch 9 Class 3 English poem. This poem has a brilliant description of what kids think when adults stop them from doing the jobs of grownups. This is a little complex for students to understand if not properly explained. Apart from the classroom sessions, using a solution as a reference will be the best bet for preparing the chapter.

Using Don’t Tell Class 3 NCERT Solutions will help you understand the poem line by line. In fact, the solutions framed by the teachers of Vedantu will help you find out the best answers to the questions. You can practice using this solution and prepare the chapter to score well in exams.


Prepare for your Class 3 exam by using NCERT Solutions. Begin by reading the chapter thoroughly and then tackle the NCERT questions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 - Don't Tell. Find detailed solutions on Vedantu, following CBSE guidelines. Download the free NCERT Solutions for expert-reviewed answers. In Chapter 9, students discover the value of keeping secrets, understanding trust and confidentiality. Through relatable stories, learn ethical values, communication skills, and the impact of sharing or holding information. These solutions are your helpful guide for a successful exam preparation journey, ensuring you grasp the concepts with ease.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 - Don’T Tell

1. What Does the Poet Want to Explain in ‘Don’t Tell’ Poem?

As per NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English poem Don’t Tell, you will find that the poet has perfectly deciphered what an innocent child thinks when he is not allowed to do grownup things.

2. Why Should I Study Class 3 Chapter 9 Poem English?

Class 3 English Chapter 9 poem Don’t Tell describes how you should follow your dreams and prove your capabilities to the world. This is why students should study the poem and get inspired to achieve big in life.

3. What will the speaker show them all one day?

One day, the speaker would show all the people around him that he is a giant. According to him, he could show that to them now as well but they don’t give him a chance to speak or express his views. The speaker is a young boy who thinks that he is a giant and as he is young, no one really listens to him or pays attention to what he has to say.

4. What are the things that the speaker can not do and why?

The speaker can not do a lot of things as he is very young. He feels as if he is not given a chance to attempt various things in life due to his age constraints and at the same time he thinks that he can do them all if only given a fair chance. He seems a bit frustrated by the lack of opportunities that come his way only because of his age factor.

5. Who are ‘they’ and ‘them’ in the poem?

‘They’ or ‘them’ refers to the adults that the speaker looks up to and who the author is surrounded by. It might refer to the family members of the author or his seniors in school who are older than him in terms of age. He sees them as an inspiration and aspires to do what they do when he grows up.

6. Do the kids understand why they are not allowed to do certain things?

The kids observe a lot of what the grownups do. They appreciate how adults do it and hope to follow in their footsteps one day. Adults, for various reasons, are the ones who prevent kids from doing so. They are unaware of the underlying reasons but they respect the adult’s judgement. The children see that they are not mature enough to pursue such goals and improve their life.

7. What does it mean when the speaker says that he’ll show them all?

The speaker is anxious to demonstrate his abilities to everyone. He is confident in his ability to do whatever he is banned to do. All he needs is a chance to try it out and finish the tasks satisfactorily. This sincere desire to be a part of the grownup world is extremely motivating. He's implying that despite his little stature and age he's a giant on the inside. He has the ability to accomplish all of the things he is not permitted to do.