NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 5 - The Yellow Butterfly

The best guide that one may find for English Class 3 Chapter 5 is NCERT Solutions. All the questions and answers of English Class 3 Chapter 5 can be found here in a detailed, constructive manner. Nothing could be better than having NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 5 The Yellow Butterfly to prepare for good marks in the examination. One can find the pdf link for Ch 5 Class 3 English below. This is the best approach to prepare the overall chapter with expert guidance in the form of a reference book.  

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 5 The Yellow Butterfly

NCERT Class 3 Chapter 5 Solution - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solution of Class 3 English Chapter 5 is a story about a yellow butterfly. The solution will provide precise detailed information about the chapter which will facilitate a clear understanding of it. This story deals with a yellow coloured butterfly that is greatly admired by a kid. The kid at the beginning of the story had the desire to capture the butterfly. But as the story proceeds, it shows us that the kid was the person who saved the butterfly from being captured and being taken as a captive. 

You are easily able to download Class 3 English Ch 5 NCERT Solutions in pdf format through the link provided on this page. This will help the student to study offline and not compromise on a professional guide. By following the questions and answers given in the CBSE Class 3 English Chapter 5 Solutions, students can get the opportunity to score great marks in the exam. Also, it has made the process of learning easier than before. 

A Short of Summary of Class 3 The Yellow Butterfly 

This story is about a yellow coloured butterfly which a boy named Sonu saw. Right after seeing the beautiful yellow butterfly, he wanted to capture it. He came closer and closer to catch the butterfly but it flew from the garden to the pond. As he plunged into the water, the butterfly flew again. The more he tried to catch it, the faster the butterfly flew. It flew from rose to lotus to tree and Sonu could not catch it. However, after some time, he could not see the butterfly anymore. 

He looked everywhere and found that the butterfly was stuck in the spider’s web. The butterfly was stuck in the middle of the web with a hungry little black spider. Sonu saw it and ran towards the web to save the butterfly from being captive. He finally got the butterfly and it looked beautiful. He finally became happy but the butterfly did not look quite happy. So he set the butterfly free and it then flew and sat on a rose and later it flew away. 

NCERT Solutions Class 3 English The Yellow Butterfly

  1. Where Did Sonu First See The Yellow Butterfly?

Answer: Sonu first saw the yellow butterfly flying in the garden. 

  1. Name Three Places Where The Butterfly Rested.

Answer: The three places where the butterfly rested were the red rose, then it flew to sit on the leaf of the lotus and then it went to sit on a pink flower on the peach tree. 

  1. Why Did Sonu Chase The Butterfly?

Answer: Sonu chased the butterfly because he wanted to catch it. Right after he saw the beautiful yellow butterfly, all he wanted was to catch it and look at it closely.

  1. Why Did Sonu Let The Butterfly Go?

Answer: After running from here to there in search of the butterfly, at last Sonu got the opportunity of holding the butterfly in his hand. He had saved the butterfly from the hungry spider. However, the butterfly did not look too happy and hence to see it happy, he set it free so that it could fly away. 

Talk Time

  1. How Would You Feel If You Were A Butterfly And If You Were Caught?

Answer:  I would feel very bad if I were a butterfly and were caught.

  1. Why Did The Butterfly Go To The Flowers In The Garden?

Answer: The butterfly went to the flowers in the garden so that it could suck the nectar from the flowers.

Class 3 English Chapter 5 The Yellow Butterfly - Marks Weightage For The Chapter

Chapter 5, “The Yellow Butterfly” is as important as any other chapter from the syllabus. This chapter teaches the students that it is better if we do not hold captive beautiful creatures like a butterfly. Everything about this chapter is important just like the other chapters of English. Therefore, the marks allocated are also the same or equivalent. In fact, in Literature marks weightage of a chapter cannot be so accurately demarcated. Hence, the students must read it thoroughly and under no circumstances should attempt for selective studying of chapters. The solution of all the chapters of English and other subjects are given in the Vedantu app. To know more, log on to Vedantu site and click on the link of the chapters syllabus-wise.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 5

The NCERT Solutions of Class 3 English Chapter 5 will benefit the children in numerous ways which are as follows:

  • It will help the children to get detailed information about the chapter

  • Constructive question and answer

  • Accuracy and precision in the learning process

  • Guide by professionals

A profound approach towards education and building competitive minds is what Vedantu app stands for.

Class 3 Chapter 5 Solution: Important Questions

  1. What Did Sonu Think After He Saw The Butterfly?

Answer: Sony thought of catching the yellow butterfly.

  1. Did The Spider Eat The Butterfly?

Answer: No, the spider did not eat the butterfly.

For more important questions and answers like these, download Class 3 English Ch 5 NCERT Solutions from Vedantu’s website for free. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How important is Class 3 English Chapter 5 The Yellow Butterfly?

Like other chapters of Class 3 English NCERT syllabus, Chapter 5 The Yellow Butterfly is equally important and hence, should be studied with great attention. It is a chapter that teaches us to appreciate the beauty of all living creatures that are Mother Nature's gift to us and tells us why we should not hold them in captivity for sheer pleasure. Marks weightage-wise, also, Chapter 5 is equivalent to the other chapters. Therefore, the students must learn it accordingly with the help of Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 5 to score good marks in the school exams.

2. Why does Sonu let the butterfly go in English Class 3 Chapter 5?

Sonu, the little boy in English Class 3 Chapter 5 lesson The Yellow Butterfly, let the butterfly go because it was sad. This act of Sonu proves that he was a sensitive boy who could feel the small creature’s plight when it was held in captivity. He realised that the colourful, winged insect was unhappy for not being able to fly freely in nature, sit on flowers and suck nectar from them. So, he set it free and watched it fly away. 

Lesson learnt from the chapter: Every human being should be sensitive and caring about nature and all its creations. 

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