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My Favourite Cartoon Character Essay in English for Class 2 Kids

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My Favourite Cartoon Character - Cinderella

Vedantu Early Learn

The Essay on “ My Favorite Cartoon Character” has been prepared by our expert teachers at Vedantu to help kids with essays about my cartoon character for class 2. These are drafted in a structured way and very simple language for you to understand. Cinderella is one of the most famous cartoons and comic story characters. 


Cinderella is a Disney princess and she is the most beautiful girl. She has red hair and eats grapes all day. Because of which even I like grapes. She’s brave, gentle, empowered, kind, and full of hope. A few things which I like so much about her are: 

  • She was brave in the face of adversity.

  • She showed kindness to everyone no matter what.

  • Her story is a beacon of hope to abuse survivors everywhere. 

  • She did not seek any kind of revenge, in spite, she made her own family. 

  • She teaches the importance of Hope.

  • She explores the difference in which abuse can manifest.

  • You will also understand that she is a self protector. 

  • Sweetness and vulnerability do not equate to weakness. 

  • Her behavior was so good that the actions of others did not influence her.

Cartoons are quite popular among children. There are a plethora of alternatives available on television. Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nickelodeon, Disney Kids, Hungama, and more cartoon channels are available. These channels are jam-packed with fantastic animated programming. Through their stories, cartoon shows allow children to explore a variety of emotions such as happiness, grief, joy, fun, rage, and so on. Cartoon characters are entertaining to watch while also exposing children to real-life circumstances.

The skilled teachers at Vedantu have beautifully crafted an essay on "My Favourite Cartoon Character" to assist students with essays about my cartoon character for class 2. These are written in a systematic manner and easy-to-understand language. This essay is all about one of the children’s favorite characters, Cinderella.

Cinderella is a Disney princess who is the most beautiful woman on the planet. She has red hair and spends her days eating grapes. As a result, children enjoy grapes as well. As per the essay, Cinderella is shown to be bold, gentle, strong, compassionate, and hopeful. This essay will assist students in brainstorming ideas as they prepare to write an attractive essay on this topic using simple sentences.


Essay on My Favourite Cartoon Character – Cinderella

Cinderella, the main character in this essay, is one of the characters. Cinderella's stepmother is the next character. Her two daughters are revealed to be as proud and irritable as their mother.

To mention a few, there's Cinderella's godmother, who is depicted as a good woman, as well as Lord High Chamberlain, heralds, six mice, a rat, and six lizards. Cinderella's godmother utilized the mouse, rat, and lizards magically to accompany Cinderella to the palace, where she meets her Prince Charming.

Once upon a time, Cinderella was a lovely young lady who lived in a village with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters. She had been putting in long hours all day. Cinderella was left behind when they all went to the palace for a ball party thrown by the King.

Cinderella was restless. A burst of light appeared, followed by the appearance of the fairy godmother. Cinderella was transformed into a lovely princess wearing glass shoes with a flick of the magic wand, and a horse carriage came at the door.

Cinderella was warned by the fairy godmother to return before midnight. Cinderella was led by the prince's entourage to the ball, and the prince fell in love with her at first sight. They spent the entire night dancing together. Cinderella dashed out to her carriage as the clock struck twelve, leaving one of her slippers behind.

The prince took the shoe to every house in town until he found Cinderella. Cinderella and the Prince were blissfully married for the rest of their lives.

The following are a few of the characteristics that children of Class 2 adore about her:

  • In the face of adversity, she was courageous.

  • She was always kind to everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

  • Her tale serves as a light of hope for all victims of abuse.

  • She did not desire vengeance, rather she created her own family.

  • She explains the significance of hope.

  • She investigates the various ways in which abuse might emerge.

  • She’s a fierce defender of herself.

  • Sweetness and vulnerability are not synonymous with weakness.

  • Her behaviour was so admirable that the acts of others had no bearing on her.

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FAQs on My Favourite Cartoon Character Essay in English for Class 2 Kids

1. How is Cinderella treated by her stepmother and stepsisters at home?

Cinderella is treated as a servant in her own home by her Stepmother and two stepsisters. She is in charge of all domestic duties and is never able to spend time with her family.

2. The king planned to throw a ball with all of the kingdom's eligible young women in the palace. Why?

The monarch was always thinking about his grandkids and wanted his son (Prince Charming) to marry so that he could start a family. He instructed the grand duke to invite every eligible young woman in the kingdom to a party at the palace. The king hoped that one of the women would grab his son's attention and that the two would marry.

3. What is the Cinderella Essay's moral?

Cinderella emphasizes the value of treating others with kindness, forgiving them when they make errors, and never allowing terrible experiences to break your heart. Themes in the novel include good vs evil and how luck may alter one's life.

4. How old is the Cinderella story?

The English-language Cinderella can be traced back to Charles Perrault's French novel Cendrillon, which was originally published in 1697; however, Chinese and Greek versions of the renowned story date from the 9th and 6th centuries, respectively.

5. How can students in Class 2 get the essay on Vedantu for free?

Vedantu provides free essays for children in class 2 on a variety of topics. Students can look through a large assortment of popular writings created specifically for class 2 students.