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Lotus Flower Essay in English for Class 2 Students

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Essay on Lotus Flower

Essay writing tasks are included in the syllabus of Class 2 so that the young kids can get to learn to put their imagination into words. In the junior classes, at first, kids are taught to make sentences with given words or to identify some jumbled words. With essay writing, their English language skills improve and they gradually learn to connect sentences into meaningful paragraphs. We at Vedantu have come up with several easy to understand essays for the young kids of junior school. You can find the essay on ‘Lotus Flower’ for Class 2 here.

Vedantu has provided a Lotus Flower Essay in English to help Class 2 Students express their views and write about the National Flower of India with the greatest ease. With the help of Vedantu’s Lotus Flower Essay in English, Students from Class 2 can expand their thinking capacity, improve their English reading skills as well as English writing skills. In this article, Vedantu has provided a Lotus Flower Essay in English for Class 2 Students to help them consider while writing an essay on lotus flowers in English.


Class 2 students get different kinds of homework, such as writing a few lines or short 5 to 10 lines essay, short speech or paragraph. Vedantu has provided 10 lines on Lotus flowers in English which are helpful for all students from all classes. In this article, students from Class 2 can find content for the Lotus Flower Essay in English. 


10 Lines on Lotus Flower for Class 2

  1. The lotus flower is regarded as the National Flower of India.

  2. The leaves of the lotus flower float on the surface of the water.

  3. The Lotus flower symbolizes beauty, purity and knowledge.

  4. It grows in freshwater lakes and shallow ponds.

  5. Lotus has an appealing fragrance and colour.

  6. The Lotus is usually white or light pink.

  7. The leaves of a lotus flower are large and dark green.

  8. The stem of the lotus has a glowing yellow centre and is thick.

  9. The petals of the lotus are round-shaped.

  10. The juice of Lotus’s stem is used in medicine.


Essay on Lotus Flower

Lotus is the National Flower of our country, India. Lotus is an aquatic flower. Lotus is known as an aquatic flower. These flowers grow in freshwater and are found floating in freshwater bodies, such as lakes and ponds. 


The petals of this flower are in the shape of a boat. Some lotus flowers are white and some are pink in colour. This flower has big round leaves that are dark green. The leaves of this flower have a waxy texture and water droplets slip down the surface of the leaves. Lotus seeds are dark brown and have high medicinal value. This flower has a very thick stem and the centre of the stem is bright yellow. The fragrance of this flower is very sweet and refreshing. Hence, it is used in the preparation of perfumes, soaps and oils.


Essay - 2 on Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower is a symbol of knowledge and purity. It is also considered the symbol of beauty. It is a sacred flower of Hinduism and can be seen with the idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. This flower can be seen with the Hindu Lord Brahma and Goddess Lakshmi. Also, the lotus flower is offered in many religious rituals in temples. 


This flower is considered to be sacred in Buddhism as well. They say this flower symbolizes purity and knowledge. The pink lotus flower is the symbol of enlightenment and the white lotus flower is the symbol of spirituality. 


Lotus has many medicinal uses. Many medicines are made from the various parts of this flower. The seeds of this flower are used to treat digestive problems and some heart and kidney disorders. Also, the lotus flower is useful in treating wounds. It helps to stop the bleeding from wounds. It is also used to control the blood sugar levels in some patients. 

Short Essay on Lotus Flower in English

The Lotus flower has a lot of importance in many cultures. Lotus is known as the symbol of knowledge in the Hindu religion and is used to worship many gods and goddesses.


Characteristic Features

The following are the distinctive features of Lotus’s leaf, stem, and flower.

  • Leaves: The leaves of lotus are round with long, hollow, air-filled stalks, also called petioles that allow them to float on the water surface. The diameter of the lotus’ leaf varies between 60 cm and 80 cm, and the stalk is approximately 100 cm long. The lower surface of the lotus is reddish, whereas the upper surface of the lotus leaf is bright green and is shiny.

  • Stem: The stem of the lotus flower is fleshy and thick. It is known as a rhizome, which grows in mud at the bottom of water sources. The rhizome closes the bunch of roots to keep the lotus plant attached to the soil. The leaves of the lotus flower develop from the tips of the rhizome. Rhizomes are also used to spread Lotus.

  • Flower: The flower of the plant can be seen on a long, spongy stalk covered with small spikes. The flowers are large, and of a white or pink colour which usually stays above the surface of the water. The lotus flower has several petals arranged on a spongy top-shaped disc called the thalamus. The thalamus has a carpel which ultimately develops into a fruit. Fruits of the lotus plant remain attached within the thalamus. When the fruit grows in the spongy part of the thalamus, all the petals fall off and the conical thalamus separates from the stalk. And hence, the seeded fruits and the thalamus rot submerge underwater and develop a new plant.

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FAQs on Lotus Flower Essay in English for Class 2 Students

1. How to write an essay on Lotus flower for Class 2?

In this essay, the basic structure of the Lotus flower has to be described briefly. The kids will have to be taught that this is the national flower of our country so that they can mention it in the essay.  The next key point will be about the location where this flower generally grows. Kids may write about the different colour variants of this flower and what each of them symbolizes. Also, the important uses of the lotus flower have to be written in this essay.

2. What are the important points to be included in the essay on ‘Lotus Flower’ for Class 2?

As the students of Class 2 are too young to have much information about such essay topics, the following points may act as the guidelines for them.

  1. Lotus is the National flower of our country.

  2. Where does this flower grow in nature?

  3. What does this flower look like? How many colour variants of this flower occur in nature?

  4. What does this flower symbolize?

  5. What are the uses of this flower?

3. What are the characteristic features of Lotus?

The characteristic features of Lotus are as follows:

It floats above the water, while its root, stem and flower stalk remain underwater.

  • The flowers are large, showy with many boat-shaped petals. The flowers and the petiole are long with a thick surface.

  • The leaves of the lotus are dark-green coloured. They are round-shaped, large, smooth and shiny. They keep floating over the water surface.

  • This beautiful lotus flower has a bright yellow centre called a stem.

  • The stem is also known as a rhizome. It is fleshy and thick.

  • Lotus has triangular-shaped fruits which are large and contain many seeds.

  • It is an aquatic herb plant.

4. Where can students find Lotus flower essay in English?

Vedantu has an ample range of study materials for students from Class 2 including English Essays to help students with their homework as well as examinations. Vedantu has provided a Lotus Flower Essay in English for Class 2 Students here which students can refer to and improve their writing skills as well as reading skills. With the help of Vedantu’s Lotus Flower Essay in English, Class 2 students will be able to express their views.