My School Essay in English for Class 2 Students

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Essay on My School for Class 2 Students

Most young kids of class 2 enjoy the task of essay writing as they do not have to mug up any answers and can write it on their own. In this level of the junior school, kids are taught how to put meaningful sentences into paragraphs for essay writing. Vedantu has come up with easy to understand sample essays for these young kids of the junior school to make essay writing even more fun for them. You can find the essay on ‘My School’ for class 2, on the website of Vedantu.

My School

The name of my school is St. Xavier School and it is located in the area of Electronic City, in Bengaluru. Our school was established by Mr. Collins and Mrs. Flavia Albuquerque in the year 2010. Our school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and has classes from Lower Kindergarten to 12th. 

Our school campus houses classroom buildings and playgrounds. Our school building is white in colour. All the students of our school have to go to the auditorium for our morning prayer assembly before our classes start for the day. All the students stand in straight lines and sing the prayer song in chorus. Some of the students are half asleep on most of the days, during the morning assembly. Their eyes seem to be closed for the latter part of the morning prayer and they sing the prayer in a sleepy voice. After the morning assembly, all the students go to their respective classrooms and wait for their teachers to come.

There are many classrooms on every floor of our school building and there is a long corridor just outside the classrooms. Some boys play in the corridor when no teacher is there in their classrooms. There is a big room in our school building, where our Principal sits and also there is a room where all our teachers sit. Some teachers are very friendly and loving while some teachers are strict. Most of the teachers ask for the previous day’s homework before starting the class. Few teachers give us homework only for the weekends. 

I study in section-A of class 2 and there are 36 students in our section. Our class teacher changes the sitting arrangement every week so that everyone can get a chance to sit in the front row. The desks and benches smell of fresh paints every year when the school reopens for the new session. Whenever there is no teacher in our class, we play tic-tac-toe on the desks with pencils. 

Our school has computer-laboratories where we are taken by our computer teacher twice a week. We have to make groups of two or three before we get to type on a computer keyboard. Every week, there is a period for games, during which we can play games like cricket, football, etc. There are some vendors who sell potato chips, jellies, and toffees just outside our school premises. My friends and I love to have the jellies they sell.

There are huge playgrounds in our school premises and we all play over there during lunch-time. I have many friends at school and some of them are from other sections. We all play together during the lunch break. I love going to school every day, as I can learn a lot of new things in the class and I can play with my friends.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Write an Easy Essay on ‘My School’ for Class 2?

The kids of class 2 are too young to know things like the founders’ names of their school and to which board their school is affiliated. So these key points have to be taught to them beforehand so that they can write it in their essays for ‘My School’. The very basic things that come to their minds when they think of their school, such as the colour of their school building, the classrooms, the playgrounds and so on, are to be written in this essay.  

2. What are the Points to be Written About in an Essay on ‘My School’ for Class 2?

The following points will help you understand what exactly you have to write about in your essay on ‘My School’.

  1. The name of your school.

  2. The location of your school.

  3. How does your school premises look like?

  4. What are the things that you all do in your school, every day?

  5. Is there anything that you like specifically about your school premises? It can be the playground, it can be the corridors, or it can be the auditorium.

  6. Why do you love your school?