Internet Essay for Class 7 Students

Essay on Internet for Class 7 Students

The essay on “the Internet”, has been drafted by our mentors at Vedantu to help you experience it in a more helpful way. These are inducted in a very structured and organized way for you to grasp the main features quickly. You can also download the essay which is available in the PDF format. You can go through the essay and get in touch with them directly by visiting our Vedantu's official website to clear all your doubts or concerns.

“I am very much excited about having the internet in my den” These words of the legend Steve Jobs inspired many new entrepreneurs to stick with the internet. In 1973, the United State Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency linked research facilities and universities within the U.S. later on. In 1983 the internet was released to the entire world. We must not misguide us, the internet and network are the same terminologies. Actually, the internet is a type of network. ‘The net’ is a popular nickname for the internet. Some people even used to call it ‘networks of the network’. Information, sending mails, live video callings and messages became easier with this electronic vehicle. The internet has brought the world closer together. The Internet is a means of connecting computers to any other electronic smart device anywhere in the world via servers and routers. Billions of physical electronic devices around the world are sharing and collecting the data are connected with the help of the internet. This is known as ‘Internet of Things’. Light Bulb that can be easily switched off using a Smartphone from a distance is the best example of IoT.

The Internet is a highway of education. It is beneficial for students in primary schools to the philosophers. The Internet plays a library role by providing daily updates, references books, different approaches to reach the solutions, theories of great mathematicians and many more. The Internet could prove essential media in various media in various daily activities. Seeking information from anywhere across the globe, conducting group activities, online transactions and uncountable tasks executed within a fraction of seconds. The Internet provides assistance to job seekers. Descriptions of various theories are simplified for innovators and explorers. Moreover, the patent filing is simplified that it can be filed at any place, anywhere. The Internet is economically pleasant as the costing for net handling is cheaper than other communication means. All mobile companies are eager to provide internet services with the lowest possible cost. Simply typing a question on a search engine is enough; thousands of websites are opened within a blink of an eye with 3Gs and 4Gs. 

Have you ever gone outside and done a survey regarding the shortest route from one place to the other? You don't even need that since the internet assists you with GPS services for a convenient solution for your problem. The excellent use of the internet is done by the hostility student. Booking a ticket at zero hours is possible with desired bus services. Furthermore, they can quench their hunger by ordering online food. Furthermore, The Internet encourages the promoters to enlarge their business. 

The Internet is a need of an era. But, we must not neglect the second side of the coin. The internet can be as deadly as a double-edged sword. People waste their whole day on social media activities. The students are so reliant on the internet that they became too lazy to read a whole book. The world is getting closer to the internet but people are going farther. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can you use up all your WiFi?

The amount of WiFi you can use depends on your broadband data allowance. If you're utilising WiFi in a public or a commonplace, you can typically use as abundant data as you require. Some areas such as hotels, charge you for WiFi access and restrict you to a particular amount of data per day.

2. What uses upload data?

Uploading means data is being transferred from your processor to the Internet. Examples of uploading involve sending out an email, attaching photos on a social media site and using your webcam. Even snapping on a link on a web surface sends a little data upload. Downloading means your processor is receiving data from the Internet

3. What are the benefits of the Internet?

The major benefits of internet usages are: 

  • Information, knowledge, and learning

  • Connectivity, communication, and sharing

  • Address, mapping, and contact information

  • Banking, bills, and shopping

  • Selling and making money

  • Work from home, collaboration and access to a global workforce

  • Donations and funding

  • Entertainment

4. What are the disadvantages of the Internet?

The major disadvantage of internet usages are:

  • Bullying, trolls, stalkers, and crime

  • Pornographic and violent images

  • Addiction, time-waster, and causes distractions

  • Never being able to disconnect from work

  • Identity theft, hacking, viruses, and cheating

  • Spam and advertising

  • Affects focus and patience

  • Depression, loneliness, and social isolation.