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Essay on My Family for Class 2 Students

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Introduction to Essay Writing on My Family

Writing essays can be a delightful experience for every kid. It helps them to explore their creativity and hone their imaginative skills. Thus, the essay provided in the following which depicts ‘My Family’ is considered to be helpful for every Class 2 student.

Asa family is a very significant component of everyone’s life, this essay in the following will definitely help the kids to get an idea about how to express their thoughts and feelings in the best possible way. Parents can also help their kids by downloading our Vedantu - Live online tutoring app for more assistance. 

My Family

SET 1:

Family plays an important role in our life. My family is a joint family that consists of a total of nine members - my mom, dad, younger brother, grandparents, uncle, aunty. And my little cousin. My grandfather is a retired lieutenant while my grandmother is a homemaker. My brother and I are very fond of our grandparents. They are the pillar of our family. They teach us good moral value.My dad is an electrical engineer and my mom is a doctor by profession. My uncle is a software engineer while my aunty is a housewife. We also have a lovely dog. Her name is Timmy. She is very obedient and listens to all the commands given by us. In my family, all the members stay together and love each other. We respect the elders and love the younger. We care for each other and support each other in difficult times. We celebrate all the festivals and birthdays together. We go on long vacations together as well. I have got a wonderful, supportive, and caring family. I pray to God to keep my family protected from all the evils in society.

SET 2:

Family means a group of individuals who are related to each other by birth or other relationship such as marriage and are affectionate to each other. I belong to a small nuclear family. There are five members in my family including me - my mom, dad, my elder sister, and my grandma. My mom is a doctor and my dad works in a bank. I am a student of Class 2 while my elder sister studies in Class 5. We study in the same school.My sister and I are very fond of our grandma. She cooks delicious food for us and tells us stories also. She is the one who helps in protecting our traditional and cultural heritage from one generation to another. We have a deep respect for our elders. We love each other and stand by each other during difficult times. We celebrate all the festivals and special occasions together. I am very close to my family. Everyone in my family provides me with confidence and motivation so that I can do well in my life.

SET 3: 

Family is the identity of an individual in society. My family consists of my mother and my father who lives with me. We are a nuclear family living in the city of Pune. We also have a pet parrot named Nilu. She is green in colour and she loves fruits. I love to hear her whistling in the morning. I have so much fun while playing with her. My father is a lawyer and my mother is a teacher.

After I finish playing with Nilu in the evening, my mother checks my homework from school and teaches me while making dinner. I love my mother so much. She always urges me to share my days in school with her. We go on vacations together every year in summer and winter. We also go back to the village every once in a while where my father initially lived, to celebrate festivals and special traditions with the rest of my extended family. My family is very important to me and I love and respect them deeply.     

SET 4: 

My family is my backbone. It is composed of three members, excluding me. My grandfather, father, and my mother. I love my grandfather very dearly. After I return from school every day, I sit with him on our balcony and he tells me several stories from his youth or sometimes from the Indian epics. He also teaches me maths in the evening after I finish playing with Dolly, my goldfish. He encourages me to hold on to my moral values and my rich culture. My grandfather supports me and loves me.   

My mother is a homemaker and my father is a police officer. They love me deeply. We eat dinner together while watching TV and laughing at the end of the day before I go to bed. Both of my parents are excellent chefs and they love to make delicious meals on the weekends. We are very close to each other and respect each other to live in peace and harmony. They teach me to help others and be kind to animals and humans alike. They believe in me and encourage me to be the best version of myself. We celebrate the festivities together in delight. My family is wonderfully supportive and deeply caring. They work to keep me happy and loved while I study sincerely to make them proud.       

SET 5: 

Every individual deserves a family who loves and protects them and such is my family. They make me feel very lucky and happy. I have a family of five members. My mother is a lecturer and my father is a manager in the bank. I have two siblings, an elder sister, and a younger brother. My elder sister is in class 6 while my younger brother is in class 1. We go to the same school. I love to play outdoor games with both of them after I return from tuition classes in the evening. 

My mother makes delicious foods for us and teaches us to stand for each other and with each other in difficult times. She is very beautiful and I want to grow up to be like her in the future. She inspires us and encourages us to be traditional and generous to people. My father is my hero. He always brings chocolates whenever gets back home from work. He also takes us out on the weekends for family dinners. He protects us and takes care of us. I am very close to all the members of my family and I am very thankful to have such a loving family like mine. 

SET 6: 

Family is an essential part of someone’s life. They are responsible for happiness and sadness. My family is my mother. My father passed away last year and both of us were left all to ourselves. I miss my father but I like to believe that he is always with me in spirit. He loved me too much and I still love him. I miss him every day. 

My mother is a nurse and she is very caring and loving. She is extremely strong and she wants me to do better in my life. She motivates me to study harder to be a doctor in the future. I love my mother, she is my best friend and my whole world. She sits with me when I have to study for my exams and she is very patient with me. Some nights she is out for duty in the hospital and I have to stay alone in my house but she makes sure I have a life worth living. I love my family, my mother and I hope to make her happy and proud someday. 

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