Make in India Essay for Class 7 Students

Essay on Make in India for Class 7 Students

Make in India is the campaign started by the honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendar Modi with his clear vision to make India in the top listed countries in the economics list. The campaign is specially run to attract and forces to the forgein investor and multi-international companies to have their branches in the country like India.


This campaign was started on the 25 September 2014 to encourage and provide large scope for the startup ideas. Indian is a developing country and in such a country there are very rare chances available to the huge quantity of students passing every year. Even from an economics point of view, the rate of rupees is not much great comparatively. Due to this, the majority of the population lacks the high class facilities that they deserve. The richer entities are getting richer because they are having their companies in foreign countries which help them to earn in dollars and spend in rupees.  The symbol of the make-in-India campaign is its own pride. Lion with mechanical arrangement shows the class with all is working. This event illustrates the peaceful progress of the individual and has a bright future ahead. 

Narendra Modi has a clear vision to transform the country into a business hub. The content in the campaigning became a focus of attraction to all the businessmen in the globe including the local ones to invest most of the money. The growth of individual employees seems to be tremendous and consistent. This affects the GDP of the country too. The major problem faced by the India government is migration. The bright candidate gets attracted towards the foreign lifestyle and starts working for their government. But, due to the Make in India campaign the migration rate is lower down and our country’s stars started working for us only. Apart from all those benefits, some small benefits such as technology up gradation, quicker project clearance, rising new technology and submitting the project with more than client’s expectation and timely payments are also fruitful.

But the worst part, as the foreign industries are starting to be added to the country, the Indian focus on agriculture will start fading away as the India is very rich in agriculture.  More use of artificial resources over natural one will keep nature in danger every time. The small businessmen have to suffer a lot, even they need to quit the industry and lock it out. The biggest issue will be with land, the disruption of the land will be observed. The industries will become manufacturing based more than the other outcomes. Moreover, how could we forget pollution? The industry is the focal point of the pollution.

No doubt, the making in India is one of the greatest decisions taken by Narendra Modi. The proper utilization of their vision will lead the country to reach a peak and become a developed one. The best of the campaign is, the leader got the full support from all over the country. The count of supportive actions is more than the critics one.