Brain Drain Essay for Class 7 Students

Essay on Brain Drain for Class 7 Students

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Brain Drain is a very consequential topic of recent times and students get an opportunity to pen down their opinions on this topic through essay writing. Here’s an easy essay on Brain Drain for your reference.

Brain Drain

Brain drain refers to a situation where all of the capable and intelligent resources within a given field or arena leave a particular native place due to various factors. Brain drain is the major disappointing factor that Indians are surviving through. There is a variety of reasons which lead to these actions, but amongst all the low paying or no paying is the most common one. Sometimes due to issues like war, lack of work to the company, low turnovers, or improper management within an organization, the company owners are unable to pay the monthly salaries to the employees on time. The relation between the two hierarchies is like a rubber band. If you stretch one end too much the rubber may be broken or hurt the other. Frequently unpaid months force the employees to switch their jobs. 

Researchers categorized these terms into three major parts -primary external brain drain, secondary external brain drain, and internal brain drain. Primary one occurs when a resource from a country goes overseas to work in developed countries like America, Australia, North America. Secondary takes place when human resources decide to go out of the country and reach the nearer countries like Sri-lanka, China, Malaysia. The last one which is internal one takes place when employees are not employed in the field of their expertise or when human resources move from the public sector to private or even within the sectors. IIT engineers are observed to take a job in the banking sector readily due to a lack of appropriate job openings. Money ultimately beckons and the companies are asking for management degrees everywhere.

India is having a number of problems through which all citizens are suffering. Corruption is considered to be at the peak and poor education, political instability, competitions, lack of sufficient facilities, and faculties are some of the biggest obstacles in the road to success. 

After completing engineering a large number of students start to prepare for MS instead of planning to work in the same country. When the report of a survey was generated, it was clear that they want to showcase their talent to the world which they are unable to utilize in their own country. 

Even safe and stable working conditions are not provided by many companies which also makes an employee quit the job and migrate to other locations. This problem is mainly observed among women. Women's safety is the biggest issue, and most women keep changing their jobs to ensure their safety at job locations.

Brain-drain is a global issue, if the subjected person is not able to face a situation wisely, he may have to suffer from depression. There are a number of organizations that are working to provide their employees with a stable work environment. Researchers are still finding the other unknown reasons leading to brain-drain and to let the employees live a healthy and prosperous life on their own lands.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Brain Drain in Simple Words?

Answer: When skilled people move from a particular area or organization to another, for better work opportunities, it is called brain drain. For example, when scholars move to countries with better research opportunities, their native can be said to have a brain drain. 

India has been witnessing a brain drain for many years now, as a greater percentage of talented youth of the country move to the foreign lands for better opportunities for research and employment. When skilled employees move from one organization to another within the same country, the brain drain takes place on an organizational level. 

2. Why is Brain Drain a Problem?

Answer: On a global scale, brain drain generally refers to a condition wherein a nation loses its skilled workforce due to a lack of funds or opportunities. Due to the brain drain, developing countries such as India still struggle for developments in various fields. In a way, when skilled workers and young talents leave a country and move to another country, it affects the economy of the country as well. 

3. Is Brain Drain an Important Topic for Essay Writing?

Answer: Yes. Brain Drain is one of the most important topics that you may expect for essay writing questions in the English language examination. This essay topic has often been repeated in school level examinations over the years.

Many students aspire to pursue higher education in developed countries like the USA, which eventually leads to a brain drain of their native countries. Hence, this essay topic also helps them to understand the impact of such career choices on their own country. 

4. What to Write in an Essay on Brain Drain?

Answer: The essay on Brain Drain has to be an informative one, in which you will have to write about the trends and impact of brain drain. The following points will help you to frame your essay on this topic.

a) What is a Brain Drain?

b) What are the reasons leading to a Brain Drain?

c) What are the current trends of Brain Drain in various countries?

d) How does a Brain Drain affect the developing countries and the developed countries?

e) What are the positive effects of a Brain Drain?

f) How can a nation control the loss of skilled labour through Brain Drain?

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