My Garden Essay in English for Class 1 Students

Essay on My Garden for Class 1 Students

The Essay on “ My Garden” has been framed by our teachers at Vedantu to help kids with their essay on my garden. These are prepared in a very easy and simple language for you to understand and remember it for a longer time. We have also provided a PDF for downloading the essay on our website. 

The Garden is one of the best places in the house according to me. As it is the only place where we all get some relief from a busy schedule. Moreover having a garden in the house, provides many health benefits. Example, a garden has many plants which produce oxygen.

The Essay My Garden

  • My house has a small garden, it contains different types of plants like it consists of various flowers such as roses, lilies, sunflowers and daisies. 

  • All flowers have different colors but I like rose.

  • My mother also grows vegetables in the garden. 

  • We grow vegetables like tomato, sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower and coriander.

  • My garden is very beautiful and daily birds come to drink water.

  • Me and my Mummy takes care of garden daily by giving water to all plants in morning and evening

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is gardening a good hobby for children?

Gardening teaches many things to kids like science, math, nutrition and literacy. Gardening also allows them to learn things practically, they will also experiment and share knowledge with others. Gardening teaches patience, nurturing, a sense of pride which introduces them to have healthy food and even allows them to give back to their friends and neighbours. Moreover, to have a good source of fresh and healthy produce gardening can ease stress. It also keeps you limber and which will improve your mood. Gardening will also benefit your physical and mental health, and how you can start harvesting those benefits for your kids.

2. Why is gardening so fun?

 Spending some time in the garden in fresh air and sunshine is an effective way to boost your mood and de-stress. In fact, gardening has shown to be helpful in reducing the risk of depression. If something is weighing heavily on your mind, gardening can allow you to focus on an activity that will bring you joy