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My Sister Essay in English for Class 2 Students

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Essay on My Sister for Class 2 Students

Vedantu Early Learn

Essay writing is not rocket science. It is a very simple procedure and learning to write an essay is also easy once your child gets proper guidance. Learning to write essays helps to improve your child’s writing skills, imagination power, creativity, and the entire linguistic competence. 

If your child is studying at Class 2, then it is extremely important and easy to train her on how to write short essays very easily. We have provided a short essay on ‘My Sister’ in the following which is written in easy-to-understand language and covered all the important aspects of the topic as well. 

The essay ‘My Sister’ is provided in the PDF format for free, which you can download and save it for later. You can use it as per your convenience when you need to assist your child. 

‘My Sister’:

My name is Aparna Chauhan. I have an older sister. Her name is Apoorva Chauhan. She is just three years older than me. We both go to the same school. I study in UKG while my sister studies in Class 2. 

She is very good at studies and painting as well. She wins the annual painting competition in the school every year. She also won the second prize in the sit and draw competition which was held in our society last month. 

We spend a lot of time together. We got to school together. We have lunch and play together. After coming home, we eat tiffin and then play in the park. Then we come back home and finish our homework. After that, we watch television and also spend time with our parents, grandparents before dinner.  

I call my sister ‘diya’. She is very polite and well behaved. She helps my grandma in gardening. She reads me storybooks. 

She is good at studies and intelligent as well. She takes part in quiz competitions, dancing, recitations as well. We go to the same dance classes to learn classical dance. 

We love watching cartoons together. She takes care of me when I fall sick. She is a very caring person. I pray to God for her health and well being. 

Why Vedantu?

We, at Vedantu, are providing the best possible tips and guidance regarding essay writing such as the essay on ‘My Sister’ given in the above. This short and simple essay in English is written in a very easy-to-understand format. So that your little one can hold the grasp on the topic and would be able to write the best quality essay on her own. 

Vedantu, a well known ed-tech portal in India, offers guidance to the students of all classes [from Class1 to Class 12]. So that they can ace their academic career and have a bright future.

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