My Teacher Essay in English for Class 1 Students

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Essay on My Teacher for Class 1 Students

Writing an essay involves a lot of thinking. Hence essay writing is considered as one of the most efficient ways to teach a kid how to think critically, use creativity, and jot down thoughts at one place. Learning essay writing at such a young age will help the kids to assess their thinking power and writing prowess.

Here our in-house experts have put their best efforts to bring forth the essay on ’My Teacher’. So that you can help your child in learning how to write a short essay about ‘My Teacher’ for Class 1. Take a look below. 

My Teacher

A teacher is the builder of the nation and shows lights to our future. Teaching is a noble profession. They educate us and help us to become a responsible citizen. 

I am a student of Class 1 and my favourite teacher in the school is Anita Ma’am. Her full name is Anita Thakkar. She is our class teacher and teaches us English. She is very sweet, jovial and kind-hearted. 

She teaches really well. We keep quiet when she teaches. She makes sure we understand the subject well. If we do not understand any topic, she explains it again very nicely. Her teaching and presentation skills are really good. That’s why it is easier to understand every chapter. I never miss her class. 

She guides us and teaches us good habits. She is strict but lovely. That’s why we are very fond of her and love to attend her class. 

Sometimes she tells us stories as well. On any special occasion, she gives us cakes and chocolates. We also bring cake for Ma’am on our birthdays. Last year we celebrated her birthday also. I gifted her a drawing of mine. She was really happy. 

Every teacher is a really great asset of the nation. We feel very lucky being taught by Anita Ma’am. We are proud of our class teacher. A lot of her students are quite successful today. We also wish to be her successful students in future.

I think the best teacher is a gift of God to us. We always thank God for blessing us with a good teacher like Anita Ma’am.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do First Graders Write an Essay?

A. Yes, first graders learn to write an essay. Students of first grade learn how to write a very short essay as it is a part of their syllabus. And, then they continue to expand upon their knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They also learn the basics of writing like how to think about a topic and then execute it in their write-ups. 

2. How can Essay Writing Help My Class 1 Kid?

A. Writing an essay will help your child in many different ways. You should always encourage your child to write essays as much as they can because it not only develops their writing skills but also boosts their confidence level. It requires doing some research on the topic, that’s how they will gain more knowledge. It helps in the growth of their mental ability. Besides, their inner creativity will get a boost for sure.