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Why do we see inverted images in a spoon?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint:A spoon is of the shape of a concave mirror. A concave mirror is a type of spherical mirror which has its inner part as the reflecting surface and the outer part as the hard surface.

Complete step by step solution:
When rays of light from any light source fall on the reflecting surface of the concave mirror, then light rays get reflected towards the focus which is there in the center of the spoon and the object. Since the rays of light are coming from all directions, they will be reflected in a way such that the light rays coming from downward direction will get reflected upwards and those coming from an upward direction get reflected downwards, thereby forming an inverted image of the object or the person in the spoon.

Additional information: A concave mirror is also known as a converging mirror. This is because a concave mirror converges all the light rays after reflection to a single point. The nature of the image formed by a concave mirror depends on the position of the object. If the object is placed close to the mirror, a magnified, virtual and erect image is formed.

Note:If the distance between the object and the concave mirror is large, then the image formed will be large, real or virtual. The object can be placed at different positions. It can be at infinity, at principal focus, at center of curvature, beyond center of curvature, between focus and pole, between curvature and focus.