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JEE Main Sample Paper 3

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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JEE Main 2025 Sample Paper 3: Download Free PDF

Preparing for the JEE Main exam 2025 can be challenging, but JEE Main Sample Paper 3 can ease your journey. It offers questions of varying difficulty levels to improve time management. Download free JEE Main Sample Paper 3 PDFs from Vedantu, covering Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each paper includes detailed answer keys for self-assessment, helping you identify areas for improvement. These sample papers effectively cover the JEE Main syllabus, making them invaluable. Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main covers MCQs and subjective-type questions. You can download it for FREE and solve it at your convenience.


JEE Main Sample Paper


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Total Sample Papers:


Academic Session:



English Medium


Physics, Chemistry and Maths (Combined)

Available Material:

Chapter-wise Sample Papers with PDF

A minimum of 2 to 4 questions are found to be repeated in the JEE Main exam every year. In fact, it is advantageous to attempt all questions from Sample Paper 3 of JEE Main. We provide the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 in the new pattern of the JEE Main exam with a total of 87 questions.

So get started today by solving Sample Paper 3 of the JEE Main exam and give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Links to PDF Of JEE Main Sample Papers

Boost your JEE Main preparation using Vedantu's JEE Main Sample Paper PDFs, carefully curated to align with the updated JEE Main format. Our model papers encompass sample questions compiled for students in both 11th and 12th grades, who already started to prepare for JEE Main. If you are done with JEE Main Sample Paper 3, now it’s time to explore the other Sample Papers that can optimize your performance during the forthcoming examination. Access all the other Sample Paper PDFs for JEE Main, complete with answer keys, by clicking on the provided links in the table below.

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Decoding the JEE Main Exam Pattern: How It Aligns with and Benefits Sample Paper 3

Comprehending the JEE Main examination pattern holds immense significance. It acts as the blueprint for your path to achievement. Vedantu's JEE Main Sample Paper 3 closely adheres to this pattern, enabling you to attend the actual JEE Main examination confidently. This layout reveals the question paper design for the JEE Main examination:

  • The examination duration will be 3 hours, with a total score of 300 marks.

  • Each subject will comprise two segments, namely Section A and B.

  • Section A consists of 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) per subject.

  • Section B features subjective questions where you must provide numerical answers and select any 5 questions out of 10.

  • Both sections carry a penalty of -1 for incorrect answers.

  • No credit will be awarded for unanswered questions.


No. of Questions

Total Questions

Marking Scheme 

(A - correct, wrong

B - correct, wrong)

Section A

Section B



10 (attempt 5)

30 (attempt 25)

A - +4, -1

B - +4, 0



10 (attempt 5)

30 (attempt 25)

A - +4, -1

B - +4, 0



10 (attempt 5)

30 (attempt 25)

A - +4, -1

B - +4, 0



30 (attempt 15)

90 (attempt 75)

300 (max marks)

Employing this examination format as a tactical approach, you can tackle Vedantu's Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main and assess your performance. Solving the sample questions by keeping the pattern in mind will assist you in effective time management during the JEE Main examination and contribute to enhancing your self-assurance.

Minimum Marks Required to Qualify JEE Main

After downloading and solving the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 you have to check your scores and analyse. For that you need to know the minimum qualifying marks for JEE Main: 

The NTA is expected to announce the minimum passing scores for JEE Main 2025 following the completion of the examination. The qualifying marks will be contingent upon the exam's level of difficulty and the student's performance. Nevertheless, drawing from past JEE Main trends, candidates who achieve a score of 270 or higher can reasonably anticipate admission to the nation's premier colleges, as this score would place them in the 90th percentile or higher, which is widely regarded as an excellent percentile.

For additional eligibility criteria for JEE Main 2025, you can consult Vedantu's  JEE Main Eligibility Criteria webpage.

The Power of Sample Paper 3: A Key to Excelling in JEE Main

To ensure success in your JEE Main journey, it's essential to have the appropriate resources in your hand, and one of these is solving Sample Paper 3. These materials function as your guiding compass, navigating you through the intricacies of the exam, and are absolutely vital for achieving a high score. Let's explore the role of solving Sample Paper 3 plays in shaping your JEE Main success.

  • Exam Format Familiarity: Solving Sample Paper 3 faithfully replicates the actual JEE Main format, enabling you to grasp the exam's structural nuances.

  • Diverse Question Types: By engaging with Sample Paper 3, you become well-acquainted with the various question types that make appearances in the JEE Main examination.

  • Mastering Time Management: The process of working through these Sample Paper 3 aids in honing your time management skills, an indispensable asset for acing the timed JEE Main exam.

  • Identifying Weak Areas: Sample Paper 3 assists in identifying areas where improvement is necessary, allowing you to channel your study efforts effectively.

  • Boosting Confidence: Consistent practice with Sample Paper 3 elevates your self-assurance, ensuring you approach the exam day with a positive and determined mindset.

  • Progress Tracking: Over time, you can gauge your progress by comparing your performance across different Sample Paper 3, enabling you to gauge your readiness effectively.

  • Practical Application of Knowledge: Working with Sample Paper 3 empowers you to apply the theoretical knowledge you've acquired during your preparation, rendering it more practical and tangible.

  • Alleviating Exam Anxiety: Acquaintance with the exam's format and question types minimizes anxiety, instilling a sense of calm and confidence on the actual exam day.

  • Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills: Regular revision with Sample Paper 3 sharpens your problem-solving abilities in terms of both speed and accuracy, two important factors for success.

  • Maximizing Your Score: Ultimately, solving Sample Paper 3 constitutes a strategic maneuver to optimize your score and secure admission to your desired engineering institution.

How to Download Vedantu's JEE Main Sample Paper 3?

It will be very convenient if you can get the Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main as a PDF that can be used for your self-assessment tests. You can download and use it later. So here are the steps to download the Sample Paper 3 of JEE Main:

Step 1: Visit Vedantu's JEE Main Sample Paper 2025 page.

Step 2: Navigate to the links section, usually found after the introduction of main landing page.

Step 3: Look for the Sample Paper 3 from the table.

Step 4: Click on Sample Papers 3 from the table will take you to the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 page.

Step 5: Now, click on the “Download PDF” button at the top of the page, usually below the menu bar. 

Step 6: Depending on your browser settings, the PDF file will either be automatically downloaded or prompt you to choose a location to save it.

Step 7: After the download is complete, you can access Vedantu's JEE Main Sample Paper PDF at your convenience, helping you excel in your JEE Main journey. 

Perfect Time to Solve Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main

Timing is crucial when it comes to preparing for the JEE Main exam, and this includes deciding when to start solving Sample Paper 3. To maximize your chances of success, you need to find the sweet spot between adequate and effective preparation. So consider the following before starting your preparation with JEE Main questions from Sample Paper 3:

  • The perfect time to start solving Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main is during the mid to advanced stages of your preparation. 

  • With a gradual increase in intensity as you approach the exam date. 

  • Adjust this timeline based on your personal study pace and preferences, ensuring that you strike a balance between practice and comprehensive subject coverage.

How Vedantu’s Sample Paper 3 For JEE Main Is Different From Others?

Vedantu's JEE Main Sample Paper 3 are better than the competition for several reasons. Here are a few:

  • They Match the Real Exam: Our Sample Paper 3 are designed to be just like the actual JEE Main exam. This means they are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Lots of Different Questions: Our Sample Paper 3 cover many different types of questions, including easy and hard ones. We have questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, so you can practice everything you need.

  • Explanation to Correct Answers: We explain the Answers and how to get them. This helps you understand the concepts and solve tricky questions.

  • They're Free: You can download our Sample Papers for free as PDFs. This makes it easy and affordable for you to practice whenever you want.

Before You Begin: Key Preparatory Materials for Sample Paper 3 in JEE Main

Preparation for JEE Main is very important and how you do it is as important as writing the exam.  Now you have Vedantu's Sample Paper 3 for your help, but to assist this you need more resources to make the preparation to the fullest. Vedantu also provides other preparatory materials like Revision notes, important questions, Practice papers, PYQPs, etc. Think of these materials as important resources for your JEE Main exam. Skipping them might affect how well you do on the exam.  You can get the links to all the important links for the JEE Main preparation from the table below:

Your Path to Excellence: Free 2025 JEE Main Sample Paper PDF from Vedantu

The JEE Main 2025 Sample Paper 3 available for free download as a PDF from Vedantu, is a powerful resource to enhance your JEE Main preparation. Packed with features like precision alignment with the latest exam pattern, a diverse range of questions, comprehensive answer keys, and user-friendly accessibility, this sample paper is an invaluable resource. It not only simulates the actual exam but also aids in your understanding of core concepts. To excel in the JEE Main and secure your dream college, don't miss this opportunity. Download your FREE PDF now and take a step closer to achieving academic excellence with Vedantu!

FAQs on JEE Main Sample Paper 3

1. Is this Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main suitable for both 11th and 12th-grade students?

Yes, the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 is suitable for both 11th and 12th-grade students. The sample paper covers all of the important topics that are tested on the JEE Main exam, regardless of your grade level.

2. Can I use JEE Main Sample Paper 3 as a practice tool for other engineering entrance exams?

Yes, you can use the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 as a practice tool for other engineering entrance exams, such as the BITSAT and the VITEEE. The sample paper covers a wide range of topics that are commonly tested on engineering entrance exams.

3. Is there a time limit for solving Sample Paper 3, similar to the actual JEE Main exam?

There is no time limit for solving the Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main. You can download it and solve it at your convenience. But you have to follow the same time limit of JEE Main exam while solving the Sample Papers, for better results.

4. How can solving this Sample Paper 3 help me in my JEE Main preparation?

Solving the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 can help you in your preparation in the following ways:

  • It will give you a good understanding of the exam pattern and difficulty level.

  • It will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • It will give you practice answering questions in a timed setting.

  • It will help you get used to the pressure of the exam.

  • It will boost your confidence.

5. Are there any recommendations on when to use JEE Main Sample Paper 3 in my study schedule?

You can use the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 at any stage of your preparation. However, it is recommended to use it closer to the exam date so that you can get a feel for the real exam experience. You can also use it to track your progress over time and identify any areas where you need to improve.

6. What if I have specific questions or need assistance while using Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main?

If you have any specific questions or need assistance while using the Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main, you can reach out to Vedantu's team of experts. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

7. Is the download of Vedantu's Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main 2025 free of charge?

From Vedantu’s website you can download the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 for free of charge.

8. Why should I consider downloading this Sample Paper 3 for JEE Main 2025?

You should consider downloading the JEE Main Sample Paper 3 for 2025 because it is a valuable resource that can help you prepare for the exam. The sample paper is designed to be similar to the actual exam in terms of the exam pattern and difficulty level. It also covers all of the important topics that are tested on the exam.