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JEE Main Cut-off for MNIT Jaipur

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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MNIT Jaipur - Cut-off, Important Dates, Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

MNIT Jaipur is one of the most prominent choices among JEE aspirants when they are applying for colleges. The JEE Main cutoff for MNIT Jaipur will be the minimum rank mandated for the JEE aspirants to get admission to the college. This list will be strictly category-wise released by the JoSAA council members separately for each course. Only the candidates who score within the cutoff range will be granted admission to this prestigious institution. In the following article, you will learn about the MNIT Jaipur cutoff, important dates, eligibility criteria, results, and admit card. 


MNIT Jaipur Admission Highlights

Founded in the  year 


University’s name 

Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

Application mode 


Entrance exam 


University type 


Official website

Campus size 

317 acres



Education mode 

Full time 


MNIT Jaipur Ranking

Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, was founded in 1963 as a joint undertaking of the Government of Rajasthan and the Government of India. In 2002, the university was awarded the status of NIT or National Institute of Technology, and in 2007 through the Act of Parliament, it was recognised as an Institute of National Importance. The university is fully financed by the Ministry of Education and the Government of India. They have been admitting students to various courses offered in the institute. The university strives to create technological manpower for satisfying the present and projected needs of the industry. 


MNIT Jaipur is accredited and acknowledged by MHRD, AICTE, and certified by NAAC. The campus is covered across an area of 317 acres of lush greenery. MNIT Jaipur offers B.Tech and B.Arch programs for interested aspirants. Below is the MNIT Jaipur ranking:




NIRF Overall Rankings

72 (2021)

NIRF Engineering Rankings

37 (2021)

India Today 2021 Engineering (Government)

17 (2021)


MNIT Jaipur Cut off 2022

As one of the topmost engineering universities of India, MNIT Jaipur has comparatively high cutoff ranks, which are declared by JoSSA each year. MNIT cutoff ranks for each course can change every year following the number of aspirants writing the JEE Main exam. The final JEE Main cutoff for 2022 is not issued yet, below are the MNIT Jaipur cutoffs for the open category of previous years consisting of opening and closing ranks. Through this, a candidate will get the trend of cut-off and expected marks required in JEE 2022 and prepare accordingly. 

MNIT Cut-offs 2021, 2020 and 2019



MNIT 2021 Cut-off

(Opening Rank - Closing Rank)

MNIT 2020 Cut-off

(Opening Rank - Closing Rank)

MNIT 2019 Cut-off

(Opening Rank - Closing Rank)

Computer Science Engineering 

2594 - 2625

3160 - 3877

3938 - 4566

Mechanical Engineering

16577 - 19453

13889 - 17090 

11864 - 13060

Electronics Communication Engineering

8106 - 9726

7138 - 8747


Civil Engineering

23996 - 26374

21762 - 27079

18867 - 24422

Chemical Engineering

19901 - 24818

18682 - 24879

18036 - 20964

Electrical Engineering

11904 - 14500

11234 - 13406

10749 - 11969

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

29377 - 39545

28226 - 36321

25293 - 34817


607 - 818




MNIT Jaipur Important Dates 

Students can get admission to MNIT Jaipur through JEE Main. The seat is allocated based on your JEE Main ranking if you are able to score the required JEE Main cut off for NIT Jaipur. JoSSA or Joint Seat Allocation Authority is responsible for managing and regulating the counselling procedure for admission to NIT Jaipur and all the other NITs. The persisting vacant seats are filled after the JoSSA counselling is completed. This special counselling is known as CSAB counselling, and it consists of two rounds. 

MNIT Jaipur Calendar 2022 

JEE Main 2022 Events


JEE Main 2022 registration process

Session 1: 1 March to 5 April 2022

Active from 18 to 25 April 2022 (reopened)

Session 2: To be notified

Last date for JEE Main application 2022

Session 1: 25 April 2022

Session 2: To be notified

Last date to pay exam fee

Session 1: 25 April 2022

Session 2: To be notified

Release of admit card

Session 1: Second week of June

Session 2: Third week of July

JEE Main 2022 examination date

Session 1: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 June 2022

Session 2: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 July 2022

Provisional answer key release date

To be notified

JEE Main 2022 answer key challenge date

To be notified

Release of JEE Main 2022 final answer key

To be notified

JEE Main 2022 Result

To be notified


When JoSAA conducts all rounds of the counselling process, it will publish the list of vacant seats. CSAB conducts further counselling for the candidates to get admission on those vacant seats.

MNIT Jaipur Eligibility Criteria

Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, offers 4-year undergraduate courses of study in the form of a B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology degree and a 5-year undergraduate course in the form of a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree at the undergraduate stage. Let's look at the various specialisation UG courses offered by the college.


Eligibility Criteria For B.Tech and B.Arch

  • The candidate attempting for admission in the B.Tech./B.Arch. in NIT, Jaipur should have completed grade 12th from an approved institute/board with Chemistry, Physics, and Maths as mandatory subjects.

  • The candidate should score a minimum of 75% marks in the 12th class examination or secure a rank in the top 20 percentile of your class 12th board exam. 

  • SC/ST students should score a minimum of 65% of marks in their Class 12th board examination.

  • The candidate has to clear the JEE Main entrance examination.

  • The candidate has to secure the MNIT Jaipur cutoff rank.

  • For B. Arch, the candidates should pass JEE Main Paper 2 exam, which is specially conducted for admission to Architecture courses.

Admission Procedure For MNIT Jaipur 

MNIT Jaipur admission procedure expects the candidates to go through the official website of the institution and the JEE entrance exam portal frequently. As mentioned before, MNIT admission to B.Tech is conducted through the JEE Main entrance examination, followed by JoSAA counselling. Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur cut off is also decided by the JoSSA. The step by step MNIT Jaipur admission procedure is listed below:

  1. Fill in and submit the application or admission form.

  2. Write and qualify for the particular entrance exam. For B. Tech and B.Arch is JEE Main entrance examination. 

  3. Take part in the respective counselling process. In this case, it is conducted and regulated by JoSAA authorities. 

  4. Submit the required documents for verification.


MNIT Jaipur has some of the best professional staff among the NITs. The facilities provided by the institution will help the students to excel in academics and prepare them to face real-world problems. Due to its impeccable reputation, getting admission to this college can be difficult. Visit our website regularly to track the latest important dates for the admission process. 

FAQs on JEE Main Cut-off for MNIT Jaipur

1. Name the branches of B.Tech offered by MNIT Jaipur.

There are a total of seven branches offered by MNIT Jaipur, which are Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering. It also offers the 5-year course of B.Arch in Architecture and Planning.

2. What was the highest package offered at MNIT Jaipur in 2021?

The highest package offered to a student of MNIT Jaipur was 43 LPA in 2021. The top recruiter companies visiting the placement drive at MNIT Jaipur comprise Apple, Deshaw, Amazon, Flipkart, Qualcomm, ServiceNow, Oracle, Deloitte, etc.