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JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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JEE Advanced Physics Question Paper-1 Year 2015 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

JEE Advanced is an eminent competitive exam worldwide. Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for this exam, out of which only a few get selected. This exam ascertains the selection for the UG programs in prestigious institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

The NTA conducts the JEE exams and also releases the JEE Advanced answer keys just after all the slots of the exam. Get the JEE Advanced 2015 Answer Key for Physics Question Paper - 1 in the PDF format on the Vedantu site.


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JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

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The notification for the JEE Advanced 2021 will be out soon, so you might be looking for solved PYQPs, For your convenience, we have provided the JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Paper - 1 with answer keys.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

JEE Advanced 2015 Exam Pattern

IIT-JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Paper - 1

Paper - 1 had 60 questions with a total of 264 marks. The paper had the following three sections:

  • Section - 1: 32 marks

  • Section - 2: 40 Marks

  • Section - 3: 16 marks

Total - 88 Marks.

The Marking Scheme of Physics Paper - 1 is as Follows:

  • Section - 1: 8 Integer Value (0 - 9) Correct Answer Type Questions

+ 4 marks were offered for the correct answer.

No marking for the response was marked wrong/left unattempted.

  • Section - 2: 10 Multiple Choice Questions With One or More Correct Answer

+ 4 was offered for every correct response.

- 2 was deducted for the wrong response.

No marking for the response left unattempted.

  • Section - 3: 2 x 4 Matrix Match Type Questions

+ 2 was offered for every correct response.

- 1 was deducted for the wrong response.

No marking for the response left unattempted.

IIT-JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Paper - 1 Analysis

In 2015, the physics part was more focused on the Class 12th portion. Many questions were framed to test the confidence of a candidate. Below is the difficulty analysis on a total of 88 marks:

Difficulty Analysis

  • Difficulty-Level - 45%

  • Medium-Level - 36%

  • Easy - 18%

Topic-Wise Analysis

  • Mechanics - 27%

  • Modern Physics - 23%

  • Electricity & Magnetism - 18%

  • Optics - 14%

  • General Physics - 9%

  • Heat and Thermodynamics - 9%

From the above analysis, aspirants will be able to understand the topics to focus on, for the upcoming examination.

IIT-JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Question Paper - 1

The difficulty level of the JEE Advanced is never the same; however, solving the previous years’ question papers has always been the best approach to get cognizance of the difficulty level of the exam.

Downloading the JEE Advanced answer keys will help you calculate your score in the JEE Advanced exam, and by comparing your marks with the marks range, you can predict your rank.

If you wish to be a part of the Vedantu learning program, you can sign up on our website for downloading the PDF format of the Question Paper-1 on the JEE Advanced 2015 with the answer keys to score well in the upcoming exam.

Why Choose Vedantu for the JEE Advanced 2015 Physics PYQP with Answer Keys?

  • Vedantu is a grand team of IIT/NIT faculties hailing from multiple backgrounds; diverse and dynamic in their thinking, they prepare the solutions to the PYQP of the IIT-JEE Advanced in the simplest manner. By going through the solved 2015 Physics PYQPs, all the concepts will be at your fingertips, and you can easily solve the tough conceptual questions with ease.

  • To prepare candidates for facing any type of question that may appear in the upcoming exam, they need to practice sample papers; therefore, for your convenience, we have provided all the sets of IIT-JEE Advanced till 2015.

  • You can easily download the papers, solutions to these, and answer keys on a single desk for free.

The Final Words

In 2021, IIT Kharagpur is conducting the JEE Advanced test. Accompanying the dates for the JEE Advanced result, they will announce the finalized JEE Advanced exam dates. The exam will be held most probably in the third week of May 2021.

If you want to prepare for the JEE Advanced 2021, you are in the right place. At Vedantu, you will get the reliable, solved Physics Previous Year Question paper - 1 with answer keys for the JEE Advanced 2015.

This year, the top 2.4 lakh JEE Main qualifiers will be eligible to appear for the JEE Main advanced 2021. If you desire to see your name on the top scorers' list, subscribe to our program, and quicken your preparation with expert teachers. We are looking for desirous candidates like you!

Now, let us look at some FAQs that come into every JEE aspirant's mind.

JEE Advanced is a globally renowned competitive exam. Every year, thousands of people apply for this exam, but only a handful are chosen. This exam determines admission to top universities such as the Indian Institute of Technology's undergraduate degrees (IIT).

The NTA administers the JEE tests and publishes the JEE Advanced answer keys after all of the exam slots have been completed. On the Vedantu website, you may download the JEE Advanced 2015 Answer Key for Physics Question Paper - 1 in PDF format. You may be looking for solved PYQPs as the date for JEE Advanced 2022 approaches closer. We have supplied answer keys for the JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Paper - 1 for your convenience.

Exam Pattern for JEE Advanced 2015

Now, let's look at the JEE Advanced 2015 Paper in detail:

The JEE Advanced 2015 test was held on May 22, 2015. The exam consisted of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Each Paper was Broken into the Three Sections Below:

  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

Note: Both papers were held on the same day and lasted three hours each.

Physics Question Paper for IIT-JEE Advanced Difficulty Level

The JEE Advanced exam is never the same in terms of difficulty; yet, solving previous year's question papers has always been the best way to gauge the exam's difficulty level.

You may compute your score in the JEE Advanced test by downloading the answer keys, and you can anticipate your rank by comparing your marks to the marks range mentioned therein.

You may sign up for free on Vedantu to obtain the Question Paper-1 on the JEE Advanced 2015 in PDF format, along with the solution keys, so you can do well in the forthcoming exam.

Why should you choose Vedantu for the 2015 JEE Advanced Physics Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys?

  • Vedantu has a large group of IIT/NIT faculty members from all backgrounds; diverse and dynamic in their thinking. They prepare the PYQP solutions for the IIT-JEE Advanced in the most straightforward manner. By studying the solved 2015 Physics PYQPs, you will have all of the concepts at your fingertips and will be able to handle even the most difficult conceptual problems with ease.

  • Candidates need to practise sample papers to prepare for any type of question that may arise in the forthcoming test; therefore, for your convenience, we have included all sets of IIT-JEE Advanced until 2015.

  • The papers, solutions, and answer keys are all available for free download on a single workstation.

Question Paper for JEE Advanced 2015 Analysis

Advanced Physics Paper for JEE

  • The physics questions ranged in difficulty from moderate to challenging.

  • The questions were created to assess a student's numerical ability.

  • The Physics section was mainly focused on the syllabus for Class XII.

  • Modern Physics, Electrostatics & Magnetism, Ray Optics, Error & Dimensional Analysis, and Error & Dimensional Analysis received the most questions.

Analysis of Difficulty

  • Level of Difficulty - 45 per cent

  • 36 per cent are at a medium level.

  • 18 percent is simple.

Topic-By-Topic Analysis:

  • Mechanics accounted for 27% of the total.

  • Physicists of the Modern Era - 23%

  • Electricity and magnetism accounted for 18% of the total.

  • Optics accounted for 14% of the total.

  • 9 per cent was general physics

  • 9 per cent was based on  Heat and Thermodynamics

Aspirants will be able to identify which topics to focus on for the forthcoming examination based on the aforementioned analysis.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

1. List the Important Physics Topics in the JEE Advanced 2021?

The topics are as follows:

  • Dimensional analysis

  • Geometrical Optics

  • Thermodynamics

  • Rotational Dynamics

  • Kinetic Theory of Gases

  • Waves & Sound

  • Electromagnetic Induction

  • Gravitation

  • Electrostatics

  • Current Electricity & Heat Transfer

2. What are the Important Dates on the IIT-JEE Advanced Exam 2021?

Exam Events

2021 Tentative Dates

Application form release date

1st Week of May

Last date to submit the JEE Advanced 2021 online form

2nd week of May 

Last date of Fee payment 

2nd week of May 

Admit card 

3rd week of May 

JEE Advanced 2021 Test Date (Paper I & II)

3rd week of May 

Result Declaration 

1s Week of June

Official Answer key release 

Will be updated

3. Is JEE Advanced Easy?

No!JEE Advanced is one of the toughest exams in the world. Lakhs of candidates work hard to be among the top 2.5 lakh score holders to be eligible for the JEE Advanced 2021. However, a JEE aspirant must have three qualities (3P’s), viz: Practice, Patience & Persistence to crack this prestigious exam.

4. Will Lockdown Affect JEE 2021?

This year, the NTA will review and finalize the JEE Main Exam dates for the January session 2021 after the schools reopen.

5. Should I prepare using JEE Mock tests for the exam?

 Yes, students are encouraged to thoroughly practise mock test papers in order to become familiar with the computer-based online exam format. The  JEE Advanced mock test will last 180 minutes, and candidates will submit their answers using computers. It is one of the most effective methods for preparing for highly competitive exams such as the JEE Advanced. Get the JEE Advanced Mock Test Series on Vedantu. Vedantu also provide a detailed analysis of the mock tests so that students can evaluate their performance

6. What is JEE advanced counseling?

Candidates should be aware that the IIT that conducts the exam is not the authority that will conduct JEE Advanced counseling and seat allocation. The rest of the activities will be handled by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA). Candidates who pass the JEE Advanced must first register with the JoSAA. Only then would they be eligible to take part in the counseling process, which will require candidates to select their favorite IITs and courses. Seat assignments are made based on the candidates' ranks and preferences, as well as the availability of seats. Be prepared with Vedantu’s JEE Advanced 2015 Physics Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download  

7. What factors determine the cutoff marks for JEE Advanced?

These are a few factors that determine the cutoff marks for JEE Advanced:

  • JEE Advanced Seat Availability in Different IITs Total candidates eligible for JEE Advanced. 

  • Exam difficulty level Total applicants appeared Cutoff trends from the previous year. 

  • The total performance of the candidates who took part in the competition.

Vedantu offers extensive study material for students to prepare for their JEE exams. students can also attend online live sessions by Vedantu’s experts beneficial for JEE preparation. 

8. If a student is PWD with an official certificate, is he eligible to avail the series of a scribe in JEE advanced examination?

The students who are visually impaired or are suffering from dyslexic (Severe) or have a disability in the upper limbs or have lost fingers / hands forbidding them to properly operate the computer based examination can get the services of a scribe. One can choose the PWD option before registering for the exam. However the preparations for all the students are standard at Vedantu. You need to worry about the marking due to the disability

9. What is JEE Advanced Eligibility Criteria?

Students who wish to appear in JEE advanced should keep certain point checks before applying. One should have scored a minimum 75% aggregate in their 12th board examination and one should have passed the JEE main with top 20 category percentile of the qualifying exam. The aggregate of all the subjects ( Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Language and any one other subject) should be calculated.

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