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ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 - Endocrine Glands

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Revision Notes for ICSE Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 - Free PDF Download

Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 Because of its unique explanation of the concepts, the Endocrine System is the most popular study material. A special effort is made by Vedantu to create an understanding of the role of hormones. Following this chapter, revision notes will ensure that you understand the characteristics and roles of hormones.

Our primary goal is to assist students by providing solutions and revision notes. Our expert tutors have prepared these notes of Biology Class 10 Chapter 12 with clear descriptions. Click on the appropriate links to download the revision notes. 

Free PDF download of Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 - Endocrine Glands Revision Notes & Short Key-notes prepared by our expert Biology teachers as per ICSE guidelines. To register Biology Tuitions on to clear your doubts.

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Features of Our Revision Notes

  • With the help of relevant inference, solutions are provided.

  • The solutions include appropriate and relevant instances to efficiently explain the concepts.

  • Wherever possible, diagrams have been used in this chapter.

  • Our Revision notes are easily accessible and can be downloaded for free.

Importance of Studying Biology in High-School

Biology is a fascinating subject because it covers the study of living creatures and their processes. Biology is the foundation for many other disciplines.

Why is Biology an Important Subject to Study in High School?

  • Biology knowledge aids in the creation of a better living environment. It aids students in gaining a better understanding of the world's natural processes.

  • It is the study of how people develop, survive, and change over time.

  • It teaches about the interactions between cells, organs, and organisms and the environment and ecosystem.

  • It explains how the human body's various organs and systems function and how everything is interconnected.

  • It is a crucial topic from a medical standpoint, as it involves identifying illness and treating it.

  • Vast research on biology has a significant contribution to agriculture. 

Biology is a subject that many learners perceive as uninteresting; however, it can be a scoring subject if you use a systematic learning approach. Students who want to pursue a career in life sciences or medical science should seriously consider studying this subject beginning in high school.

Since the 10th Standard is an essential phase of a student's life, thoroughly preparing oneself is necessary. Not just can they score better, but also they can decide on their stream. They can easily crack any entrance test and pursue a career of their choice. 

Revision notes are the most effective way to quickly and thoroughly review vital topics during examinations. They are written clearly and concisely, allowing students to understand all of the complicated subjects before the exam easily. ICSE Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 - Endocrine Glands Revision Notes by Vedantu will significantly assist students who struggle to revise the entire syllabus during examinations.

If You are Making Your Notes, Consider These Tips:

  • You should write your notes with the essential topics. Keep the syllabus in mind, as these are likely to be asked in the exam.

  • Don't scribble down everything you're learning; instead, jot down a few short notes that sound right.

  • Split the syllabus into sections to make it easier to cover the material.

  • Go over your book's index page and cluster the related topics, then write them together for easier comprehension.

  • As much as possible, use bullet points and diagrams.

Prepare Your Notes in Your Language

It is essential. Don't just start writing the concept or description of whatever you've learned in a bookish dialect.

Always use your understanding and language to make notes. This will assist your mind in processing the topic and allow you to remember it for a longer time.

When taking notes while a teacher is giving a talk, you should not write down every word the professor uttered. Instead, you should rephrase it in your phrases so that you can recall what they said when you go over it again later. Writing in a complex language or following someone else's flow can lead to later confusion.

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 - Endocrine Glands

1. Are the revision notes offered by Vedantu beneficial for preparation?

Yes, without a doubt. Our experts write all our notes. They carefully and precisely explain each concept of the chapter. Since we don't prefer the rote learning method, we, with great detail, explain all the ideas so that students can hold a firm grasp of the critical concepts. Moreover, these revision notes are a great tool when students have their exams and have limited time to prepare. You can easily download the revision notes and start preparing thoroughly for the exam in a very simplified way. Students can download free study material for free on Vedantu site and mobile app. 

2. How can revision notes help students?

Since the mind becomes an active constituent in studying, taking study notes encourages good memory and the capacity to hold information. Studying and passing exams, especially with good grades, becomes convenient with proper study and revision notes. It also makes learning more enjoyable. Making study notes is an excellent example of a necessary study habit for students. When students write in their sentences and handwriting, they not only comprehend more, but they also remember it for longer.

3. How can you memorize Biology?

Repetition of the study over many shorter periods on different days is recommended. Not before tests, but every week, review the revision notes. Allow enough time between studying and self-testing so that you aren't just checking short-term memory, and practise until you understand you can get them correct. Take a subcategory of the content well before a test and study this as if the exam is tomorrow. Ultimately, don't wait until the night before the exam to start studying.

4. How to revise quickly?

Exams might be one of the most intimidating elements of your school. Exam season is approaching fast, so now is the time to begin thinking about properly managing, strategizing, and utilizing your time. Effective revision cannot be rushed. Good revision strategies help your brain keep information to ensure that you feel less anxious all along the way by getting in early and extending out the workload for every exam. The earlier you start, the more effective you can revise. Keep your revision notes handy and go through them. 

5. How to get ready for board exams?

To score well in your boards, at first, you need to understand your entire board curriculum. You need to then go through each subject's topics and understand them thoroughly. Gradually, you can understand which topics you are poor at, lag, and perform well. You can then start working on the topics and increase your chances of scoring high. You need to practise, memorize, and understand each topic thoroughly to score well. Make detailed revision notes to avoid reading the whole book the night before the exam.