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Malachite - Mineral

Last updated date: 26th Feb 2024
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Meaning of Malachite

Malachite is a green colour copper which has a mineral property of carbonate mineral. Malachite is a part of the monolithic crystal system which has silkier luster. Now, let us understand malachite is an ore of which metal. Malachite is an ore of copper that has opaque transparency and at times has a patterned structure. Malachite has a rich shade of green and malachite has a meaning of transformation and positive change.

The malachite is a bright or dark green mineral, they have a black-green texture which is common as the secondary copper carbonate hydroxide that is (Cu2(CO3) (OH)2) mineral. It contains approximately 57.48% of Cu in its own purest form. Malachite is also formed by the weathering process which occurs in their surface area of copper ore and it is generally not used for copper extraction due to insignificant resources and inadequate metallurgical recovery. 

Malachite Ore

Malachite is actually a minor ore that has a widespread mineral of copper which is present in the form of copper carbonate, that is Cu2CO3(OH)2. This happens because of the distinctive bright green colour and the presence in the weathered zone of nearly all the copper deposits. This malachite functions as a prospecting guide for that metal. 

Where to Find Malachite?

Malachite mostly occurs across the world, this includes the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Australia, Mexico. They have the largest deposit or mine in the Urals region, which is in Russia. Malachite is quite suitable for the mineral pigment in the green paints since its antiquity, a decorative vase, and ornamental stone, or gemstone.  

The Historical Uses of Malachite

The hypnotic green swirls which have a rich azurite mixture make this stone a healing gemstone. This has a dark emerald, stunned by a glorious stone. This texture takes our imaginations to the velvet green forests, on soft spring days, or the green mountains.

The stone takes its name from the Greek word that means soft. This stone holds great strength, Malachite acts as a heart opener. The Greeks gifted this stone with its gentle title.

Not only the Greeks, the Egyptians too were quite fascinated by this stone. They would often mine this green gem of the earth from the mines of the Suez. 

Malachite is found in the Egyptian mines, also this travellers stone can be found in all the global corners. In Russia they are found from snow, in Australia from the crackling sun-scorched Malachite was been extracted from the ground. 

Majorly they are found in the world’s most lush, earthly, also spiritual destinations like in the jungle depths of the Amazon and the near-vertical slopes of the Congo. 


Fun Facts about Malachite

  • Malachite has healing properties within itself. It acts as an important protection stone.  Malachite also absorbs negative energies and the other pollutants, and its vibe with the positivity, picking them up from the atmosphere and from the body.  

  • Malachite gemstone opens the heart to unconditional love. The stone encourages risk-taking and change, they also break unwanted ties and outworn patterns and teach us how to take life responsibility.  

  • It soothes mental disturbances and helps in combating dyslexia.  The stone enables and absorbs the information process.  Releases all the negative experiences and the old traumas. It also stimulates dreams.

  • Malachite balances the mood swings and even heals cramps.  They facilitate labour, alleviates menstrual disorders like PMT and period pains, as well as menopause.  They soothe and immune the nervous systems.  Malachite lowers blood pressure, also treats asthma, cures arthritis.

  • What is the spiritual meaning of malachite?

Malachite is a stone that indicates balance, abundance, manifestation, and even positive intention. This is an extremely powerful stone, they are often known as the “stone of transformation” and they are used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing, and for positive transformation to the wearer.

  • Is malachite good luck?

Malachite is a stone worn by people for good fortune and prosperity. The Malachite has the property to protect an individual by absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body.

  • What was malachite used for?

The earliest ore of copper was mined in the Sinai and the eastern deserts of ancient in around 3000BC. Malachite is a green copper which has carbonate hydroxide property. This was used as eye paint, the pigment was used for wall painting, and it also glazes the colour of the glass.

FAQs on Malachite - Mineral

1. Can Malachite be Wearing Every Day?

Ans. Any kind of sealed stone is quite powerfully used on a daily basis, and this is helpful to keep this piece on the body. If someone is unsure of why we will wish to use this stone, then the best place to wear it is at the heart chakra.

2. Is Malachite an Oxide Ore?

Ans. Malachite typically represents the copper oxide ore, and this is approximately 30% of the copper that is being extracted from the oxidized copper ore found worldwide.


Malachite, is a minor ore with a widespread mineral of copper, basic copper carbonate, Cu2CO3(OH)2. It has a distinctive bright green colour and has a presence in the weathered zone where nearly all the copper deposits and the malachite serve as a prospecting.

3. Where is Malachite Found in India?

Ans. Malachite is found in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Odisha, Rajasthan, Telangana, and West Bengal.