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Globe and Map

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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What is a Map?

If you want to understand the meaning of a map simply, then it’s nothing but a representation of the Earth's surface on a piece of paper, or you can even say that it’s a drawing of any particular surface of the Earth. 

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Maps can be of a city, state, a small district, a country, any river or sea, or even of the entire world. Maps can be hand-drawn or printed, and it helps us locate any place we want to search and help in navigating from one place to another. When we were kids, we used to think that our Earth was circular in shape, but that’s not true. 

What is a Globe?

Earth is not accurately spherical, and it’s a bit flattened from poles. But, with the help of the globe, we can get an idea of how our Earth looks. So, Basically, Globe is a miniature or 3-D representation of how our Earth looks and represents different continents, oceans, directions, countries, etc. 

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We can even say that a map is a 2-D representation of any particular place, whereas a globe is a 3-D representation of our Earth. So, finally, we’ve understood the meaning of map and globe, and now find out the difference and similarities between map and globe. 

Similarities Between Globe and Map

Maps and globes are both models of the Earth that help us to understand what our Earth looks like. Both globes and maps show us the Earth and help us to locate different places, like continents, countries, cities, oceans, and many more. Globes and maps have different imaginary lines such as the equator, latitudes, longitude, prime meridian, and many more. Both maps and globes show similar symbols and colours and help us to locate different places. 

What are the Advantages of Maps Over Globes?

Maps help us to see a particular location of the Earth, whereas, on the globe, you have to see the entire world at once. If you want to look at a particular location, whether it be a city, country, or continent, then the map is the best option. 

Another important feature of maps is their variety. There are a variety of maps for different purposes, such as physical maps, political maps, topographic maps, road maps, and many more. You can select the appropriate map according to your need and purpose.  

What are the Advantages of Globes Over Maps?

Globes help you to understand the visual representation of the Earth. On maps, you can just see the lines and pictures, which are two-dimensional in nature, whereas on the globe, you can clearly visualize every location, whether it be a city or a river, and it even helps you to understand the accurate mental map of our Earth.

5 Difference Between Globe and Map

Maps and globes help us to understand a lot of aspects related to geography and also of our daily use like direction, about different geographical aspects of the country we live in and many more things. But do you know the similarities and differences between map and globe? If your answer is yes, then let's revise these concepts once again and if your answer is no, then let’s find a lot of interesting facts about maps and globes. 



Globes are a three-dimensional representation of the earth. 

The map is a two-dimensional representation of any particular sphere of the earth. 

A globe is of the entire earth only.

A map can be of the entire world, or any particular place like a city. 

Globes are not easy to port from one location to another. 

Maps are easy and convenient to port and you can take them anywhere. 

Globes are also known as the duplicate of the earth because it shows all the location, direction, and other geographical aspects accurately. 

Maps are the representation of physical features of any particular region, and there are varieties of maps such as physical maps, political maps, road maps, etc which are used for different purposes, and different signs and symbols have been used to present different geographical aspects. 

Longitudes and latitudes of the globes are drawn as circles and semi-circles.  

Longitudes and latitudes on the maps are shown with straight lines. 

FAQs on Globe and Map

1. Why are maps and globes alike?

Maps and globes are alike because they both are the things that help us in locating and understanding the position of all the countries of the world. They also help us in finding out the exact point of the equator, and locations of islands and oceans. From a geographical point of view, all those people who are working in a geographical area or studying in the same area, need to have a world map and a globe to get a better understanding of the distribution of land mass and water on earth, and also to identify the countries. 

2. What do maps and globes show?

When we talk about globes, it shows a miniature or model of the Earth and different shapes, lands, and other components of the Earth. A map is a flat representation or drawing of the Earth's surface. It shows all the geographical components of the Earth, including land, forest, water bodies, and many more. So maps and globes help you to see all the locations of the Earth. 

3. What are the uses of maps and globes in daily life?

Maps and globes help us to identify different locations of the Earth. When we want to travel from one place to another, maps become an important resource for us that tells us about different roads, directions, places, and other aspects. Maps show us the specific features of a location, and you can even see all the natural and artificial attributes of the Earth. It also helps us to gain information about different geographical aspects of our Earth.