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Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Sea Coast

If you have visited the beach, you must have been on the coast. The cost is also known as coastline, or seacoast is defined as the area where the land touches the sea or oceans. The edges of a coast where the land touches water are known as the coastline. The coastline is formed through waves, tides, and currents. 

Coast enables us to understand natural events such as weather or changing sea levels. During storms, coastal areas are the first place to be flooded the most. The coastal areas, as beautiful as they seem to be, become uneven sometimes as they are highly affected by pollution, garbage, oil spills from both land and sea.

Tourists visit the coast during a vacation to participate in different activities like fishing, swimming, and boating. 

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What is the Coastal Range?

The coastal range, also known as the Pacific coast range, is the series of mountain ranges in the United States running alongside the Pacific coast for more than 16000 km or 1000 miles starting from west-central Washington in the north to the Transverse Ranges of California in the south. 

The climate of the coastal range is cool, with dry summers and mild, wet winters in the North. From North to South, both summers and winters in the coastal ranges get steadily dusty or dry and variations in wintertime precipitation rise rapidly. Forests along the coast of Northern California and Southern Oregon are influenced by the giant redwoods while farther inland, there can be seen a mixed forest of conifers and broad-leaved redwood. 

Wildlife in the coast range includes small fur-bearing animals such as weavers, rabbits, muskrats, and bobcats, and large animals such as bears, elk, and deer. This is also the place where the legendary hairy, human-like creatures like ‘barefoot’  are almost seen.

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Pacific Coast Range

What is Semper Paratus?

The Latin phrase “ Semper Paratus” means “Always Ready”.  Sometimes abbreviated as Semper P.It is also considered to be the official motto of the United States Coast Guard. A 1928 song of the same name, composed in 1927 by Captain Francis Saltan Van Boskerck is also used as the US Coast Guard’s official March and can be seen on the Organization flag.

The origin lyrics of the 1928 song were written by Captain Francis Saltan Van Boskerk in 1922, at the cabin of USRC Yamacraw in Savannah  Georgia. In 1927, he wrote the music on a beat-up old piano in Unalaska, Alaska.

In 1969, the first line of the chorus song was changed from " So here's the US Coast Guard Marching Song: We sing on land and sea" to "We are always there for the call, We play our trust in Thee"

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What is NVDC?

NVDC, also known as National Vessel  Documentation Centre is the division of the coast guard responsible for managing the certification and federal registration of commercial and recreational boats in the US. The NVDC maintains a database that includes appropriate information regarding every registered ship. The list is available to the public so that they can look for the boats they know or have an interest in. With this, they can find more detailed information about the ships.

 Did You Know

  • The climate of the coastal region is the most moderate in the Pacific Northwest.

  • The coastal range is the next home to the rainforest.

  • If you will measure the total length of the land where it meets water then you will find it is around 312,000 miles or 502,000 km.

  • In the countries like Australia or England, the term coast is sometimes referred to as the seaside.

  • The most famous example of coast in Great Britain is Holderness coast near Bridlington.

  • Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Centre (NVDC) registered approximately 23000 vessels for commercial and recreational purposes in U.S. waters.

FAQs on Coast

1. What Does Pacific Coastal Range Mean?

Ans: The Pacific coastal ranges are defined as the series of ranges along the west coast of North America. This region is also known as the coast mountain. The coastal ranges also include the shorelines made up of dunes and temperate forests that are slightly different from. The tallest tree in the world known as redwood is also found within the forest.

2. What Does Semper Paratus Mean?

Ans: The Semper  Paratus means "Always Ready". It is the motto of the US coast guard. The US coast guard functions in an extraordinary complex maritime operating environment that demands the USG to remain ready, relevant, and responsive.

3. What is the Difference Between the Primary Coast and the Secondary Coast?

Ans: Primary coasts are more land-driven rather than ocean-driven like land erosion, plane tectonic, and sedimentation. It includes land deposition coasts where the river flows into the ocean and sediments gather along a wide shelf. For example, volcanic coasts like Hawaiian Island hot spots, Nile river delta are primary coasts.

On other hand, secondary coasts are more ocean-driven rather than land-driven like land erosion, plane tectonic, and sedimentation. It includes marine deposition coasts where the river flows where sea movements cause accumulation of ocean sediments in one single place. For example, mudflats, barrier lands, and coral reef ecosystems.