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TRP Full Form

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Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Full Form of TRP

TRP full form in media is Television Rating Point or Target Rating Point. It is a metric used by the media, marketing, and advertising industry to calculate the percentage of target audience reached by a campaign or advertisement through a communication medium such as television. Television Rating Point (TRP long form) is basically a tool to judge which tv show is watched the most. It shows how many people are watching a particular tv show or channel, how many times, and which tv show or channel is the most popular. Let us learn TRP in detail so that we can quickly answer the question “What is the full form of TRP?”

Why is TRP calculated?

Television Rating Point (TRP full name) is the overall estimate of the number of people watching a particular channel for how much time across various socio-economic categories, regions, and geographies. The TRP helps the advertisers and the investors to understand the popularity of a channel or a tv show which helps them in calculating where to invest or where to advertise to get the maximum result. If the TRP of any channel or any tv show is high means a large number of viewers are watching that particular channel and tv show. That time slot is sold at a higher rate which generates higher revenues. 

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How is TRP calculated?

In India, Television Rating Point, which is the full form of TRP in television, is calculated by two methods:

Frequency Monitoring Method

In this method, a device is attached to the television sets of thousands of viewers. These viewers are surveyed in the form of sampling and justice. The device that is attached to the television records the data about the channel or tv show that is watched by the family members. This data is then analyzed and the TRP is calculated.

Picture Matching Method

In this method, the people’s monitor records a small portion of the picture that is being watched by a viewer. The data is collected from several homes and then analyzed to calculate the TRP. 

TRP Manipulation

The TRPs can be manipulated and there are also a few scams that came into the light. The viewers can be bribed to watch a particular channel or a tv show to increase the TRP. The broadcasters also can ensure that the channel is marked as a landing page as soon as the television is switched on. Recently, in October 2020, a case was filed with Mumbai Police against some channels that were accused of manipulating the TRP. A few channels resulted in paying a fine of Rs 5 lakh as a result of this scam.

FAQs on TRP Full Form

Q1. What is the meaning of TRP?

Ans - TRP full form in media or TRP full meaning is Television Rating Point.

Q2. Who calculates the TRPs?

Ans - There are several television rating agencies that calculate the TRPs. They are - TAM Media Research, INTAM - Indian National Television Audience Measurement; BARC - Broadcast Audience Research Council; and DART - Doordarshan Audience Research Team. TAM Media Research is a joint venture company. The venture is between Kantar Media Research/IMRB and  AC Nielsen. INTAM is owned by ORG - MARG. BARC, the world’s largest television measurement science industry body is a joint industry body. It was founded and owned by the bodies that represent Broadcasters i.e, IBF, Advertisers (ISA), and Advertising and Media Agencies (AAAI).

Q3. What is the sample size of TRP data?

Ans - BARC’s current sample size is 44,000. However, in April 2020, it was recommended by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that the sample size should be increased to 60,000 by the end of 2020. This is done to add transparency to the TRP measurement system. TRAI also said while reviewing the Television Audience Measurement and Rating System that this sample size should become 1,00,000 by the end of 2022 from the existing sample size of 44,000.