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IMO Full Form

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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What is the Full Form of IMO?

IMO stands for In My Opinion. The short abbreviation has become commonly used internet slang by users during online chatting and in emails. Nowadays, not frequently but the abbreviation is also used in less formal business emails or correspondence for the shortened quoting of "In My Opinion." This typically means that this is not someone else's opinion, it is yours. For example, IMO, we should plan a movie tonight.

IMO Meaning

The acronym is very useful to obtain your opinion. Wondering what does IMO mean? It’s a shortened synopsis commonly used on social media and in chats in order to save time and space in posts, generally incorporated before someone offers their special take on a topic. And IMO, using IMO in texts is quite an efficient way to save time and space when expressing what you really think.

IMO Full Form in English

Other than the IMO full form in chat and IMO app full form that is being used commonly, there is also another IMO full form in English. Check them out below:

1. IMHO: In My Honest Opinion

Experimenting around with the abbreviation, some people also interpret this variation as “in my honest opinion.” But certainly no-one provides a dishonest opinion, so this actually doesn’t make much sense as “humble.” Either way, it’s cool to vary your opinionated abbreviations.

In fact, a recent BuzzFeed poll had been conducted on the topic. It went viral with a debate about which version is correct. At the end, over 100,000 votes for “humble” saw it advancing it forward as a sought-after choice with 57% of the vote.

2. INAHO: “In My Absolutely Honest Opinion”

Some people also make a mention through this variation providing that they honestly believe in a certain thing that they are quoting.

3. JMHO: “Just My Humble Opinion”

Though a less common abbreviation, but still used, alternatively.

4. IMNSHO: “In My Not So Humble Opinion”

Taking variations to the maximum the shortened version can be used to say “in my not so humble opinion, generally used as jokingly or ironically.

5. INCO: “In My Considered Opinion”

“In my considered opinion” is to say that a person has a certain perception that he/she is putting across.

6. INEO: “In My Educated Opinion”

(INEO) is used to make a mention that the user has certain knowledge and using that they are making an opinion which they have a belief in.

7. TBH: “To Be Honest”

TBH again means to send out one’s opinion in a different manner.

Though there are different variations, if you’re abbreviating phrases a lot then that might get complicated, people might not be able to understand what it is you mean. It’s probably better to stick with a standard IMO or IMO full form and go ahead and spell it all out.

Other Meanings of IMO Full Form

While if you’re talking about internet slang or social media trends, IMO almost actually means “in my opinion”. However, there are other less popular meanings for this specific acronym.

Considering that, you could get your wires crossed with this shortened synopsis. IMO can also refer to“in memory of,” the International Maritime Organization, Instant Money Order, International Meteor Organization, or Intelligent Medical Objects etc. There’s also a fairly popular messaging app known as imo and Imo, the Nigerian state.

IMO App Full Form

imo is a free voice, video and chat app that enables you to keep connected with your contacts one-on-one or in groups. Amazingly, The app also links you to people you don't know by turning on your location and connecting with people close by.

Thankfully, the imo app is also safe to use. The IMO app executes encryption services in order to make sure that all the calls, all the chats and any data you exchange through the medium of this application remain as secure and private as possible.

IMO App Safety

Wondering if imo can be traced? Well! IMO lets you make video calls, audio calls, send and receive text messages, share photos, audio and videos on Android as well as iPhone operating systems. However, TheOneSpy IMO chat spy app lets the users track all the IMO history on the targeted device.

IMO Embracing the Social Media

Something has been modified at IMO. “In My Opinion” the acronym used as an IMO full form in chat has embraced social media since June. IMO has emerged to engage in direct discussions with people on social media across borders as well as the maritime community worldwide, rendering answers to numerous questions, commenting on opinion pieces and submitting multimedia reports of technical sessions. The communication processes indeed have become more accessible than ever.

FAQs on IMO Full Form

Q1. What is the Meaning of Other IMO?

Answer: There is a different full form of IMO in different sectors other than IMO full form in chat or imo app full form with respect to social media. For example, IMO: International Maritime Organization. Here, IMO stands for International Maritime Organization, which is a specialized agency of the United Nations that aims to improve maritime safety and helps prevent marine and environmental pollution caused by ships. It is also called Organisation Maritime Internationale (OMI) in the French language. Headquartered at London, United Kingdom (UK), more than 174 countries and states are linked with this agency. Instituted through a convention adopted in Geneva in 1948, IMO is responsible for the safety, security, and atmospheric performance of international shipping on clean oceans.

Q2. What Does IMO Stand for in Medicine?

Answer: In medical terms, IMO stands for Intelligent Medical Objects. IMO full form is Intelligent Medical Objects that represents an authorized agency specialized in the field of development, administering, and licensing medical vocabularies. Established in 1994, The Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) is a privately owned company working in the field of health informatics. It has its headquarters located in Rosemont, Illinois, USA. The agency is actively associated with various health care units, medical content providers, Electronic Health Records developers and transcriptions.