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Torque Formula

Last updated date: 19th Apr 2024
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Torque Formula in Physics

Torque is a type of measurement that can be applicable for an object which rotates about an axis. You all know that force is the only factor in linear kinematics that causes acceleration of a body. 

Just like force, Torque is involved with an angular acceleration of the body. The axis of rotation is a point where a body begins its rotation. In this article, we will read in brief regarding the torque formula physics. Physics has a simple explanation of the torque that is the tendency of a force that promotes twisting. 

Torque Calculator

Physicists have developed a simple path that leads to a torque calculation formula.

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To do so, we need to find the lever arm. After that, just multiply it with the applied force. Till now, you know that torque can be produced on two factors such as the magnitude of the force and normal distance (perpendicular distance) between the point (torque is applicable here) about which torque is calculated.

So, the Torque Force Formula is equal to  τ = F.r. sin⁡θ

Here, τ = Torque

F = Force

θ = Angle between the force and point 

r = Total Length of the arm of the lever

Engine Torque Formula

The unit used for the measurement of torque is Newton-meter (N-m). We have discussed the equation that helps us to calculate the torque. Well, the above relation is based on the vector product of position vector and force.

τ = F x r 

This is the torque formula that we use to calculate for the engine. 

Torque in a Car

As we know, the expression that defines the twisting force or rotational force is known as torque. Engines provide torque to the axle that is present inside the car. The engine is responsible for producing the rotational force. This torque is considered as the strength of a vehicle.

If the engine is capable enough to provide maximum torque, then the car will give you maximum output. All sports cars are using these types of engines where torque is maximum. The engine will give a boost to the car within o to 60 seconds. Also, heavy vehicles such as trucks, tractors, and others are using these types of engines.

Maximum Torque Formula

This is the formula that explains the maximum Torque in a three-phase motor

 Tmax= \[k.\frac{E_{2}^{2}}{2X_{2}}\]


Torque plays a crucial role in generating power from the engine of a car. Torque is a value that represents the capacity of an engine to handle or generate maximum power to rotate the axle. An engine’s power output is measurable with RPM. This is only possible with the maximum generated torque.

FAQs on Torque Formula

1. What is the application of torque?

A pivot point is always there in which torque is present. Here is the list that uses torque as their necessary provider:

  • Gyroscopes

  • Wrenches and Seesaws

  • Somebody while riding a bicycle

  • Flag flying on a mast

  • A pendulum while swinging

  • A parachute while gliding or swinging

2. Mention the difference between momentum and torque in two to three lines.

Well, the moment is defined from torque. It is one of the special cases that is derived from torque. The moment is related to the axis of rotation that helps to drive the rotation. However, force is an external cause that promotes rotation.

3. The length of a lever is 6 meters. A force of 7 N is applied at the end of the lever with an angle of 300. Then calculate the amount of torque generated on that point of the lever.

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Data given, F = 7 N

r = 6 meters

θ = 300

Applying the formula for torque, we get

τ = 7 x 6 x sin 30°

τ = 42 * ½ N-m = 21 N-m