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Magnesium Nitride

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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Introduction to Magnesium Nitride

Magnesium Nitride is more commonly referred to as trimagnesium dinitride. It is an inorganic compound and has two atoms of nitrogen and three atoms of magnesium.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of magnesium nitride is Mg3N2. It has an anion valency of (3-). Therefore, it is also known as trimagnesium nitrogen(3-).


The structure of magnesium nitride consists of three cations of magnesium which can be denoted as Mg2+ and two anions of Nitrogen (III) which can be denoted as N3-.

Magnesium nitride is found in nature in the form of the mineral nitromagnesite.


Physical Properties

Magnesium nitride is greenish yellow in color and exists as a powder in room temperature and normal pressure. It has a molar mass of 100.95 g/mol and has a density of 2.712 g/cm3. It can dissolve in  acid and water as well but is slightly soluble in ether and ethanol. The melting point of magnesium nitride is 1500°C and when heated beyond this temperature, it results in decomposition of the powder and forming of a gas of nitrogen.

Chemical Properties

Magnesium nitride is a hard compound and is actually ceramic in nature. Magnesium nitride has high thermal conductivity. It has high corrosion resistance which makes it very useful in the production of other nitride compounds. It also had high wear resistance and temperature resistance. Magnesium nitride is used as a catalyst in the synthesis of borazon.

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FAQs on Magnesium Nitride

1. What happens when magnesium nitride reacts with water?

When magnesium nitride ( Mg3N2) reacts with warm water (H2O), magnesium hydroxide and ammonium are formed as products. The formula for the above chemical reaction can be given as:

\[ Mg_{3} N_{2} (s) + 6H_{2}O (I) \rightarrow Mg(OH)_{2}(aq) + 2NH_{3}(g) \]

2. What are the uses of magnesium nitride?

Magnesium nitride is used in the production of pyrotechnics. It can also be used as a catalyst as it works really well during specific reactions to fork nitride compounds out of them.

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3. What is the Magnesium Nitride Chemical Formula?

The chemical formula for magnesium nitride can be written as Mg3N2. The entire structure of magnesium nitride is basically formed with the help of 3 magnesium cations which can be denoted Mg2+ and there is also the presence of 2 different Nitrogen (III) anions as well which can be denoted N3-.

4. Write the Chemical Formula For Creating Magnesium Hydroxide With Magnesium Nitride.

\[ Mg_{3} N_{2} (s) + 6H_{2}O (I) \rightarrow Mg(OH)_{2}(aq) + 2NH_{3}(g) \]