Average Force Formula

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How to Find Average Force?

A force is typically a vector quantity. Thus, it is a quantity, which has both the magnitude and the direction. In order to describe the force acting upon an object, we are required to explain both the magnitude as well as the direction. The average force is the force imposed by some object moving at a certain rate of speed i.e. velocity for a certain period of time.

The term average in this context is used to suggest that this is not an immediate or precisely measured velocity. Hence, the average force will be equivalent to the mass of the body multiplied by the average velocity of the object over a specified time.

Formula for Average Force

The mass of the object multiplied by the average velocity over the definite time is equal to the average force. For a specific interval of time t, the force is explained as the frequency of change of momentum. It is not easy to identify the rate of change if the time interval is short.

Over a period of intervals Δt, the rate of change of momentum will be the Average force. It is written as:

F = m (Vf–Vi)/Δt


F= the average force

M = mass

Vf = final velocity

Vi = initial velocity

Δt= Time

Formula of Magnitude of Force

Magnitude of force formula = FNET - = ma

What is a Net Force?

When we kick a football, the ball blows and moves through the air. During this, there is a net force acting on the ball. When the ball begins to come back to the ground and ultimately stops, there is a net force acting upon the ball as well. As per Newton's Second Law, when a net force is acting on an object, then that object must be accelerating, meaning that its speed changes from second to second.

Solved Examples Using Average Force Formula


A man throws an object with a mass of 7 kg and it rolls with a velocity of 4 m/s for 2 s. Find out its average force?


Given: Mass of bowling ball m = 7 kg,

Initial velocity vi = 0

Final velocity vf = 4 m/s

Plugging in the values in the Average force formula, we have:

F = m (vf – vi)/Δ t

F = 7 (4-0)/2

F= 14 N


A rabbit that weighs 20 kg chases the owner for 16 seconds with a velocity of 7 m per sec. Calculate the average force for the dog?



The mass’ m = 20 kg.

The rabbit’s average velocity, Vavg = 7 m per s

The time, Δt =16seconds.

Now, the formula is,

F = m (Vf–Vi)Δt

= 20×(7–0)16

= 140kgmpers / 16sec

= 8.75 kg m per s²

Hence, the average force is  8.75N. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is Average Force?

Answer: In our routine life, we often come across the term force. Which is required to perform a task and achieve some position change? A force is usually a push or pulls upon an object consequent of the interaction of one object with another object. Whenever there is such a kind of interaction between two objects, then there will be a force upon each of the objects. Forces possibly exist as an outcome of an interaction. At times multiple forces are applied to one object. Then the average force is needed here.

Q2. What is the Use of the Force Velocity Formula?

Answer: The Average Force Formula helps us in obtaining the rate of change of momentum for any given number of time intervals (Δt). It is typically expressed in Newton (N).