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UPSEE Exam Pattern 2023-24

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Exam Pattern 2022 UPSEE

UPSEE 2022 Exam pattern is found in the advertisement published by Dr Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU). You should be aware of it in order to appear for the UPSEE exam. It will help you to prepare your strategy accordingly. The exam takes place offline and the UPSEE paper pattern has three sections each in Paper 1 and Paper 2 with 150 questions in all. The course you want to apply for will define the Paper you have to attempt.

Some Information About the UPSEE Exam Pattern

As per the UPSEE exam pattern, the 2022 UPSEE will be held with objective multiple type questions. The only exception will be the Drawing Aptitude Test which is Part B of Paper 3. Candidates will have to choose subjects and papers for the entrance examination as per the organization’s Clause 4.3, depending upon their eligibility based on Clause 3. OMR based tests will be there for all papers. Objective type questions will have to be answered in the OMR answer sheet that has been specially designed on the basis of the question number.  

The UPSEE Exam Pattern 2022 stipulates that one choice has to be chosen as the answer for each question by the candidates. Each objective or multiple type question will come with 4/5 marks (B. Arch) for it in case the correct answer is provided by the candidate. If there are multiple answers, the whole question will be taken as void and no marks will be given for incorrect answers. Negative marking will not be there although records will be maintained for incorrect answers from aspirants separately. Answers in this examination will be marked with ball point Blue or Black pens only. Details filled in by aspirants in the answer sheet will be taken as the final details for evaluation purposes. 

UPSEE 2022 will be held in the 1st week of September, 2022. The application form for UPSEE 2022 has been released in the 1st week ofApril 2022. You must understand the complete exam pattern before applying for UPSEE 2022 which includes the UPSEE total marks as well. 

UPSEE Exam Pattern - Vital Information 

Mode of exam will be pen and paper-based that is offline. The language of the exam will be in English and Hindi. You will have an exam duration of 3 hours. UPSEE total marks depend on the section/papers that you are appearing for. 

Here’s Taking a Look: 

  • Paper 1- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics- 150 questions with 50 questions each from these subjects- 600 marks in total. 

  • Paper 2- Physics, Chemistry and Biology- 150 questions with 50 questions each from these subjects- 600 marks in total. 

  • Aptitude Test for Architecture & Design- Part A (Mathematics & Aesthetic Sensitivity and Part B (Drawing Aptitude)- 50 objective type questions for both Mathematics and Aesthetic Sensitivity, 100 questions in all and two questions for drawing aptitude- 600 marks in total. 

  • Aptitude Test for General Awareness (BHMCT/BFAD/BFA/MBA (Integrated)/B. Des - 100 objective type questions - 400 marks in total. 

  • Aptitude Test for B. Sc graduates in Engineering (Lateral Entry) / 2nd Year MCA (Lateral Entry) - 100 objective type questions-  400 marks in total. 

  • Aptitude Test for MCA/MBA - 100 objective type questions- 400 marks in total. 

  • Aptitude Test for Diploma Holders in Pharmacy (Lateral Entry) - 100 objective type questions- 400 marks in all. 

  • Aptitude Test for Diploma Holders in Engineering (Lateral Entry) - 100 objective type questions- 400 marks in total. 

Learn More About What is UPTU Exam 

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University was previously known as Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU). It is a university renowned for professional courses. The UPTU exam will be conducted via UPSEE. The UPTU scheme will be held to shortlist candidates for UPTU 2022 admission. 15% of seats are reserved for management quota in private institutes. 

UPTU B Tech Entrance Exam Format

The questions for the UPTU B Tech entrance exam will be in the OMR pattern. There will be 8 papers. You will get Questions of objective type. For the aptitude test in Drawing for paper 4, there is no objective type question. You will be able to give the entrance exam in May 2022. The UPTU chapter wise weightage also has to be kept in mind. 

UPTU Exam Pattern

  • The UPTU 2022 exam is conducted for getting admission to the first year B.Tech/ B. Pharm/ B. Arch/BHMCT/ BFAD/ BFA/MBA/MCA. 

  • The number of questions will be different for different papers. 

  • Question type: It will be an objective type of question. For every paper, subjects will be different. The exam will be conducted in offline mode. You will be using pencil and paper to write your answers. The exam duration will be 3 hours. Each question carries 4 marks and there are no negative markings. 

How to Prepare for UPSEE 2022?

Once you are familiar with the syllabus of UPSEE 2022, you are in a position to start preparing with a suitable strategy for facing the exam. You may follow these following steps: 

  • First of all, you should understand the syllabus and exam pattern. You should manage your time in such a manner that you can complete the syllabus before the exam. You should refer to NCERT books of class 12. It will help you to complete all the important sections. You can also refer to other books apart from NCERT books. You should give yourself sufficient time for revision. It will help you to build confidence for the exam. You should practice from sample papers to make yourself aware of the level of questions asked in the exams conducted by UPSEE. Always be aware of the UPSEE 2022 exam pattern. 

  • Hence, in a nutshell, we can say that with the right approach and proper strategy for the UPSEE exam and with the right amount of revision, you can expect to score good marks in the exams. For better preparation for the exam, it is advisable that you should refer to NCERT books. NCERT books contain an exhaustive portion of the syllabus and it also helps you to bring about clarity on the papers. Other reference books are available in the market, and some of them are good, yet you cannot do away with NCERT books. 

  • It is advisable that you practice both reading and writing. Writing your answers will give you better practice and a greater revision. You should solve the questions from the previous year. It will give you an idea of the question pattern and also any changes in them over a period of time. You must pay attention to brochures and information available from whichever source you can get them from. It will be a good idea to go for group study with other students because in that situation you can put your heads together, try to help each other in solving problems and clarifying the concepts. Clarity of basics is a must if you want to really score well in the exam and if you want to excel.