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UPSC NDA 2022 Answer Key

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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Where to Find NDA 2022 Answer Key?

The National Defense Academy (NDA) exam is a national admission exam for military service in the air force, navy, and army. NDA examinations are held twice a year: NDA 1 and NDA 2. On April 10, 2022, the NDA 1 exam was held. NDA answer key 2022 is now accessible as well. The NDA 1 2022 answer key is available on our website for students who want to double-check their answers. You will find all here NDA answer key 2022 pdf download to get an idea of your expected marks.

NDA 1 2022: UPSC Answer Sheet PDF Form

You can check below the recent NDA 1 paper and its answer key to prepare for exams: 


Question Paper

Answer Key 


General Ability

UPSC NDA 2022 Written Exam Pattern

NDA exams consist of two sections: mathematics and general ability tests. Check below the duration and marks for each section:





Mathematics (120 Questions)


2 Hs & 30 Mins


General Ability Test (150 Questions)


2 Hs & 30 Mins

Prepare for exams from previous year papers such as current affairs 2020 question and answers or NDA 1 2020 answer key or any other papers.

Steps To Download NDA Answer Key 2022

You need to follow the below steps to download the NDA answer key for the first session:

  • Visit the UPSC official website.

  • Go to the examination section.

  • Scroll down and select "Answer Key."

  • Select the respective paper link to download the UPSC answer sheet pdf.

The solved answer keys are also posted by UPSC coaching institutions on their respective sites. You may visit and download them from there if they are not available on the official website. You can find the answer key available here too.

How To Calculate NDA Marks With Answer Key?

To calculate your scores, you must understand the exam pattern and marking scheme. You can get a rough estimate of your marks using the UPSC NDA Answer Key 2022.

The question paper has 300 marks for Mathematics questions, and 600 marks for general Ability Questions. The marking scheme has given here:

Type of Q/A

Marking each question


Correct Answer (Math)



Correct Answer (GAT)

+ 2.5


Wrong Answer 



No answer


Calculate your marks for each question with the above marking scheme and get an estimated score.

NDA Results for 2022

The results are published a month after the entrance exam. The NDA 2022 will have two stages: the written exam and the interview phase. Candidates who pass the written exam will be invited to interview. The written test results will be made public. The UPSC will announce the final results after the SSB final round.


NDA 1 answer key and results are already released on May 9. You can find results on the official site,Prepare well for the NDA 2022 July session using the NDA 1 2022 answer key and question paper. Hope the above information will assist you with all the relevant info on exam pattern and marking scheme. 

FAQs on UPSC NDA 2022 Answer Key

1. Is the UPSC going to reveal the NDA answer key?

After the end of the recruitment exam, UPSC releases the official NDA answer key. Answer key is also released by coaching institutes. You can find the following answer sheets here.

2. What are the passing marks in NDA?

You require a minimum percentage of to qualify the NDA written exam and shortlist for interview. The minimum qualifying marks set by UPSC is 25% marks in mathematics and 25% marks in general ability section each. The official UPSC site release cutoff with the final NDA result with interview shortlisted candidates.

3. What is the syllabus for the NDA exam?

The NDA exam consists of two main subjects: mathematics and general ability tests.

Mathematics part is 300 points, and the general ability is 600 points out of 900. Mathematics include Algebra, Matrics, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and statistics and probability. General ability tests include English, History, Geography, Current Affairs, Physics, Chemistry and General Science.

4. When will the NDA Result 2022 be declared?

NDA 1 result is already declared in May. Now the NDA 2 exam will take place in September and the result will be declared in November. Stay updated with us.

5. How many positions are available in NDA?

The overall number of vacancies is 370 (208 for the Army, 42 for the Navy, 120 for the Air Force, and 28 for Ground Duties).