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Odisha DET Exam Date 2023-24

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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Overview: Odisha DET Exam Date 2022

Odisha Diploma Entrance Test 2022, commonly known as Odisha DET 2022, is the examination held for numerous diploma courses by the Directorate of Technical Education and Training, Odisha. It offers diploma courses to the students concerning Engineering and technology. The selection is made based on the candidate's overall performance in the qualifying examination. Although the Odisha DET exam date 2022 is yet to be declared officially. 

Important Dates

Candidates should note that due to COVID-19, there might be some delays in the release of official notification for Odisha DET 2022. So, they are advised to keep checking the official website along with our updates. 


Please consider the following estimated/tentative dates:

  1. All the candidates will be allowed to fill Odisha DET 2022 application form online on the official website till 1st week of May 2022

  2. Candidates can get their documents verified lastly by the 1st week of June 2022.

  3. Further, the merit list will be declared after the verification of your documents in the Last week of July 2022.

  4. The eligible candidates can further fill their choice of courses by the 3rd week of August 2022.

  5. The 1st round of provisional seat allotment, as well as the fee deposition for the same, is expected to be completed by September 2022.

  6. The 2nd round of provisional seat allotment and fee deposition will be completed by September 2022. 


Exam Schedule

Odisha Diploma Entrance Test is conducted for admission in diploma courses of engineering and technology for body entry-level and lateral entry-level. Odisha DET exam dates are yet not declared officially by the conducting body. The application mode is entirely online, but the exam schedule is to be announced.


Some important information that any candidate applying for Odisha DET exam,2022  must know about the examination is mentioned in the table below.


Odisha DET Exam, 2022 Highlights

Name of Exam

Odisha Diploma Entrance Test

Courses Offered 

Diploma in Engineering and Technology 

Examination is for 

Both Entry level and Lateral Entry 

Conducting Body

Directorate of Technical Education and Training, Odisha 

Mode of Application 


Examination Level 

State Level 

Mode of Admission 

At least 35% aggregate marks in qualifying examination 

Mode of payment 


FAQs on Odisha DET Exam Date 2023-24

1. Where can I Apply for the Odisha DET Examination? Is any Offline Application Mode of the Same Available?

No, the entire process of Odisha DET,2022 application is online. The candidates can apply for the exam on the main portal at the official website. The entire process of filling the application form, verification of documents, declaration of merit list as well as the payment of the course for the selected candidates is done via online mode.

2. How can I Prepare for Odisha DET Exams?

Self-evaluation is the best way to prepare yourself for any examination. As the Odisha DET exam dates aren’t far away now, the best way to prepare for the examination is by solving the Model papers available online for the same. You can also refer to the previous year's question papers for good preparation. All the model question papers online are available according to the exact blueprint/ pattern of the questions that may come in your examination. The answer sheet for self – evaluation is also available with each question paper. For scoring the best grades in the Odisha DET exam, you must have a good command over English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and physics as per your standard. Make sure to prepare according to the blueprint of the examination.

3. Explain in Detail the Pattern of Odisha DET Exam.

Odisha DET examination paper is an objective type paper; i.e., it consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions. The student is given the time limit of Two and a Half hours to complete the paper.


You shall get 4 marks for each correct answer, whereas you will lose Minus 1 for every wrong answer. No detailed description is required in the answer, but you must be careful while answering the question as your wild guess can make you lose marks.