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NTSE 2020-21 Stage 2 Paper Solution & Analysis- MAT

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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MAT Stage-2 Answer Key:

MAT-Mental Ability Test is considered the most complicated part of NTSE Stage-II. It tests reasoning ability, concepts concerning mental ability, missing term series and many more. Also, MAT incorporates conceptual and learning-based questions from calendar problems, reasoning, date & time problems and many more. 

NTSE Stage-II MAT Analysis for 2021:  Frankly speaking, the MAT was harder than the previous year's NTSE stage-II. Around 20-25 questions were mind-boggling and could have made you scratch your head. By taking care of this MAT fact, this year around 60 marks will be the average scoring number for the students. 

Talking about other subjects Physics -10 marks, Chemistry-11 marks, Biology-12 marks, Maths-15  and Social Science-29 will be the median score number for all students. Hence, the most anticipated figure for the cut-off will be 134-136. 

However, the SAT was easier than last year, which helped to compensate for the hard part of MAT. 

If a student obtains a copy of the previous year's NTSE Sample paper, it is tantamount to winning the lottery. NTSE Exam Sample Papers provide students with a platform to learn about the pattern and weighting in which questions will be asked, helping them to design an exam strategy. When used correctly, NTSE Sample papers can be a gold mine for increasing your percentage.

Students' verbal concepts, vocabulary, arithmetic, and spatial awareness are assessed on the NTSE MAT Sample Paper (the ability to judge the positions and sizes of objects, etc.)

Only by practicing the NTSE MAT Sample exam on a regular basis can the MAT portion be improved. It will also assist students in comprehending the criteria and difficulty levels of questions that will be asked in the NTSE Exam.

Furthermore, completing a brief revision via the use of these NTSE Sample Papers is sufficient preparation for a test. It will help you acquire confidence as well as manage your time effectively during the exam so that you can finish the paper on time. Sample papers from the part of the examination of Vedantu have been created by seasoned specialists so you may practice analyzing where you stand.

Preparation for NTSE

Enhancing your knowledge and applications of the conceptual knowledge of the syllabus up to class X is a fundamental strategy to prepare for the National Talent Search Exam and become an NTSE Scholar.

The development of critical thinking is the most crucial ability for NTSE preparation. This is a process in which the thinking talent weaves together the knowledge gained, concepts learned, misconceptions understood, and fundamentals assimilated to come at a logical and strategic solution to a given situation.

Advanced in-depth applications are also necessary for specific areas in Science and Mathematics, as roughly 15% of the questions on the SAT paper are based on these applications. Knowledge of class XI or higher is not necessary to cover these applications. This can be accomplished through extensive practice of advanced problems from the CBSE IX and X syllabus. Managing Social Studies themes is a critical and strategic endeavor because while knowledge of history, geography, and civics up to the zonal level is essential in Stage I, students in Stage II must have a thorough understanding of our country as a whole. For stage – I preparation, only CBSE textbooks will suffice; students will also need to consult State Board books for regional information.

A set of MOCK Tests can be used to practice in general. A student can participate in a variety of online and offline MOCK Test series.

FAQs on NTSE 2020-21 Stage 2 Paper Solution & Analysis- MAT

1. What are the benefits of solving the NTSE sample paper?

The most important stage in perfecting your NTSE preparation is to practice NTSE exam sample papers. NTSE test sample papers assist NTSE candidates in familiarizing themselves with the question paper format and level of questions asked in the exam. The following are some of the advantages of answering NTSE Exam Sample Papers:

  • Time Management - For NTSE aspirants, one of the most difficult aspects of the exam is the time limit. Students can improve their speed and accuracy on the NTSE by practicing a large number of sample papers.

  • Strengthening the Foundations- The NTSE assesses a student's understanding of specific courses. Students must emphasize the development of key concepts. Subject experts from NTSE Guru assist students in strengthening their fundamentals, particularly in Social Science, which has the biggest weightage in the NTSE.

  • Critical Thinking Skills - Solving NTSE sample papers on a regular basis can help students build and strengthen their problem-solving skills as well as their critical thinking skills.

  • Identify Your Weak Points - Solving example papers can assist students in identifying their weak points. It is a part of pre-planning because students may not have time to study or revise topics that are missing at the last minute.

2. What details are to be mentioned in the NTSE registration form?

The details required are-

  • Name of the candidate

  • Father’s Name

  • Mother’s Name

  • Area of Residence (rural/urban)

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender, Category, Disability Status (If applicable)

  • Postal Address and Pin Code

  • Name and Address of the School

  • Type of Institution

  • Area of Institution (rural/urban)

  • The medium of Examination (Language)

  • Information About Family and Parents

  • Annual Family Income

  • Contact Details

The principal of the school and the student should both sign the duly completed application form.

Note that some places in the NTSE are reserved for specific categories, therefore candidates should specify theirs. Before submitting the application, students should also include a copy of their caste certificate. 

3. How should one prepare for MAT?

Some tips to excel in MAT are: 

  • MAT Practice Timing: The SAT is more of an educational exam, whereas the MAT is more of a puzzle-solving exam. Sit with MAT whenever you feel completely exhausted from reading instructive things. Your vitality will quickly return, and you will be able to make better use of your time.

  • Find a Logical Approach: You look for the exact formulas or techniques you can use for each situation. You can go if you're good at it. You can, on the other hand, use your common sense to come up with a sensible solution. This way, you won't have to memorize all of the crucial formulas, and solving problems will be a lot more enjoyable.

  • Attempting All questions: If you want to get the NTSE Scholarship, you must answer 100 percent of the questions correctly and confidently.

4. How to apply for NTSE in offline mode?

The first stage of the NTS test is entirely administered by the state/UT in question. They also distribute the application form for this step in an offline mode. Although schools are normally expected to register their pupils for the examination, if they do not, students can receive offline applications from the office of the liaison officer of their local state/UT. The students must submit a fully filled application form to the liaison officer before the deadline. The student should carefully fill out the application form, ensuring that all of the information is correct and permitted. Any erroneous or missing information will be ignored, and the student's admit card will not be released, resulting in the student's inability to take the examination.

5. How to fill the form online?

The application form is also available to download from NCERT's official website. To obtain the application, the student must first navigate to "Programs" and then select "National Talent Search Examination" from the list of NCERT programs. The student must then click on "additional details" in the top-right corner to be routed to a page where he or she can find the application form among the different notifications provided under the sub-head "Examination (NTS-1)."

Before submitting the application form, the student must have it signed by the principal of his or her school. Stage 2 of the NTSE has no application form; it is a one-time application process in which students qualify for the following round by passing the examination. You can find more details on Vedantu.