NTSE 2020-21 Stage 2 Paper Solution & Analysis- SAT

SAT Answer Key

SAT is conducted to test the student’s overall concept concerning Science, Social Science, and Mathematics at a specific time. It focuses on students' critical and analytical thinking along with the concepts of philosophy. 

NTSE Stage-II SAT Analysis for 2021

Physics: The first look at the physics section must have given a tangled feeling to the students. Whereas, by the time after reading the questions  2-3 times, you might have got ways to solve them. 10 questions from the physics section were easily solvable, supporting the fact that 3-4 of them couldn’t find the passage to the answers.  

Chemistry: We don’t need to add any facts to prove that chemistry was the easiest of all. You can score at least 11 marks in this section. The students who are strong in chemistry can score 13/13 if they have got that Aluminium chloride question on time, that was a bit tricky.

Biology: Same as chemistry it had one challenging question that might have taken time for students to get solved. The rest of the questions were general and asked from the syllabus only.

Maths: Maths had 3-4 questions of PRMO level. We can say that maths was tough as last year's NTSE stage-II exam, but students could’ve secured 14 marks very easily. It is because 14 questions were easy and solvable. Maths takes time to get solved and is considered as the lengthiest section of the exam. But if you’ve not pressurised yourself to solve all 20 questions of the maths section then you would’ve saved time to complete other sections. 

Social Science: This year’s social science section was moderately easier than last year's NTSE Stage-II. Students who have revised the syllabus at least once or twice would have been able to score 28 marks. 

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NTSE 2021-STAGE 2- (24-10-2021) - ANSWER KEY - SAT part-1
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