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NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key SAT Madhya Pradesh

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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NTSE 2020 Paper Solution Madhya Pradesh (SAT)

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) is a prestigious examination conducted by the NCERT every year all over India. This exam aims at providing scholarships to successful candidates. 

This exam is divided into two stages- stage I and Stage II, and only those students who are able to pass the first stage are eligible to sit for the second stage.

There are numerous students every year, who wish to sit for the NTSE examination with the aim of clearing both the stages and ultimately attaining the scholarship. And in order to achieve this, it is important that the student receives the best sort of guidance and assistance.

One of the first steps that will help the student in this process, is the solving of the previous year’s NTSE Question paper. By doing so, the candidate will receive an idea on how to approach the paper and thereby proceed with the answers. 

Along with this, it will also help in improving the speed and learning time management skills in order to attain accuracy in the exam. 

Therefore, to help the student in their preparation, Vedantu provides the students with free access to the question papers along with the answer keys. The candidates can download these online in the form of a pdf. These question papers will help the student form a concrete idea of how the questions are designed and the pattern in which they are asked in the NTSE examinations. 

The NTSE scholarship stage I examination was conducted between 12 and 13 December 2020. Students who wish to download the answer keys for Paper 1 - MAT (Mental Ability Test) and SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test)  can do so by visiting both the official and unofficial websites. 

Before going through the Stage I answer key, it is important that one gets an overview of the exam. The below-given table will provide the student with the relevant information.

Name of The Exam

NTSE 2020-21

Conducting Body


Stage 1 Exam Date

12th and 13th December 2020

Unofficial Stage 1 Answer Key

From 14th December 2020

Official Ntse Answer Key 

To Be Released

How To Check NTSE Answer Keys For All The States

It is to be noted that the official answer key is released only for the Delhi region to date.

Once the answer key is released officially, the candidates can check them individually from the website of NCERT by following the given steps,

  • STEP 1- visit the official website of NCERT

  • STEP 2-  Click on “Programmes”

  • STEP 3- once the list is displayed, click on “National Talent Search Examination” 

  • STEP 4-  After the page for NTSE opens, proceed and click on “Region-wise list of State/UT Liaison Officers of National Talent Search Examination 2020-21”

  • A pdf will be displayed with a list of state-wise liaison NTSE officers along with the list of the official websites respectively. 

  • Click on the link of the state/territory you appeared for.

  • On the official website of the particular state, check the links provided for NTSE 2020-21 answer keys and click on them. 

How to Calculate NTSE Scores ?

As mentioned, the NTSE Exams are a combination of Stage I and Stage II, and each paper has 100 questions. Each question carries one mark. For every right answer, the candidate attains one mark. In the case of stage 1, no mark is dedicated for wrong answers. But, in stage two, there is a deduction of marks for every wrong answer, though no marks are deducted if the question is left unanswered. Ultimately, the candidate is evaluated based on the marks that they have scored in both examinations. 

FAQs on NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key SAT Madhya Pradesh

1. What are the advantages of solving the NTSE Question paper?

It is highly advisable for the candidates appearing for the NTSE examinations, to solve the previous year’s question papers. This is because it will help them to attain a better understanding of the concepts. Along with this, with constant practice, the candidate will develop and improve their time management skills, which plays a very major role in any examination. Solving the question papers will also help the student develop stronger reasoning and critical thinking skills.

2. What does the stage 1 ( MAT) question paper consist of ?

The stage I question mainly deals with questions based on analytical and logical reasoning. This particular section focuses on testing out the ability of the student to solve reasoning questions along with their skills to think, evaluate and visualize. The questions in the paper deal with series, pattern perception. Coding-decoding, analogies, problem-solving, hidden figures, etc. 

3. What does the Stage II (SAT) question paper consist of?

This paper consists of 100 questions that are divided into questions dealing with Science (40 marks), Social Science (40 Marks), and mathematics (20 marks). To be able to solve this paper, the student should be well versed in the concepts taught in their 9th and 10th classes. The time allotted for the student to complete this paper is a total of 120  minutes. 

4. What are the qualifying marks for the NTSE Examination?

The qualifying marks for the NTSE Examinations are as follows:

  • Candidates belonging to the general category are required to attain a total of 40 percent.

  • Candidates belonging to the SC, ST, or PH categories are required to attain a total of 32 percent.