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NSTSE Exam Results
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When a student prepares for the National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) the thing that bothers a student’s mind the most is the results. The NSTSE result will not just be the record of your progress, but when you happen to score good marks in this examination, the Unified Council will award you with titles and achievements. All queries regarding the NSTSE results are discussed below, in detail.

How to Check your NSTSE Results?

The NSTSE exam result for the year 2021 will be released online. The date for the declaration of results is not specified yet. When the results are declared, visit the unifiedcouncil.com to check your results. Candidates have to enter their mobile number, email address, and their 8-digit hall ticket number on the above-mentioned website, to access their NSTSE results. The results portal for NSTSE looks like this.

(image will be uploaded soon)

This image is from the NSTSE result 2020 page. While filling in the details, please follow all instructions. Otherwise, you will not be able to check your result. Do not put space in between the digits of your 8-digit hall ticket number and check twice before generating your result.

What are the Criteria for NSTSE Prizes?

The Unified Council holds the NSTSE exams to recognize young talents in the field of science. If one scores exceptional marks in the NSTSE exam, the Council awards them with titles and money. The awards and their criteria are discussed as follows.

  • Top 100 All India rank holders are bestowed with the title of All India Achievers.

  • Toppers of states are decided after excluding the All India top 100.

  • If a student gets 1st rank in state and also secures a position among All India top 100, then the student is declared National Achiever.

  • The Unified Council gives the title of State Achiever to the students whose All India ranks are after 100.

  • After deciding the top 100 national ranks and state-wise achievers, the city-wise toppers are also selected from certain cities. The cities from which toppers are selected are listed below for the reference of students.



Mohali + Panchkula


Noida + Ghaziabad






Bhubaneswar + Cuttack

Faridabad + Gurgaon






Yamuna Nagar + Karnal + Ambala + Kurukshetra






  • If a candidate of any class scores 100% marks, the Unified Council will award Rs.2 lakh to him or her.

  • If no one ends up getting 100% marks, the student who receives the highest percentage of marks among all the classes receives an award of Rs.1 lakh.

How to Check your NSTSE Rank?

In Unified Council’s official website- unifiedcouncil.com, under the achiever’s section, you can find your All India Rank and your result NSTSE. You have to enter your examination year and class, to view your results. This list will only display the scores of the toppers from the respective classes and not the scores of all candidates. When you open the Achiever’s portal it will appear like this.

(image will be uploaded soon)

Above picture is taken from the NSTSE 2020 results of class 2 students.

How to Sharpen your Skills?

To improve your NSTSE result, you need to sharpen your General Knowledge, practical Mathematics skills and your concepts of Science. You can achieve that by practising the following habits.

  • Go grocery shopping for your family sometimes. This is the practical way to learn money management and all the calculations related to money, weight and profit and loss, very quickly.

  • Read newspapers, magazines, and journals daily. This practice will improve your general knowledge and English vocabulary.

  • Participate in quiz shows and activities, which, in turn, will help increase knowledge base in various subjects.

  • Watch TV channels like National Geography, Discovery, Animal Planet etc. to improve your scientific and general knowledge.

Not just for improving your NSTSE results, but the Unified Council has an entire page for self-improvement as well. The Unified Council asks the parent to practice and teach their kids certain things that will improve their knowledge base and other abilities. Parents should interact with their kids and explain new things to them. Letting kids do some fun learning activities can also improve their way of thinking.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How is the National Ranking Decided?

Answer: When more than one person gets the same marks, the ranking priority is decided differently. Individual marks of each subject are taken into consideration. The order of checking marks starts with Mathematics or Biology for PCB students.

If two students with the same total marks have different marks in Mathematics, the one with better marks in Mathematics will have a better rank. Now, if both of their Mathematics marks are also the same, the order of checking is Physics, Chemistry, Biology (other than PCB group) and lastly Critical Thinking. If both the students have got identical marks in all subjects, then they both will be awarded the same rank.

2. Can I be Both City and all India Topper?

Answer: City toppers are decided excluding the All India Toppers. If you are already a rank holder in All India Topper’s list, then you will not be given a place in the City Topper’s list. Many students take part in the NSTSE exam, and the Council wants to reward as many talented students as it can. So this is the way they decide the ranking of the exceptional students.

The NSTSE result is a record for the practical knowledge base that a student has about Science and Mathematics. With improving study environment and increasing competition, getting the same marks as another student is very likely. The Unified Council thus has come up with some unique evaluation techniques.