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NDA Sample Paper for Maths & General Ability Test - 2023-24

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NDA Preparation Sample Paper

The formula of success is very easy. Good study planning and practice with persistence will help you to crack the deal. The very same formula applies to those who are aspiring to crack the NDA exam (National Defence Academy). Hence NDA Sample papers play a pivotal role in the exam preparation for the aspirants. Let’s dig more into the importance of the NDA exam sample paper, exam pattern, what type of question one shall come across in the NDA 1 exam etc.

NDA 2 Mock Test 2022

NDA Sample Paper for Maths and General Ability Test

The NDA 2 exam (Written Test) has been effectively conducted on September 4, 2022. Check the Expected Cutoff and Answer key here. The exam comprises 2 segments - Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). All questions were asked from the themes referenced in the NDA schedule. 

The people who clear the composed exam will continue to the NDA SSB Interview Process. The SSB Interview dates for NDA 2 2022 will be declared soon. To fit the bill for SSB the wannabe should clear the NDA cutoff score set by UPSC. Hopefuls will check about qualification measures of NDA. 

Every one of the questions in the exam will be objective i.e., Multiple Choice Questions will be inquired. To endeavor NDA earlier year papers check Vedantu

  • The medium of the exam will be bilingual with a sum of 900 marks. 

  • Out of 270 questions, 120 questions are from Mathematics and 150 questions from the General Ability segment. 

  • For compelling planning, the applicants can allude to Piyush Thorve's (AIR 16, 2019) Preparation Strategies. 

  • There is an arrangement of negative checking according to the marks dispensed to questions inquired. 

  • The schedule covered under NDA 2022 is of CBSE 10+2 guidelines.

What is the NDA 2022 Marking Scheme?

  • NDA comprises two segments Mathematics and General capacity test. Competitors can check earlier years' NDA composed exam shorts. 

  • In the Mathematics segment, there will be a sum of 120 questions of 300 marks. 

  • All questions will convey 2.5 marks every, which may be allocated for picking the right reply. 0.83 Marks will be deducted for each wrong reply. 

  • The overall capacity test will include 600 marks; 200 marks are allocated to English and 400 marks altogether are distributed to General Knowledge. 

  • In this segment, there will be an aggregate of 150 questions, 50 from English and 100 from General Knowledge. 

  • Competitors will be granted 4 marks for each right reply in this segment. 

  • A derivation of 1.33 Marks will be there for each off-base reply. There will be no imprint for unanswered questions.

FAQs on NDA Sample Paper for Maths & General Ability Test - 2023-24

1. What Type of Questions are Asked in the NDA 2021 Exam?

NDA will have questions from two areas mostly Mathematics and General Ability segments. The questions will principally be requested from 10+2 level. Tackle whatever number NDA Previous Year Question Papers as would be prudent. 

  • In math, competitors should completely get ready Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and so forth 

  • For the overall capacity area, plan well for both the sub-areas, i.e., English and General Knowledge. 

  • For the English area, up-and-comers should zero in on language structure, cognizance, and understanding capacities.

2. What is the NDA 2022 Exam Syllabus?

The prospectus of NDA has been separated into two sections to be specific Mathematics and General Ability Test. The General Ability Test will contain questions from different subjects like General Knowledge (GK), English, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, General Science, and Current Events. Check top to bottom NDA exam prospectus 

The vast majority of the questions asked in the NDA exam will come from 10+2 levels, particularly in Mathematics. For setting up the General Ability test segment up-and-comers should peruse the paper consistently.

3. How would you get chosen for the NDA examination?

Candidates can allude to NDA concentrating on materials in which exceptionally significant themes are covered briefly. Along these lines, candidates won't need to allude to numerous books for learning an idea and a lot of time can be saved. 

Candidates, who will be shortlisted based on the composed exam, will be required a SSB talk with which will be directed for 4-5 days. Candidates, who effectively qualify the SSB round, will additionally call for clinical trial and archive check processes.

4. What Topics are Important for the NDA exam?

The questions in Mathematics according to the NDA prospectus intend to test an applicant's calculative ability. The norm of questions is fundamentally of Class 10, 11, and 12 levels mathematics, algebra and other chapters. 

The GAT part of the NDA question paper conveys questions from English and General Knowledge. For the English segment, candidates should zero in on Grammar, Comprehension, and Reading Abilities. In General Knowledge, candidates should zero in on Current Affairs, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, and so on.

5. What is the NDA Exam Pattern 2022 for SSB Interview?

The SSB Interview is isolated into two phases. Candidates qualifying the Stage 1 are required to take the Stage 2 exam. Stage 1 of the SSB Interview contains Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and Picture Perception and Description Test (PP&DT). Stage 2 contains Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests, and the Conference. This stage conveys 900 marks. Candidates can check the example of the SSB Interview.

The marking plan of NDA is formed by UPSC. There are negative marks for wrong answers, 1/3 of the marks apportioned to each address will be deducted for the mistaken reply.