NDA Sample Paper for Maths & General Ability Test - 2021

NDA Sample Paper for Maths and General Ability Test PDF Download

The formula of success is very easy. Good study planning and practise with persistence will help you to crack the deal. The very same formula applies to those who are aspiring to crack the NDA exam (National Defence Academy). Hence NDA Sample papers play a pivotal role in the exam preparation for the aspirants. Let’s dig more into the importance of NDA exam sample paper, exam pattern, what type of question one shall come across in the NDA 1 exam etc. 

NDA Sample Paper 2021 PDF Download – Importance

As we have already mentioned earlier that the NDA model papers are really important in order to cross all the hurdles, here take a look at the list of benefits one can gain by referring to the NDA sample paper 2021 PDF download. 

  1. Time Management: Managing time is absolutely necessary so that you shall not feel anxious during the exam. Practising the NDA exam sample paper will help you understand the patterns, frequently asked questions, marks weightage etc. So that you can prepare yourself accordingly. 

  2. Practise: Practise before any exam is really important. Once you complete the entire syllabus of the NDA 1 exam, you must know where you stand in terms of preparation. That’s when the requirement of the NDA model paper comes up. As discussed in the previous point, you must practise the NDA sample question paper on a daily basis within the stipulated time period (as per the actual exam).

  3. Identify Weak Areas: to prepare well for the exam, you have to understand your strength and weakness. If you are conscious about your weaknesses well prior to the exam, then nothing can stop you from scoring a top-notch grade in the exam. 

  4. Knowing the Exam Pattern: Know the exam pattern before you appear in the actual exam. It will help you to divide the stipulated time section-wise. Hence download the NDA entrance exam sample paper beforehand and practise to be well acquainted with the exam pattern. 

NDA Exam Pattern 2021

Conducted by Union Public Service Commission, NDA (National Defence Academy) exam is held twice a year. This year the first NDA (1) exam will be held on April 18, 2021. To clear the NDA exam, a candidate needs to clear the written exam first, then the SSB interview. In the end, there will be a physical training session for all the candidates (whoever will reach that level). 

Now take a look at the NDA (1) exam pattern below. 

NDA (1) Exam Pattern - 2021

Exam Name


Exam Mode

Offline mode

Exam Duration

2 hours and 30 minutes


NDA (1) is comprised of two papers; Mathematics and General Ability Test/ GAT

Answer Mode

Black ballpoints needed to answer the exam

Type of Question

Objective type

Total Marks

Mathematics (300) + General Ability Test (600) = 900

Negative Marking

0.33 will be deducted for one incorrect answer


Hindi and English

SSB Interview

SSB interview will be held following the written test, which is 900 marks.

Here is the exam pattern of the NDA (1) written exam given in the following, which is of total 900 marks. SSB interview is of 900 marks, hence the entire exam is of 1800 marks in total.

NDA (1) Exam Marking Scheme - 2021

Subject Name



300 marks

GAT/ General Ability Test - English 

200 marks

GAT/ General Ability Test - General Knowledge

400 marks


900 marks

SSB interview

900 marks

Grand total

1800 marks

Which is Better - NDA or IIT?

Comparison between these two exams often come up in discussion but the verdict always creates conflicts because it is really difficult to decide which one is better. Both the exams have their sheer competitiveness when it comes to their syllabus, cut-off and other criteria. IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is one of India’s most prestigious institutes while on the other hand

NDA is the entrance exam for those who want to dedicate their lives to the country. 

Every aspirant is aware of the difficulty level of both exams. For IIT, a candidate needs to clear two entrance exams i.e. JEE Main and JEE Advance. For NDA, a candidate needs to clear the entrance, SSB interview, and physical training test. 

Therefore, the NDA exam is definitely more difficult and better than any other competitive exam after Class 12th as this one provides you with an opportunity to serve your nation, which is a great cause. NDA exam syllabus covers subjects like English, Current affairs, Economics, Polity, History Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics while JEE Main and JEE Advanced only cover three subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. There is a huge difference between the exam patterns of both exams as well. 

Types of Questions

The type of questions that a candidate will come across in the NDA exam can be divided into two categories - 1) static and 2) dynamic. 

Static Questions: These questions generally come from NCERT books, textbooks, government publications.

Dynamic Questions: These questions are generally asked from daily news, current affairs, various economical surveys etc. 

Hence, to prepare well for the static questions, you have to read the aforementioned materials such as NCERT textbooks, reference books etc and you will be able to answer all the questions coming from that segment. However, for dynamic questions, these aforementioned study materials won’t help as the questions of this segment are mostly based on current affairs. In that case, you have to refer to various newspapers, magazines, journals, books, websites, blogs to keep yourself updated as per the latest happenings across the nation. 

Why Opt for PYQP and Sample Papers?

The Written Exam has two major divisions i.e. Mathematics and General Ability Test. Hence practising is quite important as clearing these two papers are a bit tough in the entrance exam. There will be mainly objective types of questions and also negative marking will be there for every incorrect answer. The candidates need to secure at least 20 percent and 25 percent marks respectively in Maths and GK respectively. However, the qualifying marks for the exam is subject to be changed by the commission. 

An aspiring candidate must keep all the aforementioned things in mind while preparing for the exam. They must refer to the NDA sample paper PDF well before the exam. These model papers are available on many e-learning websites for free download. Solving these NDA model question paper will help the candidates to gain a fair idea about the pattern of the exam, question paper pattern, marks weightage, syllabus, frequently asked questions etc. In order to explain more about this, here we have explained a few exam preparation tips more explicitly.

  1. Strengthen Your Basics

Before elaborating on this point, all the candidates should know that it is highly important to know your syllabus first. This will help you to cover all the basic points of the syllabus. You can filter the topics as per your priority and ability. Once you complete the syllabus and your basics become strong, you would be able to solve high difficulty level questions. 

  1. Create a Study Plan

Always create a study plan in the beginning once you are familliar with the syllabus. A smart study plan is really needed as one needs to design the topics priority-wise, manage the time accordingly and make a revision plan as well. A perfect study plan will not leave you anxious before the exam and help you ace the exam effortlessly.

  1. Focus on Current Affairs and General Knowledge

As General Knowledge is a part of the syllabus, it is really important that one should focus on current affairs and general knowledge. Having a strength over general knowledge is quite beneficial as this segment holds a total of 900 marks in the NDA 1 exam (check out the marks division given above). You can do these following activities to be proficient in General Knowledge - read newspapers, magazines, books daily, watch English/ Hindi news channels to keep up with the current affairs. Also, do not forget to polish up your knowledge of English. 

  1. Solve Previous Years Question Papers

Solving NDA previous years papers are really helpful. It would help one to learn and understand the exam pattern and the difficulty level of paper beforehand. Not only that, but it also helps to increase the speed of solving the NDA (1) paper. 

  1. Revision is Mandatory

Revision is very important when it comes to preparing for any exam. Candidates are asked to make notes and revise while studying the entire syllabus. Upon completing the syllabus, the candidates can start their revision procedure. Revision is nothing but memorising the important points from a chapter. Make sure you don’t start on a new chapter during revision which is left untouched during the study. 

In nutshell, take your time, make a good strategy, read NCERT books and newspapers daily, maintain a healthy diet, sleep for 8-9 hours on a daily basis. Nothing can stop you to crack the NDA (1) exam more easily than maintaining a good daily routine. All the best!

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