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NDA Question Paper 2018

Last updated date: 19th May 2024
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NDA 2018 Question Paper PDF Download

Solving and practicing the NDA 1 and 2 question paper 2018 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas in which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 1 and 2 question papers 2018  pdf for free at

NDA exam is one of the competitive exams that a lot of candidates try out each year. This exam, unlike most competitive exams, is quite hard to crack due to its increasingly difficult level. NDA exam 2022 will soon begin their registration for all the aspiring candidates and if you wish to get some knowledge on how to start ahead with your preparation before it's too late then you can now go to Vedantu to get your copy of the sample papers and some live interactive classes to clear all your doubts about the exam.

Why are Previous Year Question Papers Important?

Solving NDA previous year's exams can help you prepare for the NDA 2022 exam in a number of ways, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Previous year NDA papers are quite helpful in preparing for the NDA exam.

  • Candidates must answer the questions in accordance with the exam pattern. It will assist you in comprehending the exam format.

  • Aspirants must practise solving NDA sample papers within the two-hour and thirty-minute time restriction (2 hours and 30 minutes). This will aid you in bettering your time management skills.

  • Aspirants can determine their likely scores by matching their answers to the solutions provided in the practical papers below after completing the sample papers.

  • After the score is calculated, applicants can assess their level of preparation and focus on the weaker portions.

Tips to the Candidates

There are some fundamental guidelines that all UPSC aspirants should follow while studying for the exam. These guidelines are listed below for candidates to review:

  • Prioritize your time: The first step is to prioritise your time. Prepare a timetable that you are comfortable with and then stick to it. To pass these kind of exams, you must be consistent.

  • Begin with the fundamentals: The majority of candidates make the error of moving straight to the advanced level. However, before moving on to the next level, you must first clear your basics.

  • Begin reading (newspapers, novels, and other materials): While studying for such exams, it is critical to read the newspaper because it enhances your general knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, and other skills. In your reading list, you can also include novels and other relevant materials.

  • Examine previous year papers: The first thing you should learn about the exam pattern is how to prepare for it. To comprehend it, go over as many previous papers as possible. It also aids in the analysis of your performance so that you can improve it as needed.

  • Prefer relevant and recommended books: When studying for an exam, always choose relevant and recommended books over a large number of books. Before purchasing a book, aspirants should get advice from their elders, mentors, and others.

FAQs on NDA Question Paper 2018

1. Who conducts the NDA test and what is the motive behind conducting the exam?

The NDA exam most commonly called the National Defense Academy exam is one of the exams conducted by the UPSC body or the Union Public Service Commission to recruit candidates for the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force and for the Indian Naval Academy Course. Based on the skills and the abilities and their performance on the NDA exam, the candidates are selected in either of the three sectors. The main motive behind conducting this exam is to analyze the general ability skills and their decisive skills that are highly needed in the three main National Defense sectors.

2. What are the job opportunities once the students pass the NDA exam and what is the in-hand salary offered?

A wide opportunity is offered to those who pass the NDA exam and include the following roles. Based on the roles and their associated ranks, the salary is also mentioned below:



Grade Pay


Level 10

₹ 56,000 to 1,77,500


Level 10 B

₹ 6,13,00 to 1,93,900


Level 11

₹ 6,94,00 to 2,07,200

Lieutenant Colonel

Level 12A

₹ 1,21,200 to 2,12,400


Level 13

₹ 1,30,600 to 2,15,900


Level 13A

₹ 1,39,600 to 2,17,600

Major General

Level 14

₹ 1,44,200 to 2,18,200

Lieutenant General HAG Scale

Level 15

₹ 1,82,200 to 2,24,100


Level 16

₹ 2,05,400 to 2,24,400

VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lieutenant General (NFSG)

Level 17

₹ 2,25,000 (fixed)


Level 18

₹ 2,50,000 (fixed)


Apart from the above-mentioned salary you also get Military service Pay also called the MSP which will be ₹ 15,500 per month fixed and flying allowance which will be fixed at ₹ 25,000 that will be entitled to Army aviators serving in the Army Aviation Corps.

3. What are the medical eligibility criteria that need to be followed?

There are several criteria when it comes to the medical examinations and the candidate must follow the below-given criteria to pass the test:

  • There should be no evidence of any weak constitution, imperfect development of any system. the candidate must also not have any congenital deformities/ diseases/ syndrome or malformation

  • No swelling including tumors or cysts or swollen lymph node/s anywhere on the body.

  • No hyper or hypopigmentation or any other diseases or disabilities related to the skin must be present

  • No hernia anywhere on the body

  • No malformation of the head which includes face asymmetry, deformity from fracture or depression of the bones of the skull, or scars that indicate old operative interference and malformations such as sinuses or fistulae must be present.

  • No hearing or impairment of vision must be seen.

These and many other detailed medical conditions must be checked to be eligible for the NDA exam.

4. Is it possible to get a general idea regarding the NDA exam while taking a look at the NDA Question Paper 2018?

Yes, when you take the reference of NDA Question Paper 2018 you get a general idea of not only the questions involved but also the exam pattern that has been followed over the years. If you are wondering what types of questions are involved, you should know that not only the recent matters questions are added but also those questions are included from the past incidents which a lot of the candidates tend to miss. To cover all the aspects that will be asked it is necessary to get a reference from the past years’ papers.

5. How to proceed with the NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2018 Download PDF?

All you need to do is follow some simple steps to get your copy of the NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2018 downloaded in PDF format. The steps to follow are given below:

  1. Visit the official site of Vedantu.

  2. In the main menu, you will see a drop-down list with a button “Exam”. Click on this button

  3. Now select the option “NDA question Paper 2018”.

  4. You will find that there are 2 options on the redirected page.

  5. Open both of these links and click on the download PDF of the question paper.

With these simple steps, you will not get your copy of the NDA 2018 question paper.