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NDA Question Paper 2020 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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NDA 2020 Question Paper PDF Download

Solving and practicing NDA 1 & 2 question paper 2020 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas in which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 1 & 2 question papers 2020 pdf for free at Vedantu.

The National Defence Academy (NDA) Exam is an exam that is conducted nationwide by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to shortlist and finally select candidates for the following: Army, Navy and Air Force wings of National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC). 

The NDA Exam is held twice every year: NDA 1 and NDA 2. The UPSC releases the NDA & NA calendar before the exams to help the aspirants prepare and be aware of the schedule. After appearing in the written exam, the shortlisted candidates will be called for an elaborate Interview process and after which the final candidates are announced.

FAQs on NDA Question Paper 2020 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF

1. What is the importance of NDA Question Paper 2020 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF and where can I find them?

Following are the advantages of referring toNDA Question Paper 2020 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF -  

As a whole, it is true that careful discipline brings about promising results which implies that the more you work on something, the better you will get at it. A similar guideline applies to addressing the earlier year’s question papers. At the point when you take care of an issue over and over, you will get to know the idea and equations rotating around the issue. This empowers you to effectively the equivalent or comparative sorts of issues. 

Simple Revision Method 

Addressing earlier years’ question papers assists you with recalling the prospectus quietly. Regardless of the amount you think you have learned except if you practice it, you won’t have a thought of how much learning you have held. As maintenance is essential to performing admirably in the tests, the earlier year’s papers will provide you with a thought of how much maintenance is there and how long ways ahead of you actually need to go. 


One more justification behind selecting to address earlier year’s question papers is that you get to assess your own qualities and shortcomings. Indeed, when you feel settling a question is testing, it shows that you may have just retained the arrangement yet not comprehended the methodology or idea to tackle something very similar. 

Timing Yourself 

Understudies who botch the chance to address the earlier year’s question papers will pass up a great opportunity for a few questions in the assessment. This influences their score, in general execution, and using time effectively while the tests. In this way, settling earlier year’s papers assists you with keeping away from these previously mentioned issues. For example, assuming you tackled one example question paper in an hour in the principal endeavor, all things considered, you will complete something very similar in under an hour the following time you take a stab at endeavoring it. 

Learning the Exam Pattern 

At the point when you practice test papers of the most recent couple of years, it will assist you with bettering comprehending the example, the question patterns, and so on From being familiar with the number of questions are posed to what part of the prospectus appears to be significant, you get a strong thought. 

Last Words of Advice 

Presently, assuming you know the advantages of why address earlier years’ question papers, then, at that point, we propose that you attempt this stunt once at regular intervals to guarantee that you don’t wind up remembering the questions and filling in the appropriate responses like a robot. Likewise, recollect that tackling earlier years’ question papers isn't the main course for progress. You need to buckle up!

2. If one has to prepare, How to download NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF? 

Participants can easily download these question papers from Vedantu and can also refer to the original site of NDA exams for more information regarding the paper pattern. Vedantu even provides you with all the previous years’ papers and all the additional information regarding the exam if you take the crash course. One can easily skim through these papers to first understand the pattern and can later sit for them with a timer to note performance and evaluate the time required for each question. 

Vedantu can help you build up your preparation for NDA.  NDA Crash Course covers all the problems that an NDA aspirant faces while giving the exam. The course has a wide range of papers with multiple subjects for you to revise from. It is important for an NDA aspirant to start preparing as early as possible since there is a lot to study and learn. Vedant provides the best LIVE sessions for you to understand that topic properly too. Attend the test series where you can get specially curated exam papers in the same pattern as NDA to crack the exam.

An aspirant might ask How many hours should a person prepare for NDA when they have less than 6 months. It isn't hard to break the NDA test with a half year of arrangement yet what is required is assurance, concentration, and self-conviction. To clear the NDA test in a half year, competitors need to work quite hard. They can't squander a single day. It is smarter to keep fixed on the investigations. Concentrate routinely as the schedule is immense. At least do self-investigation of four to six hours day by day. students should address earlier years' question papers to further develop speed and exactness. Applicants should likewise get themselves familiar with the schedule and test design.

NDA Mock test is vital to further develop speed and precision.Students in the wake of finishing their schedule should show up for the false test. It additionally assists competitors with knowing their degree of readiness. They will actually want to dissect their solid and feeble regions. Students can also get free study materials which can be downloaded from the Vedantu site and app. 

3. How can Vedantu help me score well in my NDA exams using NDA Question Paper 2020 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF? 

With Vedantu you can easily download a PDF of the previous year’s questions and can even pick up the crash course that we offer. You can attend LIVE classes by NDA experts Who have been teaching for years now and have been a part of the government itself. They also consist of doubt-solving sessions with proper real-time inside the live classes. Students also get an opportunity to get recorded live sessions which are good for revision at any time. A series of 10 test papers is also provided to help you improve and make you exam-ready. 

4. How important are NDA Question Paper 2020 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2020 Download PDF to prepare for NDA 2020?

Previous years’ papers play a huge role in helping a student score in exams. Students who are appearing in the next NDA  2020 exam Should start practicing the mock tests already. Vedant or provide a series of 10 question papers curated specially for you and according to the new pattern which has been provided by the Indian board. These question papers are timed properly and give you Thorough Practice of what might come in the exams. A student can pick up a crash course provided by Vedantu specially designed for NDA Students and can excel in it 

5. Will there be doubt-solving sessions in Vedantu’s Crash Course? 

Vedantu provides you with top-notch facilities and especially when it comes to doubt solving sessions. Students can easily ask all the doubts in the live sessions that will be included in the crash course. Now solving by NDA exports real-time inside the live classes will give the students the opportunity to interact with professionals and learn from their experiences. Candidates should consider taking the crash course since their sessions will be insightful and will help a person build up a personality that gets selected and serve the nation.