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NDA 2 Maths Question Paper 2019

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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NDA 2 2019 Maths Question Paper PDF Download

Solving and practising NDA 2 Maths question paper 2019 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 2 Maths question papers 2019 pdf for free at Vedantu.

NDA 2 Maths Exam Pattern




Maximum Marks



2.5 hours



General Ability Test

2.5 hours



900 marks


NDA 2 Maths Question Paper 2019 Analysis

The NDA 2 paper for Mathematics 2019 was a perfect blend of difficult and easy questions, thus maintaining the difficulty level of the paper as “average”. As per the usual pattern of the paper, the Algebra section consisted of 40 questions, Analytical geometry consisted of 12 questions, and Statistics and Probability consisted of 20 questions. This time the Statistics required conceptual knowledge. The Trigonometry consisted of 15 questions with a few of them based on the ‘periodicity’ which is a bit different from the pattern followed in the previous years. In the  Matrices and Determinants, the weightage was less than expected, with just 5 questions. Moreover, the Vector Algebra also consisted of just a few questions, the questions required a thorough knowledge of the vector concepts as well as the 3-D and 2-D figures together. For the Integral calculus and Differential, the Calculus followed almost 20 questions together, but the pattern was slightly different from that of the previous year’s. And the applications of derivatives maintained their importance.


So, in the NDA 2 maths question paper the students who prepared well for the Algebra, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, and Integral Calculus were in advantage. However, for attempting the Matrices and Determinants, Statistics and Probability and Vectors, the students needed to be conceptually strong. So, after analysing this paper, it can be concluded that the NDA is expecting more knowledge of ‘Functions’ from the students, as the majority of the questions were based on functions in some of the other ways. 

FAQs on NDA 2 Maths Question Paper 2019

1. How are NDA 2 Maths previous year’s question papers useful for the students?

For the students preparing for the NDA 2 Maths, the NDA 2 Maths question papers will help the candidates to know about the types of questions asked in the exam as well the difficulty level of the questions. The NDA 2 Maths question papers will also give candidates an idea regarding the pattern of the exam, the topic-wise distribution of questions and marks, topics that are given maximum weightage, etc. which will, in turn, help them to prepare for the exam in a better way.

2. How should I strategize my preparation for the NDA 2 Maths question papers?

For the candidates aspiring to join NDA, it is imperative to work on each and every aspect of their preparation. For this, they must solve the NDA question papers after completing the syllabus. Initially, they should begin with understanding the syllabus for the NDA 2 maths question paper, then they should prepare well for this from the resources available on Vedantu’s website. Next, after completing the entire syllabus and revising well they must solve the previous year’s question papers, and then work on practising the mock tests. This way they should fix a timetable for studying for the NDA 2 maths exam.

3. How many questions are asked in the NDA 2 Maths question paper?

The students for the NDA 2 Maths question paper are asked a total of 120 questions. The questions are usually asked from topics like Algebra, Matrices, and Determinants, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry Of Two and Three Dimensions, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Differential Equations, Vector Algebra, Statistics, and Probability.  Therefore, the students are required to thoroughly prepare these topics and improve on the concepts that they feel are weak. As this will help them to quickly solve the question paper in the stipulated time frame.

4. What is the GAT section in the NDA exam?

For the student’s knowledge in the GAT part of the NDA exam, a total of 150 questions are there. The section is divided into parts namely Part A and Part B. For Part A, questions are from English and for Part B,  questions are from General Knowledge. In English, the questions are generally related to the Spotting Errors,  Antonyms,  Synonyms,  Idioms, and Phrases and Fill in the Blanks. While, in the General Knowledge section, questions are from  Physics,  Chemistry,  Biology,  Indian Polity,  History,  Geography,  Economy,  Defence Specific,  Current Affairs & Static GK, etc.