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NDA 1 Maths Question Paper 2019

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Maths Question Paper PDF Download

Solving and practicing NDA 1 Maths question paper 2019 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 1 Maths question papers 2019 pdf for free at

The UPSC held the NDA 1 2019 test on April 21, 2019 at numerous exam centres around the nation. Many applicants passed the exam and are now awaiting the NDA 1 2019 result. Applicants who pass the NDA exam will be interviewed by an SSB at one of the SSBs. The Maths paper, according to several seekers, was difficult this time, while the GA was as normal. The proper answer keys and question paper created by renowned defensive academies are available here.

NDA 1 2019 Written Examination




  Maximum Marks



2.5 hours



General Ability Test

2.5 hours




NDA 1 2019 General Ability Test 



Maximum Marks

Part A



Part B

General Knowledge




NDA 1 2019 Maths Exam: According to several applicants, this year's Maths paper was a little longer and more challenging, and the majority of them were unable to complete the task in schedule. It is thought to be more tough than the NDA Maths paper from the preceding year.

NDA 1 2019 GAT Paper: According to several candidates, the NDA general ability exam question document was simple this time, and most candidates were capable of answering enough problems to pass the divisional fall off.

NDA 1 2019 Paper Pattern: Subject-wise Distribution of Marks

















General Science



History, Freedom Movement, etc.






Current Events


NDA 1 Answer Keys for 2019

2019 NDA 1 Answer Key On the same day that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) held the NDA/ NA (I) 2019 test, numerous preparation schools would distribute NDA 1 2019 solution keys. Applicants who are taking the UPSC-administered NDA test can review the NDA 1 2019 answer key by Vedantu.

Answer Keys for NDA 1 2019 (All Sets) NDA 1 2019 was held on April 21st, 2019, and all candidates who took the NDA (I) 2019 writing test and whose course at the National Defence Academy starts in 2019 must be waiting for the NDA and NA (I) Exam 2019 Paper answer sheet, NDA and NA key 2019, and NDA 1 2019 Cut off. NDA-1 2019 marks/answer sheet is now available on Vedantu. Candidates may check the answer keys for their NDA 1 2019 practice test, which includes set-a, set-b, set-c, and set-d for paper-1 and paper-2.

About NDA 1 2019 Exam

The NDA test is one of the most difficult in the country, and it is held by the UPSC for prospective applicants. This test necessitates active training due to its high level. The purpose of this exam is to find the best applicants for the National Défense Academy.

NDA 1 2019 Cut Off Marks

Please review your NDA 1 2019 scores and publish them in the remarks area below so that we can examine your results. Mathematics is worth 300 points, while general ability is worth 600 points. 900 points total. This year's NDA 1 cut-off will be between 250 and 300 out of 900.First and foremost, applicants must understand the notion of cut-off. It is essentially the minimal qualified scores that applicants must achieve in order to advance to the next round of selection.

  • It will be published in respect of either scores or position, or both.

  • It's probable that the cut-off may be announced category-by-category, with varying cut-offs for various categories of candidates.

  • Only candidates who achieve a mark greater than or equal to the NDA Cut-off 2019 are qualified for ranking and placement on the merit list.

  • Essentially, it will act as the initial criterion for determining the number of students who will advance to the next stage of the recruitment process.

According to the pattern, the NDA 1 2019 cut off points would be around 250-300.

Cut-Off Parameters for the NDA

  • The authorized authorities will evaluate a number of crucial factors before publishing the cutoff points.

  • The cutoff points are determined by a number of criteria. These variables have a significant impact on the cutoff and make it completely unexpected.

  • Some of the elements are provided below for the applicants' benefit of information.

NDA 143 SSB Interview Dates: The results will be released within two months of the exam date, and the SSB interview dates will be chosen by the successful applicants.

Finalists’ applicants will be subjected to an SSB interview immediately; if you are certain that you will meet the NDA's final cut-off marks, you may begin preparing for the SSB interview immediately.

Selection Will be Based for NDA 1 in 2019

The UPSC webpage will be used to apply for NDA 1 2019. On April 21, 2019, applicants will take the NDA 1 2019 written test. In a couple of months, UPSC will release the written test results for NDA 1 2019.

Applicants who pass the written test will get an invitation to the SSB interview. Aspirants who pass the 5-day SSB interview will be subjected to two weeks of medical testing. Applicants who are fully qualified and whose names appear on the merit list will get enlisting directions in the order in which they appear on the listing.

FAQs on NDA 1 Maths Question Paper 2019

1. Which year's UPSC NDA Previous Year Question Paper is available at Vedantu Exam Preparation?

Vedantu is a fantastic virtual learning system that offers simple learning. It also includes a number of question papers for pupils to use in order to assess their skills. Various specialists provide live classes to dispel any lingering worries. Vedantu does not make any concessions when it comes to its substance. On Vedantu, you can get all of the questions from the NDA Math Worksheets with Answers. All of the topics taught in the NDA Mathematics programme are included. On Vedantu's online web page, which may be visited by going to

2. Do you offer answers to NDA Mathematics Question Papers?

Candidates will have a better understanding of the sorts of questions they may face in the test by solving and studying the NDA 1 Maths question paper 2019. They can also assess the exam's degree of difficulty and plan their study appropriately. It will also assist students in determining their degree of test preparation. Candidates can discover their strengths and weaknesses, which they can develop for higher grades, by answering NDA test problems. Vedantu is an eccentric computer-generated erudition organization that proposes learning modestly. 

3. Is it beneficial to solve NDA study material from prior years?

Yes, it is beneficial to solve NDA study materials from previous years. Perks of solving the previous questions are- You will understand the UPSC's test format and trend in preparing NDA test items. In each part, you may examine your weak spots. There are also exam-passing tactics and chapter evaluations, as well as explanations and formulae for easy studying. The actual concern protocol was conducted in a sequential order. Vedantu is a great platform to rely on for materials to study.

4. Why will I choose Vedantu’s Live Online Tutoring for NDA preparation?

Vedantu's fundamental focus on individualised LIVE online education is its expertise. This guarantees that a student receives a committed teacher's full attention and that he or she studies at his or her own speed. The teacher-student contact is powerful and two-way, and it is also digitally evaluated for future progress (if needed). Time and resource savings, as well as a safe solution. Children's safety while traveling is becoming progressively endangered. Parents are concerned if their children must travel greater distances and for lengthy periods of time for a decent training lesson, squandering energy and putting their health and safety at danger. Vedantu provides a remedy for this modern affliction.

5. What was the marks distribution for NDA 2019?

The question paper for this NDA paper 1 math 2019 test had 300 points, with 120 total questions, +2.5 marks for right answers and -0.85 marks penalised for incorrect answers, and the examination was 2.5 hours long. The 2019 Math question bank will assist you in your study and in realising your ambition of joining the National Défense Academy. • 300 points in mathematics and 600 points in general abilities. 900 points total. This year's NDA 1 criteria will be between 250 and 300 out of 900.