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NDA 2 General Ability Test Question Paper 2015

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NDA 2 2015 General Ability Test Question Paper PDF Download

Solving and practicing NDA 2 General Ability question paper 2015 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in their exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and do preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas in which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 2 General Ability question paper 2015 PDF for free at

NDA is the National Defence Academy Examination which is conducted at a national level by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Through this exam, students are selected for Army, Navy, and Air Force Wings of NDA and INAC (Indian Naval Academy Course). The Exam is conducted twice a year.

This is the NDA 2 Question Paper of General Ability Test for the year 2015. The Question Paper has 150 questions and it is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. The paper consists of objective-based questions i.e MCQs. The exam is conducted in two languages: English and Hindi. The duration of the paper is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The question paper is of 600 Marks. After students give the exam, a calendar is released by the UPSC and the shortlisted candidates have to appear for the Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview. 

In the Previous Year Exam Booklet, you will find all the instructions that need to be followed during the exam and while attending the paper such as filling of the roll number, Test Booklet series, total question, total marks, marks division, and penalties for each wrong answer. By solving this paper, students will be able to get an idea of how they should approach the paper.

The Syllabus For The General Ability Test Is As Follows:

Part A: English: 200 Marks

This test is to determine the candidate’s proficiency in English. It will cover a bunch of aspects like Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Understanding of the English language. Part A is of 200 marks and this part tests students’ knowledge in the subject of English Literature as well as their usage of grammar.

Part B: General Knowledge

In Part B, the candidate is tested on his/her knowledge of the following subjects: General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Social studies, and Current events. All of these are MCQ-based questions. Students will have to select one correct answer, they also have a choice to leave the question blank if they are not sure about it. The Sections are divided as follows:



100 Marks


60 Marks

General Science

40 Marks

Social Studies

80 Marks


80 Marks

Current Events

40 Marks

Part A + Part B Total Marks

600 Marks

Total Questions


Correct Answer

4 Marks

Incorrect Answer

-1.33 Marks

Part A Of The Paper Consists Of These Subtopics On Which Questions Are Asked;

1.1 Sentence Improvement

1.2 Ordering of Words in a Sentence (Which means solving Jumbled sentences)

1.3 Synonyms (Find/Match words that have similar meanings) 

1.4 Antonyms (Find/Match words that have opposite meanings)

1.5 Selecting Words (Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word)

1.6 Spotting Errors in sentences

FAQs on NDA 2 General Ability Test Question Paper 2015

1. Where can I get resources for the NDA Exam? I am a student and I cannot afford expensive study material.

Any resource that you require for the National Defence Academy National Exam can be found on the Vedantu App or Website. You will get details regarding your NDA syllabus, how the questions should be approached,  notes for all the subjects, solved questions along with their explanations, Previous year sample papers to practice for your examinations as well as Revision notes. Students can also get all the updates of their exams on Vedantu. On top of that, you can download all of this material for absolutely free once you register with your email address or your mobile number.

2. Is the NDA Exam difficult?

No exam is difficult once you are thorough with your studies. If you don’t open your books and try to clear your concepts, it will always look like it’s the most difficult thing ever. The questions asked in the NDA Exam comprises questions from basic to intermediate level that mainly focus on testing your speed and accuracy of the knowledge of the subject. If a student is clear with the concepts and takes measures to clear his/her doubts, the student will not face any difficulty.

3. How do I prepare for the NDA Exam? What should be my strategy?

Before forming any strategies, students should very well know what is their syllabus.

  • Students should make a well-planned timetable on how they will cover the syllabus and in how much time.

  • Students should make daily goals and try to achieve them daily.

  • Students should clear their concepts and doubts as soon as they have them.

  • Students should study a topic and then solve questions related to that topic. Question-solving is a very important aspect of preparing for any competitive exam.

  • Students should be dedicated and not get deviated by distractions. They should take breaks between their study sessions and freshen up their mind.

4. What documents are required for the NDA application form?

The list of documents that are required for the application form for NDA is as follows

  • Scanned copy of the candidate’s photographs and signatures (up to 250 KB). Make sure to use a recent photograph.

  • Photo Identity Proof of the student (Aadhar Card/ Pan Card/ Passport/ Voter ID/ Driving License). Any one of the given IDs would do.

  • Bank details if an online transaction is going to be made

  • Fee payment receipt

  • Admit card as well as the mark sheet of Class 10th and 12th

5. Can I join NDA after giving my 10th Board Examination?

No, you cannot. To appear for the NDA Exam, the candidate must be an HSC pass out, which means a student who has passed the 12th standard board examinations. A student must have as their Science subject in 11th and 12th standard. The age limit for the students appearing in the exam ranges from 16.5 years to 19.5 years. There is an age relaxation given to the reserved category candidates.